Honest Review of Khan


I don’t know about ST4.

But in ST3, I sleep deeply, and wake up at the time I set to wake up.

It was difficult to do in ST1 and ST2.

When can we read your journal, @Rechinu?


Cool! I felt the same on ST3.

I am happy to read your results. I was a bit worried ST4 might be heavy and make me feel exhausted like ST1 and ST2 did, because ST3 is so awesome. But to know you’re overflowing with energy, confidence, charisma, intelligence and dominance makes me look forward to ST4 after finishing ST3.


After reading this I feel like if St3 goes well, I will jump to St4! We must not forget that Stage 2 and 3 doesn’t contain all Khan!


For sure @WhiteTiger

But so far, I am really enjoying ST3.


More importantly, you will NOT get friend zoned if you’re in a sexual state.

Plus, sexual desire is important in a man. I get shy demure girls interested in me exactly because I project so much sexual comfort. I don’t get the “casual ones” like Thor said. So I can confirm it works in the ones who aren’t casual about sex.

I have projected immense sexual vibe on girls who needed 8+ dates before sex, and they said it’s their favorite thing about me.

For sure. It’s like saying “Confident guys like pussy, shy guys don’t like it.”

Not true.

Masculinity flips girls into Femininity, and then they flow in the moment and all their thoughts and hangups melt away.

It’s called the “love bubble.”

It’s later, if you don’t sleep with her, that her hangups might come up and she judges whether she wants more or not.

I don’t think girls who are in a bar alone are shy.

As 60 years of challenge say, “Risk Creepy”.

Or as he proved repeatedly, the action can be the same, but if she likes you, it’s HOT, if she doesn’t like you, it’s Creepy. So your filter out and not waste time.

That is low self-esteem.

Think deeply: “What do you offer women?”

Unless you have a solid answer for this, then the negative self-sabotaging beliefs will mess up your interactions.

This is both true and nuanced.

Women are not men, there is a slight “masculinization” of women in this.

If you’ve ever been with a women who you flipped into Feminine, their brains literally stop and they flow with the emotions of the moment.

Plus, taking risk is masculine. If you take risks, even if it doesn’t work, it nudges women into flipping towards complete femininity.

Here is the model:

Women are in a normal state, their brain is working, they judge things.

You come across, you have a masculine vibe (Sexuality is a big part of masculinity) and you take risks and penetrate her spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

She giggles. Each time she giggles, she’s flipping into femininity.

When she’s totally into femininity, he brain stops all negative thoughts and all she sees is reasons to like you. Why? It’s how the DNA hijacks everything because she wants your baby.

You have sex. She discovers you’re a man who pulls the trigger and when he has a chance to sleep with a girl, he does it. She respects you more and live happily ever after. The end.

Anybody who has enough experience with women will understand what I mean.

Everyone else, I used to be like you. It makes no sense. But women are not like men. Her greatest pleasure is flipping into femininity, when you make her feel like a woman (not with flowers and gifts).

When the flip into femininity is complete, her brain stops and all she wants in that moment is you inside her.

A sexual Aura is 25% of masculinity. 50% is patience. 25% is taking risks.


Day 6 - ST3:

I don’t know what to say.

Khan ST3 is the best subliminal that I have used because I noticed many good things: I work a lot, I approach a lot, I don’t get exhausted from being around people for long periods every day, I work until late at night with a smile. I seem to sleep deeper although I’m still at 6 hours.

But I feel impatient for results. It’s like I want all the results now. I want to see progress every second.

Although this might be good. It’s healing that desire for “instant gratification” by making me aware of it.


Day 8 - ST3:

I am enjoying ST3. No tiredness. Sleeping well. Highly productive. Oozing sexuality.

An interesting thing is that I have been asked to a date by 6 different girls. I mean literally, they suggested the date, time, and place, which is absolutely unusual.

The first is a girl I spoke to 2 months ago, she texted me, she said she was nearby and wants to meet up.

Another girl today messaged me and said she wants to invite me for lunch tomorrow.

My fuck buddy said she wants to spend a night of sex tomorrow evening.

An yoga girl invited me to have coffee with her on Wednesday.

And a banker girl invited me for dinner on Wednesday evening.

I really wish this happened more often :slight_smile:

This is not usual for me. Usually, I am the one trying to get girls on a date, and most flake or cannot meet etc.

It’s funny, on the last week of ST2, 2 girls flaked on me, and now on ST3, 6 girls ask me out on a date.


Awesome man , sounds like fortune is in your favour atm ! Hope the dates go well , you put the hard work in and results come sooner or later!
Do you use khan masked or ultrasonic?


Thank you @xanderson83 :slight_smile:

I have never used a Masked version of any product here.

It’s a personal preference. I like silence.


On Khan ST1, I felt I didn’t look good or bad about how I look.

On Khan ST2, I felt fat and ugly, but not when I was talking with girls, more when I was home alone.

On Khan ST3, I felt very handsome again. Just like I did on Primal Seduction.


On Khan ST4, I don’t feel I am


How long have you been on Khan ST4, and what stage did you use before?

Maybe it’s left-over from the previous stage that will stabilize into Khan ST4 soon?

Good also to hear your general review of ST4, @friday


This is exactly my experience on Khan ST3. Glad to see it continues with ST4, and gets even better!

I am very happy for you man.

Yes! This is exactly my “secret” to cold approach. It works like magic.

Thank you!

Although I feel, for me to get the most out of girls, I need to switch and focus on $$$ for a while.

It’s like Khan is guiding me to this blindspot. That I am neglecting wealth by focusing too much on girls.


You are very kind @blackadder

And just in case, I wanted to give you more information on what to expect with ST3. Don’t expect to “feel bad” or for it to be intense. Imagine Iron Throne x10 focused on dominance, women and money.

So the “test” for whether it works is how you will notice you’ll naturally taking a lot more action.

For example, I found I was able to work x3 harder and focus much more on money AND I approach more without getting emotionally drained. Normally, I can only approach women twice, maybe 3 times a week, for a couple hours each, then I need some alone time. With ST3, I was able to approach 7 days a week if I choose to, and get energy from it AND my body recovered faster, so I did not feel my feet and legs hurting after multiple days of approaching.

Plus, ST3 has part of the manifestation technology that is more extensive in ST4. I noticed a lot more wealth opportunities, and I met a lot more of the girls that are my type and who are interested. AND girls respond amazingly well to me on ST3, their eyes and body light up when I say Hello.


Oh yes, this might be interesting to @blackadder and everyone else.

I can run ST3 for 24h without feeling overwhelm or fatigue. It’s smooth. No side effects of “over exposure” at all.


Ive been running stage 4 for a week now for 16 hours and its tired me out no end. It seems twice as powerful as emperor so i would recommend running it for half the time at first unless you can cope with the lethargy till your brain adjusts. Previous to this i was running stage 1 for a month and stage 2 and 3 together for 3 weeks. I might go back after a week and run stage 3 by itself as you are all getting amazing results


ST3 - Day 23:

Stage 3 is the best. I feel alive, calm, energized, smart, attractive, hopeful, positive, happy, and just enjoying life fully!

I went on multiple dates, but didn’t sleep with any new girl, not because they weren’t attracted, but they seem to think I am as they said “unique,” and “original,” and “the most interesting guy they’ve met” so they want to make me their boyfriend instead of a friend with benefit.

It’s interesting. I guess I am becoming too high quality of a man to be a fast sex fuckboy. But hey, I will learn from this and keep improving and discovering more and more what I truly want.


ST4 - Day 1:

It’s time! Finally!

I have done ST3 for 20 days, and about 350 hours.

I have been very active and productive, and away from this forum.

Now, I feel both ready and curious about ST4.

I’m starting it now.

ST3 had no reconciliation. I hope ST4 will be the same, or at least will have mild levels.


do you think it would fine to jump right into St3 skipping 1&2 or are they essential?


That’s not something to ask me. Ask the product creator.

I have done at least 350 hours in each of the stages, going in the right order, until now it’s Khan ST4.

So I am not the right person to ask.

Also, read the sales page, then talk about this.