Honest Review of Khan


I’ve been listening to ST4 for 16 days and so far there has not been a lot of apparent reconcilation. There were a few days where my confidence was lower than usual, however after those days my confidence always came back higher. The only thing I’m noticing for the first time since using Khan is that I’m constantly thinking about switching subs. For me this is a sign of pretty heavy reconcilation, however it doesn’t affect my mood so it’s not that big of a deal.


You are not alone. i have been using emperor for 4 months with awesome results. moved to khan stage 4 and first 2 days were epic and revolutionary(so was emperor) but last 24 hours have been completely the opposite. like you are describing, but for me i am not able to focus on anything, urge to eat bad food is coming back, bad negative feelings, anxiety, doubt in myself etc.

hoping and guessing that this is just my mind and body saying dude we gotta accept all this new shit now wtf… this is gonna be a lot erasing and rewriting so hold on and just chill while we make you feel unpredictable.

you said you did this for 16 days and its still the same… makes me want to try to start stage 3 and stick with that but started stage 4 partially because it says it seems to have a lot of stage 3 action in it.


Khan stage 4 has beem kind to me so far. It just helps push me towards my goals.


Maybe going directly to Khan ST4 is too intense for you @UPLSO

But anyways, ups and downs are expected.

I have been doing great. I had a bad night’s sleep though, but it was because I had too much energy and was too motivated to create the life I want, I kept thinking of all the things I can do to progress, all the books I want to read, and just couldn’t wait to wake up to progress. So I ended up sleeping too little.


Why you didnt run ST1?


I am happy to hear that. How long have you been running it so far and what does the exposure time look like?


Decided maybe I can’t handle it 16-20hrs a day and wanted to test that maybe the low energy and focus is coming from my minds lack of ability to utilize working memory since its being constantly suggested things it has to break down and analyze and is occupied by those suggestions. Stack that with low quality sleep caused by the lack of regeneration of my short term memory because I’m using subs at night too that’s giving me common low energy symptoms because I’m probably not getting good sleep or missing certain stages of sleep -so I’m trying to isolate that away from the subs.

I believe this was it, as attention and memory go hand and hand, and my focus was 0 meaning my short term or working memory was being fully occupied or had become desensitized from chronic exposure and use.

Today, I DID NOT listen to subs at night and I woke up with 4 hours of sleep like a fucking VELOCIRAPTOR at 4AM like I usually do and I am ready to get it.

Just an update guys, yes khan is heavy as suggested and I use to and frequently push my body’s limits via biologically and physiology test so I’m hyper in tune with changes and I document my behavior daily-

I might have just had a classic case of FOMO and overused.

Will report back to you guys later today.

I should be doing this anyways for subclub community. I owe the creators. :pray:


4 months of heavy emperor and I’ve been doing self

development work and reading for over 8 years now.

I don’t felt it was something I would be able to by pass, or doesn’t this sound ridiculous?


As I reported here in this journal and others reported, the symptoms of “overuse” of Khan go away after about 200-250 hours of listening, then things stabilize.

So my personal solution was to listen more to get to that amount faster. Some others did the same. It works. There will be a sudden breakthrough and all your focus and energy returns stronger.


i will say this, i am having conflicting thoughts as to what is really taking place.

i am having anxiety and fear and i have less energy than normal but my voice is deep is fuck, my walk is swagged to the max, im still easily doing 1500 steps on the stair master daily basis, etc but i still have anxiety and this irrational resistance to go do stuff in front of people and talk to people (i have never had a problem talking to people i am the most social person ever, actually a problem for me ahah).

BUT the big difference right now and ALL the times in the past i have felt this same way (rare times i do like now) i dont feel as comfortable having anxiety as i do right now if that makes sense.

so i have the anxiety and irritation of people since im not feeling good about myself or inside BUT it doesnt really bother me that much and i still go do what i have to go do WHICH in the PAST i would procrastinate or take much longer to muster up the will power to go to something simple when your . anxiety isnt sky high.

like today, i did have anxiety out of nowhere a few hours after i woke up and it was making me feel uncomfortable and i said i dont give a fuck and still went to the spots i had to go into to get my work done.

im gonna keep my John Maxwell book with me at all times to remind me unconsciously that i have two choices at all times

Faith or Fear.


Khan ST2 did that for me for almost a month.

And since ST4 contains ST2, it’s you “paying your dues” since you skipped all previous steps.

Try ST3, it’s probably what you need right now. And use it to build a bit of a foundation for Khan ST4. Or even better, in the future, take time to do ST1 and ST2.

But for now, try Khan ST3 for a few days and let us know how it goes. Khan ST4 is too much for you it seems.


yeah thats a good perspective.

its about 7 hours after ive been up and i am back to sqaure one with 0 focus and havent really gotten anything done. i also “lost vitamins” which i havent in maybe 3-5 weeks. had near 0 resistance.

stage 4 is def making me an inconsistent mess. hahaha yes, stage 3 might be smart. stage 4 for me right now is definitley a rollercoaster. i thought it would have the core of emperor in here which would have made it easy to retain my previous roboto habits.


I was the same on stage 4 lethargic and tired all the time i have been doing stage 3 for the last week and feel much better i would go on stage 3 for a couple of weeks and work your way up like Amash said


@UPLSO I know for a fact that AMASH is a gracious host, but isn’t it about time you start your own journal rather than take over his? :wink:


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Sorry guys…

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Way to go AMASH! I am still running ST3 because I like it, it seems to reconnect me with the drive I was missing and complaining about! I feel like I want to jump into stage 4 also because drive is good, but I also want to keep growing!

How are you doing on ST4?


I’d say, my drive is at 65% of what I had on ST3.

I feel a bit of mental fog, but about 40% of what I had on ST1 and ST2.

I also get tingles like I get on Sex Mastery X2.

And I feel totally calm, free from the outcome, unstressed.

Sleep is good if I keep ST4 at half volume. Otherwise, I feel sleep is useless and I should be productive instead.

ST3 was more productive and smooth. ST4 is more ambition, reprogramming, but I kept a good chunk of the drive of ST3.

It’s still the beginning. I plan to run ST4 for longer than a month before I consider adding anything else. Probably 2 months on only ST4.


I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a detailed journal, it’s helped me get a lot more out of Khan, including some huge breakthroughs in the last couple days.


You’re welcome. Glad you’re benefiting.

As an update, my mind is clearer now with Khan ST4. Much less than in the first couple of days.


ST4 - Day 5:

A girl today told me: “Your self-esteem is too high.”

I loved it :smile: