Honest Review of Khan



How do you personally feel about your self-esteem at this time?


As a MAN, I feel on ST3 and ST4 extremely confident, extremely powerful, that there is nobody in the world better than me.

But I feel about 50% as attractive as PS Iron Throne. Although that 50% is still high, don’t be deceived by the low number.

It’s because in PS Iron Throne I felt… beautiful, I felt like I am the most attractive man in the history of the universe.

But probably ST4 will get me there. I am still beginning it, and when I look in the mirror, I like myself. With PS Iron Throne, it took me 3 months to feel that level of attractiveness (although it’s not based on objective reality, it’s how I felt). So with time, probably ST4 will exceed it.

I am also curious about True Social. It probably will increase self-esteem a lot as well.

And you @FireInTheSoul?


I’ve been following your progress quite closely, because I have 20 days of Khan ST1 clocked in as of right now and I’ve been curious.

I have not created that many opportunities for myself to interact with girls, but it seems I am more unreactive and grounded than before. Today I realized I am feeling a little like a blank slate in terms of my beliefs. I am also feeling quite powerful socially. It’s more difficult to get me fazed.

As for my self esteem, I’d say my points of reference are in a way dissappearing on which I was previously basing my “worth”. It’s again this kind of empty feeling. I’ve had no reconciliation as such or I haven’t recognized it. Interestingly, I seem to have developed a certain reticence to programming myself. I feel like I don’t want to be adding beliefs to my mind and just be my pure self.

Have you also had similar impressions during your time on ST1?


Yes, but I felt ready after 30 days to move to ST2.

Honestly, ST2 is the hardest. I felt weak, lethargic, out of state and anti-social for almost 30 days.

But it was good. It’s a preparation for ST4. This is why I can handle and enjoy ST4 while some other people tried it and it was too much for them. I believe ST2 prepared me very well.

So ST2 is essential but probably more difficult than ST1. Anyways, you’re nearly there. Don’t get stuck in clearing bad things. Reprogram, and remember ST2 will help you reprogram yourself in the way you want. There is nothing really there forced upon you, nothing imposed, it will help you reprogram yourself into your ideal self, and find out what you truly value.


Thanks, I’ll see how it all progresses. I look forward to reading more about your experiences with ST4 as time passes.


This is reconciliation. The reconciliation process doesn’t have to be “painful,” or cause anxieties or anything like that. In this situation, you’re dealing with a belief causing you to wonder if you should even engage in this form of self-improvement because you think it’s making you inauthentic to your true self. The thing is, you’re not being “programmed” in the way that you may believe. Our subs don’t program you to become what WE think a “khan” is – it challenges your subconscious to bring out your idea of becoming the Khan.

So, break it down logically – are you REALLY happy with where you are in life?


OK, thank you, point received and taken. This may be my exact belief of which I just have gotten aware thanks to you. I’ll continue with the process and ponder some more.

Logically, I’m not fully satisfied with where I am, but I seem to think as I further clear my mind of negative beliefs, my life will be increasingly better.


Khan ST2 seems to bring into question everything about your behavior and self-perception that’s different from your ideal self. In the last 3 days since I started running ST2 I’ve consciously dropped over 50 conscious negative beliefs/images, mostly related to girls and pickup. I’ve spent over 800 hours doing conscious clearing, but this is 5x anything I’ve ever experienced.

If you have big goals, there’s probably a LOT of emotional garbage in there that Khan ST2 will push you to clear out. That’s where the discomfort is coming from. If you’re good at conscious clearing, use that, it’ll make ST2 suck a lot less.


I agree. ST2 is probably the hardest sub I’ve run.

And it stayed hard the full 30 days. But I’m glad I did it.


I’m glad to report these effects of massive action and enjoyment of life continue with ST4, or even get stronger and better.

Does anyone actually get results?

Btw, I have been listening to Khan for 80 days straight, with no breaks, with an average of 15 hours a day.

I think this is important information, because the existing belief is that something as powerful as Khan requires many breaks, and to listen for a few days and take some days off etc.

I found it much more effective to listen as much as possible, then a magical moment around 200-250 hours of listening where any Khan stages becomes so natural to listen to, all my energy and focus recovers.

Well, except ST4, it only took me 2 days. The previous stages prepared me well for this.

cc @Fire @SaintSovereign


ST4 - Day 7:

  • Intelligence and creativity off the charts. At the same level as running Limitless. And now, my playlist is 100% Khan ST4, without limitless.

  • Amazing hardons when I wake up in the morning.

  • Weird dreams.

  • Highly productive. I barely waste a moment in a day. Need a lot less recovery.

  • A huge drive to focus on making money.

  • A huge drive to lose weight. I literally easily started intermittent fasting for a week now, don’t feel hungry, all I can think about is the man I want to sculpt out of myself.

  • Easily stopped drinking coffee and tea etc. Pure water, all day.

  • Feeling strong and masculine.

  • I don’t have a feeling of wanting to change subs anymore.

  • Freedom with outcome and relaxation around women and about women is so amazing.

=> I like the person I am on Khan ST4. I am more and more my ideal man.


Awesome! This makes me want to jump straight to stage 4!

What about some manifestations? Or is it too early for them?

What about the drive focused on money? Is the sub giving you ideas how to make money and you’re going for it, or how does it Manifest?


Yes. Yes. And yes. And started planning and things falling into place. A lot less fear and hesitation as well, although some remains, but maybe 35% of what was there before, so I can overcome it.

Manifestation. I am getting more opportunities than usual. I noticed it. But too early to tell, and nothing like a BIG BREAK thing or people getting a huge lucky opportunity.


It’s my experience as well, but in a good way.

I’d say ST4 = 80% of ST3 + 50% of ST2 + The calmness of Primal + 100% of Limitless + 200% of Sex Mastery v2 + Libertine + 60% Mogul.

If you mixed those together, the result would be ST4. Although there is something extra about ST4.

ST4 feels more… metaphysical. Like I am connected with the world. That the world is a friendly place. And I expect good things to happen.

In ST3, and PS Iron Throne, it felt like I will dominate the world and bend the world to my will with my force and power.

In ST4, it feels like the world wants to give me what I want, so I don’t need to try to bend reality, I just take action and expect good results.

I think this is the element that creates manifestation. Because when you take action but at the same time paradoxically let go, good things happen a lot more often.

KHAN ST1 (Total Breakdown) Query

That’s a great way of putting it. I forgot all about the manifestation bonus in ST4. Honestly, the feeling of letting go is already making ST4 the best part of Khan for me. Though, I do find the dominating feel of ST3 to be pretty addictive, I get the sense that I could get more if I embrace the letting go of ST4.


Yes, that’s why it’s so great we can choose exactly what feeling we want with a multi-stage like Khan.


Seems like you’re uncovering some of Khan’s secrets… :wink:

Khan Journal For Black Adder- The Awakening

Hmmmm :wink: thats good to know…


I agree 100%.

Are you still on ST2, @friday?