Honest Review of Khan


No, I was on ST1 for a bit less than 30 days and then switched to ST4 and am currently running it for more than two months


Awesome, I’ve been on ST4 for 10 days now.

Could you share some of the changes you had, @friday? I am excited!!


Have the same interogation as AMASH, I’ve been running St4 for 4 days and I feel changes, I feel deep questions and realisation comes to me… but how does St4 helps us deal with it? What happens? :open_mouth:


Guys, I am writing a detailed journal since I joined the community.

All the posts past the Iron Man picture are about ST4.



I know, I always read your journal.

I was just more curious about you, who do you feel you have become and how you changed, ya know?


Thanks for sharing your experiences with Khan, its been a pretty enlightening reading. Im thinking about getting into Khan when i finish my present goal.


ST4 - Day 11:

I have started learning a new language, a language considered “difficult,” but I feel patient about results, AND my brain is extremely open to learning, like a sponge. Khan ST4 feels like using Limitless v2, and I am sure I’ll be conversational in this new language in no time.

I am so active, so productive, I recover so fast that it’s a but scary. I am progressing fast, but I should learn to have some days off.

Feeling sexy, oozing sexiness, and my sexual aura is HOT.

I don’t feeling like switching subs.

I need to listen at half volume at night, otherwise I am too energetic to sleep.

I stopped drinking coffee and tea etc, only water since starting ST4, and lost 4 pounds.


Impressive results as always, have you been running ST4 alone for the past 11 days or comboing?


Since Khan ST1 (and actually before), I only ran each stage on its own. No combos. Nothing added.


Working hard. Progressing.
Lost 6lbs since I’ve started Khan ST4.
Lots of energy. But not hungry much.


When I read this…

…the first thought that popped up was to say:
“Listen to this guy, his changes on SubClub subliminals have been so significant, when he started out he was a woman!”
I resisted the temptation… until I got to this thread. :wink:

How long do you intend to run ST4? Or maybe you’ll just keep running it until it feels natural, then add something else on top of it?


I’m not the same person inside. I am more of the man I wished I could be.

I still get some irritability on ST4, so it’s still working on me.

It’s a huge script. It feels powerful. Like, it is the strongest subliminal I have ever done.

So before deciding, at some point, I am sure I will need to take a break and let my intake systems reset.


All healing subs have the core script of their program in them.

As a metaphor, you can imagine it is 80% healing, and 20% reprogramming.

Me too. But it’s like 50% of ST2. ST2 was very tough.

Khan ST4 contains limitless and feels and performs even better than when adding Limitless to the stack. You’ll see when you get there.

ST3 was even stronger, since it contains Iron Throne.

But I like it. I projected that sexual energy into girls and they would giggle. A huge natural spike. Got me laid a couple of times just because of the high high sexual energy.

ST4 is more balanced compared to ST3. But then again, I have been through all the stages. Maybe someone jumping straight into ST4 might have to go through the super high sexual energy first. ST4 is still high but ST3 is higher.

Yes, it’s a pattern. I noticed Khan ST1 gives you a true emotional roller coaster for about the first 21 days, then a moment of clarity happens, and life feels beautiful and zen. It’s amazing.

On Khan ST2, it took me 29 days to get there, so I was in that zen state for 9 days.

On Khan ST3, it took 1 week.

Khan ST4, I alternate between that state and some irritability. But I did the work before to get here. Someone jumping straight might not have it.

Yes. I was probably the first person lobbying to to get deep sleep scripting into SC products. In the early days, it was difficult to sleep more than 3-4 hours :smiley:

It started in Primal. Then was added to Emperor. So enjoy that. Now it’s in everything, Khan, EoG, and even Alchemist.

Yes, Emperor contains God-Like Masculinity scripting. It’s in a few of the products, and it turns your masculine sub-communications way high. And as you know, the more masculine you become, the more your lady flips into femininity.

This is thanks to Sanguine. I suggested this one I remember because I remember when I was testing Primal, I had no negative thoughts or pessimism, but I was also indifferent to the future. The more I used it, the more I would easily take action but without any hope for a result.

So Sanguine was born. Optimism and calm no matter the circumstances, and great hope for the future.

@Hollywood what about your dreams? Emperor has a significant scripting part to make your subconscious communicate messages to you through metaphors in your dreams. Did you notice anything weird? Many report dreaming of themselves as emperors going to war, or taming wild animals, or saving someone from monsters etc etc.


Been askimg myself what ST3 would be like. I think its time to expwrience ST3. Thanks AMASH


Thanks for the breakdown…very helpful.

Especially the part about masculine sub-communication, that’s still tripping me out

The change in her behavior is so blatant, yet I don’t feel like I’m doing anything different.

As far dreams are concerned it’s still very early for me but so far I haven’t had any dreams (or at least none I’ve remembered). However I’ll also add that I rarely dream.

I’ve been attempting to cleanse my pineal gland to help with that but as of yet I’m still not dreaming on a regular basis.


Yes. Khan does that even more. But both Emperor and Khan make women react to you in amazing ways without you feeling like you’re doing anything, because it is changing you as a person. So the “new you” feels natural, you don’t even perceive it.

Emperor makes women submit to you. Khan makes them both submit and activates their raw desire.

Focus on Emperor. No need to get distracted. But if this is a priority for you, the first stage of The Alchemist might help with this. That stage is a deep spiritual purifier and activator of energy, and breaks down all limits and limiting beliefs related to any spiritual practice, energy cultivation, metaphysical and higher consciousness / enlightenment.

Still, we have debated this a lot and we came to the conclusion: Whatever changes you feel now will grow but they will only become somewhat permanent after 3+ months of use of the subliminal you are using. So jumping from one to one will not serve you.

But SC products are made in a way where you can use more than one, putting them in a playlist, based on your goals so you tailor the experience for you.

Again, Emperor might be all you need. It has the women part, the money part, the strength, optimism and power etc. The only thing that might be beneficial is if you have serious spiritual goals to consider The Alchemist. Adding it with Emperor to work on both goals. But only if deep in your heart you feel this is the right thing to do. I am a big advocate of listening to your inner guide, your inner knowing.


I recommend instead of stopping at night to lower the volume. I did this, lower it to half of what you normally listen to. Then, when it feels very comfortable, you can start increasing bit by bit over time until you can listen to it at the same volume as your daily listening without affecting sleep at all.


When you follow in AMASH’s footsteps, you may accidentally turn lesbians into bisexuals.

An old mentor once said: “They’re either straight, bisexual or confused.”
Obviously we had to introduce him to the most homosexual female friend we knew. To our great gnashing of teeth, he succeeded where all others had failed and managed to awaken her experimental side.

I’ve had moderate success, but I am looking forward to seeing that response in women. The AMASH-factor. :wink:


09-03-19 @ 7:45 PM;
I agree 100% with that recommendation,and I would add for members to download the free FrequenSee app to measure the volume of the ultrasonics, as I’ve found out that I was using way too much volume on my listening sessions, as the ultrasonics are VERY loud indeed.

What I do is I place my phone around the pillow area where my head will be resting, that way I get an accurate reading for where my ears will be at when listening to the ultrasonic track(s), making sure it stays below the 20 db.


My friend, maybe it’s not clear in this journal, but in my primal seduction Journal I talked about how I have used Primal for 4 months then Primal Seduction Iron Throne for 3 months before switching to Khan. So I am not starting from scratch when it comes to developing a sexual Aura like you might be. And @Hollywood is probably building on a good level of masculinity.

About how I feel that might be the reason I trigger sexual desire in women, because I believe what you feel she feels: Especially on Khan ST3, I feel that I enjoy my body. I feel waves of pleasure, warmth and sexuality moving through my chest, my arms, and that my skin is more sensitive. And when I talk to a girl I like, I feel: “Fuck! I want this girl.” and I melt in that experience.

I was not like that. Primal started the process for sure. Primal Seduction improved it 2x. But Khan ST3 took it 5x. And that gets projected.

I have also used Emperor. And it doesn’t do the same thing. It just makes you solid. Like a Greek mythology hero. Or an Army General from the old days who will charge into battle first.

Are you in touch with your feelings, with your proprioceptive systems, and how your energy moves through your body @DarkPhilosopher?