Honest Review of Khan


Yes, and this in reality feels so good, much better than imagining it. You won’t become a high school teen pervert, but more of a strong man filled with sexual power.

I noticed in the first 2 weeks of using Khan ST3 that I met more higher quality girls and went on more dates than the 2 months before combined.

It works.

It did. They didn’t all come to fruition, but more unexpected opportunities to make money than what is normal for me.

This is because ST3 has Iron Throne in it. I don’t know why people want to add PS Iron Throne to Khan ST3 when it’s already in there.


So @AMASH in your experience what has been more effective, Khan ST4+limitless or just limitless alone?


ST4 alone. It makes me as smart as Limitless, plus adds the wealth, dominance, motivation and seduction programming.

So you get a lot of goodies for the same amount of time listened.

There is also another journal about a member here who used ST4 alone to study for an impossible exam, and almost made it, while other people thought it would be crazy to start studying for that exam so late, yet with ST4, he studies 10+ hours a day for 2 weeks and only 1 question from from getting the high grade he wanted.


Maybe just maybe its normal for ST3. Maybe its side effect of ST3.
St1- reconciliation with previous life,rebirth
ST2- childhood learning new skils
ST3- teenage youth , energy,exploration,experimenting with sexual energy and craving for more experience
ST4- maturity and reaching full potential
But Im not sure. It will need confirmation.


Yep definitely sticking with Stage 1


I still find ST4 heavy. A bit of irritability at even small things.

New opportunities but nothing concrete.

Lost 5kgs since Khan ST3. I just feel like eating healthy and no desire for unhealthy food, and also not much hunger. But I do drink a lot of water.


How many hours are you in st4? I am on st3 and it feels smooth from the beginning


ST4 felt smooth from the beginning, but every 50 hours or so, I get a day or two of reconciliation.

Nothing as bad as ST2 though. But ST3 had no reconciliation at all.


Okay, I really have to ask. What are the ways that reconciliation manifests itself?

When I first came to SubClub, I got the feeling that their subs are supposed to have a gentler experience, reconciliation instead of resistance. Then, once I started talking about how I got extreme emotional states, lethargy and all kinds of signs that I would in no way consider gentle, people told me that was reconciliation.

So what is reconciliation? How good or bad can it get? How does it manifest?


All I know, @DarkPhilosopher, I have read here:

I also think you will find this interesting:


Can you elaborate a little more on what you mean by st4 being “heavy”? Is it simply the irritability or it is it really weighing you down? If the latter how has this presented itself?


Irritability and agitation that comes and goes.

But still a deep drive to take action. It’s not lethargy.


are you feeling better than with ST3? or would you say ST3 is still the better experience? or do you feel more the negative from ST2 and positive from ST3?


ST3 had no negative feelings at all.

With ST4, I get some of the stuff I felt on ST2, but it’s about 25% of how bad it was on ST2.


Sorry, I meant ST2 in the previous post. this is good to know! I already considered staying with ST3 and not moving on. :slight_smile:


Why not move on?


because from what I’ve read in your journal, ST3 is all I’m looking for a sub can offer so I thought maybe not to move on if ST4 isn’t as good long term. but who really knows yet since we have no long term experience of ST4 yet.


We call it reconciliation because our scripts have nothing to “resist.” We aren’t using traditional affirmations — our scripts “question” rather than instruct. Thus, your mind is trying to reconcile your old beliefs against what you’re being asked to do. To alleviate reconciliation, you must work with the script rather than against it. For example, if you’re running a money manifestation subliminal, and you’re not taking enough action, you’ll experience reconciliation. And you can’t lie to yourself either — if you claim you’re taking action and deep down, you know you could be doing more, you’ll experience reconciliation.


This is not exactly true :smile:

I just got the message that I passed and did get into my university!!! Seems like the test was harder than in the last years. I don’t know what to say… I am just so greatful for everything. Thank you @SaintSovereign @Fire your products truely change lifes. This is beyond having more dates, woman, and sex. This is shaping my future in such a positive extent that I can’t even grasp it right now. Thank you! And to all the others here on the forum. Keep going, keep hustling

Becoming the KHAN

Congratulations, doc!