Honest Review of Khan


Thats amazing. Congratulations



And yes, @Fire is a true genius! I am truly impressed with what he creates, and it works!

I am, like you, grateful to @SaintSovereign and @Fire :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


I also don’t feel “different,” I am not “Not Me”.

But the whole world responds to me differently, so I believe more and more than I become better. The world is giving be positive reinforcement.

I also don’t feel too attached, concerned, bothered, or needing for things. I feel whole and complete on my own.


Congratulations friday


My feeling was that the real me was being revealed. All the old emotions and behaviors felt like a weird patchwork costume that I was discarding.


Just found this journal and will surely keep reading, truly amazing experiences you had so far.
It is also funny how our experiences differ in some way or the other.
For example, inside I start to feel more different than I was before, why I dont get that much attention from my outer world (yet). It needs time, I know, but it is just interesting how… dynamic this process is.

And congrats, friday!


There is a method to your madness, my friend :wink:

This is a very interesting perspective @DarkPhilosopher. It really is. That from all possible interpretations, you chose that positive and healing one.

If I may wonder something, and if you’d allow it: What is “therapeutic” to you? How does someone being “therapeutic” behave, what do they do, what do they avoid doing and not do?

It will be cool to understand your thinking and you sharing your infinite wisdom :slight_smile:


Please, enough questions for today, I’m so close to jumping out of the window on the ground floor!

If I can find them all, I’ll see if I can answer them on my own journal thread to the best of my ability. But after what we did at Joa’s and Astronaut’s journals I need a break.

Now go and add some music to your post, it’s called the Music Thread after all.


Wow, this is so similar to your recent dream. About tall buildings, fear of falling down, etc. It’s interesting, really.


I give up! You win, Dr. AMASH. I have no more willpower left to put up resistance.


That’s a beautiful place to be, my friend. A place where old thoughts can relax, and new thoughts have a place to be considered.

Maybe that’s a mini-experience of enlightenment. I don’t know. We have to ask our resident Buddha to enlighten us further :slight_smile: cc @throwthekitchensink


I believe @DarkPhilosopher was joking, but on the off chance he isn’t: Probably not an enlightenment experience.

The closest thing I’d say to an enlightenment experience is having your mind switch off (the conscious thoughts and the background chatter), and just feeling calm and light and open. That’s not quite the same thing, but it’s as close as you’ll get without actually becoming enlightened. Being in a really good flow state (especially from pickup) is also pretty good. The difference between being awakened is honestly quite subtle, but also profound and obvious at the same time. It’s a difference of perspective more than anything.


After I had been confronted with deep questions after pretty much every post I made for over an hour (including the jokes), my energy to respond with anything meaningful has literally been depleted. And I use the word “literally” very sparingly, it’s being abused way too often by today’s speakers.

I don’t know if it was simply because I was struggling to reply, much like a parent can only answer a child asking “why” so many times before they end the conversation it with “because” or if it was because a part of me was actually considering answers to all these quantum questions, but either way I was wiped out. Still am, actually.


Thank you @throwthekitchensink and thank you @DarkPhilosopher.

@DarkPhilosopher it seems something is happening there. I hope you will relax into that feeling, and see whether any new insights come up in the coming days :slight_smile:


I @AMASH, I was just wondering, since you say you are from Europe, is English your first language?
I am a EU guy too (Italy) and I was curious to find out if someone with a non English primary language could have a slower process with the subs because of a “less innate” recognition ability from the subconscious.

Putting that aside, I am enjoying your journal very much!


English is not my first language. And I have no problems getting results from subs :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words @deepfury


AMASH has challenges NOT getting results from subs. :wink:

@deepfury I’d say if you can follow the average US TV series without subtitles, your mind will process the subliminals just fine. It’s okay to miss a few words or even a whole sentence here and there, your mind uses the words around it to fill in the blanks. And looking at your post, your vocabulary and grammar seem quite decent, that’s no Google translation I’m reading.

There’s a thread on the forum asking where people are from. Some of the posters from the EU have very successful journals. AMASH, Astronaut is from the EU, isn’t he?


I don’t know where @ExploringAstronaut is from. Probably Mars :rofl:


Acidalia Planitia, to be more precise.

Edit: Now that I think about it, thats actually the best way to cure all your social problems: Move to Mars.
Goodbye, earthlings