Honest Review of Khan


@DarkPhilosopher thanks for your reply. The success stories are very inspiring, I will do my homework :slight_smile:


@AMASH - finally covered this journal. Very inspiring especially when I read Day 7 of ST4. Am sure I will reach there. Excellent job, bro!


Any updates how khan st4 is treating you? @AMASH


@AMASH is BeastMode!


Khan ST4 is a beast. It’s both great and a bit irritating. But now I have started to take nights off, and I feel much better.

It’s getting into winter too. So hibernation time from girls :slight_smile:


would you say this still stands true or has something changed for you since you are now very long already at ST4 (and I guess you will not change any time soon)? or has the Khan effect diminished and you consider switching to something different?


I keep going from solid results, to a few days of reconciliation, so Khan is still working on me to improve me.

Of course I feel temptation to switch subs and to increase my playlist etc etc. But I do not think it is the right thing to do for me now as long as Khan ST4 gives me room to grow, so I am sticking to Khan ST4.


I’m currently at ST2 and experience that the “reconciliation” went away after I no longer listening to it during night. I’m also no longer tired during the day which was really very strong before.

But please keep us updated how you doing with ST4 even if it is not about girls but other things. It is always very insightful and interesting what you experience and the way you are describing it. :slight_smile:


With so many good subs its amazing how can you stick to only one


Yeah that’s a hard part, you everything and you want it all now :grinning:. Too bad we can’t just get hooked up to a computer and get the programs installed into our subconscious like in the matrix! Maybe one day.


Finally caught up on this one. Took me 3 nights to read through it all because I was making sure to absorb it more. Excellent journal, @AMASH!


Thank you @realbillperry, you’re very kind, my friend :slight_smile:


This is the answer:

Women don’t particularly like funny guys. Comedians are not sex symbols.

And when women are attracted to a guy, they will laugh at anything he says, even if what he says is not funny at all.

So when they say: “I want a guy who makes me laugh,” they are talking about the consequence of the guy being attractive to them.

@blackadder has put it in other words here.

@DarkPhilosopher have you never said: “Hi, how are you?” to a girl and she bursts laughing and giggling like you delivered the best punch line in the history of the world?

Anyways, I find comedy and being funny to be anti-seductive. It distracts girls from sexual tension, which means the more jokes you make, the less turned on they are.

While when you are attractive, they are laughing to release tension and getting turned on at the same time.

The choice is obvious to me :slight_smile:


@AMASH spot on mate. This is one of the reasons why I toned down on cocky and funny. This is why when I was using emperor it was generating an aura so powerful that girls just began giggling when I approached and looked at them, even if I said the most mundane thing they would giggle.

The only time I might use C&F is to break the sexual tension or if I need to break rapport. There are times when I have never had to use any banter especially on emperor.


I agree @blackadder.

On Khan, I have stopped ALL attraction efforts. Girls are already giggling and contorting themselves from my normal conversation. Anything extra just fries their brains, it becomes overkill and the girl she thinks I am too great to like someone like her, and becomes self-conscious and I lose her.

Now all I do is connection. Like most average guys try to do unsuccessfully. But now, anything cool I do just intimidates girls that I am too good for them. So the best game for me is to be normal and somewhat boring, because my boring conversation is like the funniest shit these girls ever heard.

It’s all the girl’s hormones talking, making her giggle and stops her brain from thinking.

It’s cute :slight_smile:


You know, sometimes you sound unbelievable. If I didn’t know you…

Just know that if they start popping bubble gum and twirling their pigtails while giggling, you accidentally got Fire’s Bimbofication scripts. :slight_smile:

For me it’s always been hit or miss. Either I have the right energy, or I have the energy of a commando on a mission to overthrow a foreign government. The latter is nice if I want the seat next to me on the bus to stay vacant, but not so much if I’m looking for human contact.

No idea why I can’t seem to control it. Too much discipline in the past maybe…

EDIT: Or I’m trying to do too much at once and messing up all of it to some degree. I just had that thought.


It’s okay, @DarkPhilosopher, we were all virgin boys once :wink:

You’ll learn over the decades.


Ouch! No need to bite!

Go back to the questions already, they hurt less! :slight_smile:


Thats one skill that alot of guys lack. The ability to connect with a woman if you cannot connect with her she is never going to open her legs and give you access to her p***y. I have seen too many guys trying way to hard when it comes to banter. If you are naturally funny great if not its not such a big deal. My suggestions for a newbie who wants to meet gorgeous feminine women is learn how to connect with them, make then feel comfortable and lead. On top of that grooming and dressing well is essential. Another tip if you want to make the whole seduction process easier go to a country where women find you attractive. For example If a caucasian guy wants to meet gorgeous women go to Brazil. If you have blue eyes and blond hair go to Spain the girls will be all over you.

Enough said :slight_smile: apologies if it feels like I have hijacked this thread.


Thank you @blackadder, your input is very valuable :slight_smile:

Although I don’t really like this frame:

I prefer to believe I am highly valuable. That, like in Libertine that British girls says: “What is between your legs is the source of life.” So I am simply communicating my value in the right way, because I like myself and want to share that awesomeness with girls.

Then sex happens as an increase and expansion of intimacy. She is not “giving me access” to her pussy, she is enjoying the ultimate intimate connection, of feeling me inside her as one :blush:

That is why I believe I am offering something special, not “hoping to get access to pussy”.

I think a Tantric Guru like @Joa93 will agree.

Either way @blackadder, you’re a handsome wealthy muscular guy. So girls like you, with whatever beliefs you have. You are like the future version of @rising :joy: