Honest Review of Khan


@AMASH you crack me up mate :smile:


Bang on with the “man who makes her laugh”, @AMASH. Basically, a man who can get her hormones raging will get her drooling from both her sets of lips :wink:.


You guys are hilarious


That is why I believe I am offering something special, not “hoping to get access to pussy”.

It took me decades to understand this profound truth, and once I did it became clear to me how women crave and lust for a man that has the rare ability to make them feel as the Sex Goddesses they are.


Has anyone here read the book “how to be a 3% man” by coach Corey?



@lowrider - I have the book on my shelf. Yet to read it. But I have checked out loads of his youtube videos. The emails that he reads that show men change from beta to alpha, thanks to repeated readings of his book, are the best ones. And Coach Corey Wayne’s advice for the ones who are not yet there, are pure gold.


@AMASH Amazing Journal! I am gonna study this journal more thorougly than my final exam syllabus!


I’m reading up on Stoicism. This sounds very stoic my friend :slight_smile: