Honest Review of Khan


There are people like me, who don’t care about career as much.

I’d say Mission/Business/Freedom/Self-improvement/Whatever-you-feel-is-important - first, and then seduction.

Btw. How’s ST2 going so far?


I agree. There is a kind of swagger you only get when you progress on your mission / wealth that is very attractive to women, and that you can’t get when you’re not financially solid or getting there.

I took the night off, so I have been listening to ST2 for a few loops only.

I think it’s too early to notice exhaustion, brain fog or whatever.

For now, amazingly, I am in a great mood, I’ve been laughing at little things, feeling a love for life, and I don’t feel any depression, nostalgia or being cleansed like I did on ST1.

We will see how things go. Too early to tell.


Day 2 - ST2:
The first day started fun and comfortable.

But then, during the night, I felt my world crashing. ST2 is in some ways harder than ST1.

Why? Because I started to realize all the blindspots I have and all the things in my life that demand to be fixed, all the problems, emergencies and issues.

And it’s as if a voice inside me is nagging me to go, go, go, go and fix them, to hustle, to take action…

At the same time, I felt that I need to re-orient my life, to make new choices, re-evaluate things, and make a new life plan that is more true to me.

So this sense of: My original plan is not working, I am lost and need a new plan + Oh my God so many things are wrong in my life and I have tolerated them for far too long and I need to fix them before it’s too late…

That filled me with deep continuous existential anxiety.

It was almost too much. I almost couldn’t sleep, spent my time thinking, contacting people, brainstorming, catching up with my network, going for new wealthy and money opportunities…

I just worked worked worked worked, filled myself with coffee… Then, when I felt too overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, barely able to contain the fear of the future, I just decided to take a break.

I thought in this state of existential angst, I should go talk to some people, to some girls.

I was not my usual strong self-today, but still, after a couple of approaches, I felt relieved, refreshed, and talked to about 10 girls, very dominant, enjoying myself, and not looking for an outcome at all.

I felt good and recharged. And now back home, to continue my wealth hustle. I’m doping myself with coffee, but I will probably crash soon.

Again, while ST1 made me feel depressed and lethargic, and it was hard, ST2 is even harder: I realize all the problems, and feel a fire under my belly to fix them ASAP, and a deep anxiety because I feel my previous plans are not right, so I am lost figuring out a new plan in the middle of the road.

It’s not fun. But as a man, I am supposed to learn to be comfortable with uncertainty and pressure. So it’s a good learning experience.

Falling into the light (thought and observations about Khan's Journey)

I thought I was the only caffeine fiend. Guess not :smile:


count me in :rofl:


Day 3 - ST2:

I became very emotionally sensitive. I’d say x5 of what I had in ST1. ST1, was more “calm” in that it was depression and lethargy. This feels like a fire is burning inside of me, and a sense of being lost, that all my previous plans were an illusion.

However, I keep on seeing number signs everywhere, like 11:11, 15:15, etc.

Also, for some reason, 6 different girls texted me today. 3 want to meet me tomorrow, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. It’s weird because I went from all dates getting cancelled in the last 10 days, to all of a sudden girls are very interested. And it’s weird that it seems to all happen in the same day.

We will see how it goes. Sometimes I feel a deep sense of anxiety, of fear, of contemplating how all my plans can fail and how they are not the right plans in the first place, and all the mistakes I made, and all the things i let continue that should have been fixed a long time ago, and a deep desire to just cry it all out and cleanse myself, to a desire to take massive action, so much action that I can fix it all in record super human time.

Time will tell. This is not an easy stage. It’s facing the truth right in its face. It’s scary and deeply deeply deeply frightening.


I’d read weeks back how you had seen 11:11 frequently, and since I’d not seen it, I dismissed it. Today while checking time at work, it was 11:11. It got my attention @amash.


Very good @subliminalguy

I hope that means something good for you :slight_smile:


What do these number signs mean and how do u know if it’s a sign, also when u say ur feeling negative emotions and u can cure them by taking massive action, how can u tell what ur subconscious is feeling and how to move in the right direction, coz we listen to the subs but we don’t know how our subconscious interprets the messages so how do u figure this out in order to take the right action and get the most out of the subs


First: You have to determine what your goal is.

Then your subcsoncious will interpret the subs based on that goal.

And if you are progressing towards that goal, you know the subs are supporting you on your hero’s journey.

Do you have a clear goal for what you want, a vision for your future, @myspace123? Because if not, try to work on that. It makes things easier for your subconscious because it will know clearly what you want.


Good questions @myspace123


Something which has been happening slowly but surely for me is that Kahn is breaking down the blockades around my heart. I’ve been trying to make goals with my head, and Kahn has been allowing me to feel the discomfort of ignoring my heart. Yesterday I went shopping right after work since I had a desire to be out and I listened to it. An older female cashier made a comment while continually messing up my order: “you don’t know what you do to me, (my name)”. It stuck with me. Me doing my not-normal routine excited me since I was facing fears and listening to that intuition.

I came home and tried to write here about it (trying with my head), and I still have that tab open, unfinished. But that’s why my day felt so very good yesterday. My heart is making noise, and it feels better when I listen to it.

That’s the power of Kahn changing me from the inside. It’s breaking through some old cemented ideas, but the result is I’m more excited, more peaceful amid stress, and I’m learning what I really want. Those, for me, are major changes :smile:


Any idea how do I do this


First, why do you even use subliminal products?

What is a problem you’re trying to solve? Or something you want to have that you don’t have yet?


For synchronicity with numbers you should try some of twin flame forum.but keep it away from this forum. You probably reaching treshold point with your personal growth. Beyond that is spiritual path. Law of atraction, manifestation, things when reality starts bend in your favour. When we fully reach Khan ST3 may need separate subforum to discuss miracles and all thing’s with chance 1: 10000.


Day 5 - ST2:

Much better mood today.

The anxiety is becoming manageable, and there is a surge of optimism that puts a smile on my face.

I am also getting spontaneous ideas for how I can improve my life and get better goals and become a better person. So the sense of being lost is reduced.


Day 6 - ST2:

Feeling GREAT. Very confident, optimistic, enjoying life.

Unmovable like a rock today. And I know it’s probably temporary, similar to the ups and downs of ST1, but I am enjoying it.

I had 3 dates today. I was supposed to have 1 date, but a girl texted me to meet her, and I hopped in there for an hour before date 2, and on my way home, I met a cool girl so I took her for an instant date.

Girls are deeply attracted. And I feel absolutely calm, like an unmovable object. Their shit tests slide off me, like nothing. I can’t even feel affected.

I am very sexual. I look at them with pure sexual energy and I touch them with enjoyment. It is good.


Sounds like your getting phenomenonal results with khan but as you mentioned in a previous thread you used primal prior to this …fo you think their previous use has added towards your reults with khan or its just khan itself ??


I haven’t used Emperor for more than 1 week.

Primal and Primal Seduction were great.

Whether they added to my results or not doesn’t really affect you. It just means you should spend more time letting Khan work its magic on you :wink:

The best time to have started listening to Khan is 20 years ago. The second best time is to start today.


Plus, I have listened to 500 hours of Khan Stage 1, and I am nearing 100 hours of Khan Stage 2.

When you get this much exposure, then compare your results to mine. I am sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile: