Honest Review of Khan


Congratulations Amash!

I have been reading along with the others on this forum.

I am amazed and excited to read about your progress, you know I love to read about your ups and downs as I can really connect with your writing. I am cheering for you - almost like when watching a good movie! I :slight_smile:


Thank you @joefso, I really appreciate your kindness and your encouraging words.

It keeps me going to know I am not alone on this journey :slight_smile:


Guys see what is possible ? If Amash can get such amazibg results anyone can :blush:


Day 7 - ST2:

I am much more sexual than before, girls melt when I talk to them or even it across the table from them.

But I am liking and enjoying those changes. Women to me seem more attractive, I feel powerful grounded desire for them, and I just feel alive with the juices of power and sexuality.

I am also much more productive and have higher energy than on ST1. I feel more grounded.

Yes, there is a background of anxiety but my optimism increased, my action taking doubled, and women seem to be more fun to be around.


Day 8 - ST2:

Low energy today. Tired. Had a bad night of sleep.

Operating in a mental fog. Trying to be productive.

Still, I went on a date during lunch. It was hard to not bore the girl out because I was running low on gas.

I hope tonight I will have a good solid night of sleep. That’s my plan when it’s dark out.


Day 9 - ST2:

Feeling spaced out, my brain foggy, as if I didn’t sleep well although I did.

It’s not physical tiredness or emotional exhaustion. It’s something else.

I can’t wait to clock 150 hours, so the breakthrough happens where it feels comfortable and normal to let Khan ST2 run.

ST2 is no joke. And it definitely is a more potent beast than even ST1.


Day 10 - ST2:

Feeling anti-social today.

I have slept better. I feel more optimistic, strong, and sexual.

Not as well as possible, but much better than the first week on ST2.

Good progress so far.

I have 2 FWB right now, and 2 new girls interested in me. During the recent dates, I was both sexual and tired. I needed a lot of coffee and energy drinks to not bore the girl to death. I succeeded, but still, I cannot wait for the period of adaptation to pass, for me to reach 150 hours, and for my energy levels to normalize.

1 of the 2 girls is my ideal ideal girl. I don’t want to lose her because I am tired when I meet her. It’s not sexy.

She is incredible. Probably the hottest + sweetest + most intelligent girl I’ve ever went on a date with. A rare package.


Honestly, I cannot see anything other than positive effects if you journal here.

I encourage you to journal. Notice that my journalling on ST2 is not very exciting, mainly because I am feeling tired, it’s still the adaptation stage.

But I am seeing glimpses of the man I will be. Many signs. So I am excited about getting to 150 hours, which would be within the next couple of days.


Both my mind and body tend to be quite resilient. The very first time I fasted was after six months of fast food, and I kept it up for 52 days on nothing but water, renovating my entire house and going to work every day. Everybody told me to expect a whirlwind of detox symptoms. I got a mild headache and a feeling of elation the entire time.

When running subs, I start sleeping longer and deeper. I don’t get crazy dreams (that I can remember) or anything crazy for that matter, never had reconciliation symptoms, rarely get headaches. I usually get more focused and alert, no matter what the sub is supposed to do. The only time I really feel something is if a sub contains something nasty, then I sometimes feel like slamming into a wall at the exact same point during the track. Guess I trained my subconscious well enough.

Right now, I have muscle aches all over my body since I’ve suddenly started training with my kettlebells again even though my body is nowhere near ready and my kitchen is squeaky clean since I couldn’t stand the mess anymore. I’m also feeling a certain urgency to update my personal finances and my budget, as well as to update my LinkedIn.

I can only conclude that even if none of these are direct effects of the subs, I strongly consider both my physical fitness as well as a presentable home to be requirements before going out and bringing new people into my life. Even though these may be limiting beliefs, it could be that Khan ST1 is just accepting the beliefs and working within them. As for the other two, that would be EoG ST1 obviously.

But who wants to read a journal by the guy as he gets a sudden urge to do spring cleaning for the next few weeks? I doubt I will feel the extremes you have, both the negative and the positive. My girlfriends have called me the rock they hold on to when their emotional roller coaster takes over. An ex-boss called me emotionally flat. Either way, I tend to be quite stoic with little to report, I guess. I just take everything in stride.

Although I have done an evaluation of my days lately at the end of every day, categorizing them as a good or a bad day (by what I accomplished that day), while feeling genuine disappointment when it’s a bad day.

Nothing’s stopping me from keeping a private journal, I just don’t know if it would add value here.

Sorry for abusing yours, but you started it. :wink:


52 days? I could barely do 4


If there is something positive about PUAs is they push this simple belief:

What I say is valuable for the simple reason that it comes from me.

That is a limiting belief to think what you have to say won’t add value.

Keep a journal, see what happens, if you like it, continue, if you don’t like it, stop.


Wow, that was surprisingly powerful. If I could like it twice, I would. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll consider it. At very least I’ll keep a private journal to be mindful of the changes that I undergo.


The same happened to me!

It’s amazing how the experiences of the people keeping journals here matches my own a lot.

Except that, with Khan, I seem to eat more than usual.

Maybe rebuilding myself under Khan requires extra energy, so I need to eat more.

No noticeable weight gain though. So the calories must be getting used somehow somewhere.


Day 11 - ST2:

Oh man, Khan ST2 is definitely harder than ST1. I can understand why it’s not wise to jump directly onto ST4.

I slept 10 hours and still woke up exhausted. I was in a bad mood, I needed groceries so I hopped in to the supermarket. And saw this absolutely gorgeous girl, so I talked to her. She told me she has a boyfriend, but still gave me her number.

Suddenly, I was in a better mood. I was still exhausted, so my game was not on point, and my aura doesn’t have the powerful punch. But I promised myself I’ll stick in until I do 15 approaches.

I went to a nearby park, where girls like to walk around. I talked to 15 girls, I was sexual, I touched them all, caressed their hands when we shook hands. But I was low on dominance because I was tired, and my voice was weak too because I was exhausted.

I got 5 good phone numbers, which out of 15 approaches, is great! All girls were friendly, no harsh rejections, which is unexpected when I am so tired.

Then, I went home, and felt a need to be productive and to progress towards my goals, even though I am tired. I cleaned up my house totally, and now I am doing work, progressing on my financial goals, and I feel a great desire to achieve goals and to progress.

I love it!

The difference between today and days 1 to 10 is before, I had mental fog and felt mentally slow. Today, my brain is on fire, ready to go, but my body feels like I didn’t rest enough, even though I was able to sleep 10 hours.

Oh, and I officially passed 150 hours. I noticed at 150 hours, the heaviest part of tiredness goes away. That is the first breakthrough.

And at 200 hours, good things start to happen. Like positive coincidences and noticeable changes.

I am excited about how things will turn out. ST2 is kicking my ass.


Day 12 - ST2:

Today I have slept very well. I feel focused and full of energy.

The adaptation period to the strength of ST2 is ending. Now the real fun can begin.

There is some music festival in the city. Most girls are there with their friends. So no dates during these days.

It’s good. Time to recharge myself. Getting too social exhausts me.

Time to work on my wealth building and to get some solitude to feel recharged.


For the last 11 days my voice was weak. I was tired.

But today, my voice is better than usual.

My voice is powerful. It is so masculine. It is loud and resonant and vibrant and deep.

I love it! I always wanted my voice to get better, and it is now getting better automatically with Khan.


I stop subs during meditation.

When I meditate, I feel that the messages piled up from the sub get integrated more when I give myself quiet concentrated time.

It’s like letting food digest so you extract more nutrition from it.

For some reason, I am able to get deeper in meditation when I am not playing subs.


I figured the same thing, less interference from the conscious mind due to being in a relaxed, accepting state leaves the subconscious more energy to work through its backlog.

Of course in my case, I’m already on overload…

Add to that that a barrage of messages while you’re quieting the mind will prevent one from, as you state, going deeper.

I appreciate the input. I’ll stop them for meditation. For at least 20 out of the 60 minutes of meditation. :slight_smile:


Also, for some reason, 6 different girls texted me today. 3 want to meet me tomorrow, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. It’s weird because I went from all dates getting cancelled in the last 10 days, to all of a sudden girls are very interested. And it’s weird that it seems to all happen in the same day.

This is wild, the same thing happened to me and how I know these subs work. I have ran a couple different of the dating focused major programs. The last one, the month I ran it was insane, more women than I could honestly fit in my schedule. I then switched to Emperor and within a day or two almost all of them were cancelling on me, ghosting me, or a couple even said I don’t think this is working when just days prior we had the most amazing time.

Crazy stuff.


The crazy part is how such a thing happens even though you’re not in the same room. Like they suddenly feel you are different from across space and time. It must be that same thing that makes people suddenly call you when you think about them.