Honest Review of Khan


Yes, exactly. It’s nuts - and also why I truly believe in manifesting, though I haven’t gotten that mastered yet.

Anyway, carry on AMASH :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 13 - ST2:

Today, I felt compelled to go out and approach, even though I was tired and not in a good mood.

The first 10 girls I talked to rejected me. I had a goal to meet and approach 15 girls.

Girl number 11 was gorgeous. I was like: “Today is fucked anyway, so let’s approach.” She loved me, kept giggling, and I was so close to her when we talked we were almost kissing.

Then I went, I had a few okay reactions, until I got my 15 approaches done.

As I was going home, I saw this girl who looked good. Not looked good in a model kind of way, but looked good in that she was a tall blonde with a big ass, small waist, tight toned body with her abs exposed in her small t-shirt. I went to talk to her, but she told me she is busy, and walked off. I really waned this girl, so I ran a bit to catch up with her asking her for her instagram. She said: “Okay”. I got her instagram, but we continued the conversation and had a cool deep 15 minutes conversations where she told me about her crazy life, she’s a doctor, a marathon runner, a yoga teacher, a lover of travel, and she left her city to come to the big capital to start a new life. She told me about how much she values trust and honesty, her love for wine, and her memories when she went to Spain.

It was kickass. This girl turns heads when she walks around. And she rejected me at first but I persisted.

Let’s hope both pan out to be good!

It seems ST2 follows the same pattern as ST1: After about 10 days of feeling unfocused and tired, I get some days where I feel like a boss, full of energy and focus, and some days like today where I felt weak, my aura was timid, and I was doing my approaches not being in the mood just because I value not breaking my promise to myself.

Now I am doing work. It is Saturday evening, but my financial future is very important for me, so I will work whether it is Saturday, New Years eve or Christmas.

I productively put time for girls in my calendar to make sure it doesn’t consume my life. I keep it contained :slight_smile:


I think this is KEY. You just need to take a little bit MORE action than usual, just going one step further, doing…


I had the same feelings, and I fought them to force myself to be productive.

It was and still is hard. But things are happening in the background of my subconscious.

Falling into the light (thought and observations about Khan's Journey)

This is happening to me too.

I spend more time focused, productive and active. And feel no need to check this forum or do many of the online activities that I used to enjoy but now I don’t feel drawn to do.

It happened to me before on Primal. But then I regained a sense of value about this forum and returned over time.


Day 18 - ST2:

I am taking much more action, whether for work, money or girls, than every before. But I am also facing more problems.

For example, I lost all girls. For some reason, all girls flaked on me, whether I had sex with them already or not. So I am approaching from the very beginning, to build new relationships.

Khan ST2 is hard. It’s not hard in the same was as ST1. But with ST1, I was much more stable on the 18th day than I am now. I feel like my core is shaking. And when I talk to girls, I don’t get the same solidity I had after 18-10 days of ST1. But I assume I am being reprogrammed and it is simply reconciliation since Khan is such a behemoth of a script.

Also, on Khan ST1 I saw many numbers repeating, like 11:11 or 15:15 or 22:22 or whatever. It happened about 3 times a day. On Khan ST2, I seem to consistently miss those moments. So, for example, I will feel the urge to check my phone, and I look immediately to find it is 11:12 or I look and see it is 22:23 or whatever. Repeating numbers are becoming rarer occurrences.

I don’t seem to remember my dreams as much with ST2 compared to ST1. But I had a dream last night that I was to have sex with a new virgin girl and I was guiding her through the experience. I just remember glimpses of it.


Eeeh day 28? You are 10 days ahead😉.

When it comes to your journey, It’s seems like there’s quite some overlap when it comes to (mental) phases we are going through. What I also find interesting is the fact that just like you I’m seeing way less repeating numbers compared to stage 1. And what makes it even more interesting, just like you I had several times that I’m only 1 mintue too late.


Yep since running Khan 4 I am on the forum 6 min max per day whereas before the number was properly about more than an hour. Also why my journal is so quiet.


Side note: Wondering if this effect will ever come to @DarkPhilosopher

just joking, love ya brother :smiley: Keep up the great posts


Corrected. I’m on day 18. Like a Boss :sunglasses:


Don’t want to lose my Ambassadorial title, now do I? You haven’t found the super-secret duct-tape emoji to use on me yet? You’ll have to read the Discourse manual then. :wink:

Actually, I’m sure the amount of time I spend on the forum will get less when I get back into a working groove again. Right now, I spend a lot of time behind the computer organizing stuff. And at a 2560x1440 resolution, SubClub has its own dedicated little corner on my screen.

Peculiar how people on both Khan and EoG have reported losing a lot of their social contacts. Maybe it’s making room for a new class of people? Any ideas?


Breaking ties with those holding you back. It’s a painful experience. I’m currently in the process of cutting ties with my “best friend” since 11th grade while on “The Ecstasy of Khan.” That being said, once I realized how much of a toxic influence he was, there was only one outcome.


wait…the ecstasy of khan??? are you using custom made khan+EoG subliminals?


I had similar experiences with Emperor. I broke ties with family members who were emotionally black mailing me.


Day 21 - ST2:

Oh My God, stage 2 is no joke!

Until now, I still feel uncomfortable. I don’t think I do feel as strong and as good as day 21 of ST1, but facts cannot lie: In the last week, I have done 6 hours of solid work daily, and I have approached after it 15 girls at least every day, and I did not feel emotionally exhausted afterwards, which I usually do as an introvert.

But I have been abusing my body doing this. Now my knee hurts when I stand or walk, and my lower back hurts when I sit for 6 hours straight, but I love it. Nothing that a few yoga stretches won’t fix.

The sad thing, I got 0% dates from those almost 100 girls I approached this last week. All the numbers either told me they have a boyfriend, or they are about to go on summer vacation.

It can happen. There is randomness in the game. At least more girls respond to text. But it’s a bit sad that no dates cam through.

Oh, and compared to Primal, Primal Seduction Iron Throne, and Khan ST1, I feel less confident, but not in beliefs. What I mean is, no matter how many girls I talk to, I feel a bit jittery and my body slightly shaking whenever I talk to girls, which is much less confident than my usual. But then again, I feel the same way when I am at home listening to Khan ST2. So it’s probably expected reconciliation.

Even now, writing this, I feel a bit on edge with a low level hum of anxiety and nervousness. However, this same feeling is what I am using as energy for superior productivity.

I can’t wait for ST3, where true manifestation will come in to match my action. Either way, I am open to life. I can’t control the outcomes, all I can control is my actions and my attitudes. And right now, I take massive action. I don’t feel self-sabotage or breaks on when it comes to action, at least at this point in time.


Keep doing your good job AMASH, I think Stage 2 is not geared toward pushing you and manifestation… it seems like it is pure reprogramming! Even if you take a lot of action, stage two is not there to support you and tell you “you are the F*cking boss, go get it champ”. It is there to say to you “bro, that belief… are you sure about that?!”. It is called Reprogramming, which means some beliefs will have to fall and some will rise. The process is probably creating unstability in your mind and create that feeling of not being grounded proprely!


Yes, of course. :wink:
All of my subliminals are custom made to me.


I think ur wrong, stage one is the “bro that belief…” stage two is more like “use this belief instead”


Yes, that’s how I feel on ST2. And I have never felt it on any sub before.

Now I am past 300+ hours in. But hey, as you said, it is about questioning and changing all my beliefs and attitudes.

I take massive massive action, but I think girls can feel my un-grounded feelings. That is why I am not getting as good results as I statistically should.


Excellent update , when i start my Khan journey i will keep 1 loop of PS ( maybe daredevil too ) with all the Khan stages to keep the seduction element overflowing