Honest Review of Khan


I’d recommend keeping your playlist 100% Khan, so you don’t delay the results.

I also noticed Khan has an even more powerful seduction aspect that PS.


Yeah probably like you said, I just don’t think all the bad stuff is gone after using total breakdown, even total reprogramming will create a lot of reconciliation because there are still beliefs that need to go to be replace by good beliefs… I think this is what creates reconciliation!


Day 22 - ST2:

I am feeling calmer all of a sudden, after I got to 350 hours of listening to ST2.

Not as calm as Primal, but I’d say similar to what I had on Primal Seduction.

I am also seeing series of numbers now, in the proper way, not missing them by one digit. I saw 11:11 today, and on my timer, I happened to glance when 22 minutes ad 22seconds (22:22) were left.

I feel a lot less anxiety and a lot more optimism.

I feel like being anti-social today though. But it’s fine. I am an introvert, and I have approached 93 girls last week, so I deserve some time alone.

More girls than usual respond to text. But none of them so far wants to make concrete plans for a date. I am indifferent to the outcomes though, totally free.

I want girls, but I don’t need them. It is good.


As I was done posting the previous journal entry, I looked at my phone and there were 2 things:

The time was 17:17, which I consider to be cool. And a really pretty girl texted me to say she would love to meet me after returning from her vacation getting suntanned on the beach.

Good stuff :wink:


Awesome, your journal makes me so excited to get through ST1 of EoG. Not sure if it’s as intense as Kahn but there is definitely some reconciliation and tough emotions stirred up right now for me just starting week 2 of ST1 at about 18 hours average per day.

Just curious how you track your hours or if those are just estimates?

Anyway thanks for the great journal!


Estimated. I make sure I listen to at least 15 hours a day. Often much more. Consistently.


What do the numbers (11:11 17:17 etc) mean, like why do u keep reporting them, is it a symbol or something


They’re called synchronicities. Coincidences that seem to happen too often to be considered random. A concept coined by Carl Jung I believe.

The clock thing is usually more the domain of strongly religious people, where it points them to specific passages in their scriptures. Although scientists believe this is merely their internal clock making them look at the exact right time because they have such a strong desire to manifest these experiences.

There are also people where the clock bugs out, say where 21:51 flashes over to 21:21 for a moment as they’re looking at it. These are more the domain of psychics.

Other people believe that if it happens so often that it defeats the law of chaos (like flipping a coin that lands on heads 80% of the time for no reason) it means they are on the right path in life. So in AMASH’s case, having it happen all the time could mean he’s at the place in life where doing these subliminals and taking the actions he does is exactly what he should be doing right now.

Does that mean there’s a grand plan or purpose for him? Or is it his subconscious trying to communicate with him, informing him that his subconscious and conscious minds are aligned in their purpose, working as one towards his goals?

Maybe we’ll need Alchemist to figure that one out…


Day 23 - ST2:

I feel smooth today.

All anxiety, jitteriness and fear gone. Replaced with an openness to life, deep tranquility, and calm productivity.

It’s interesting that ST2 took about 2x as long to stabilize as ST1. I had a lot of reprogramming necessary to do.

I hope ST3 won’t take 3x as long as ST1 to stabilize and reach this breakthrough moment where everything is smooth. But if it does, I will take it like a man.

You all wish me the best. Always.



ST2 - Day 26:

Nothing really interesting is happening.

I feel smooth.

I am not exhausted but I am also not in the mood to take much action.

A deep part of me gave me the feeling to move onto ST3.

So, today is the last day of ST2. It was a good ride. Harder than ST1, for sure.

ST3, here I come, Total Action!


I’m running the first loop of ST3 right now.

I’m feeling a good buzz.


i started Khan today!! gonna do a journal starting tonight


ST3 - Day 1:

ST3 at this moment, energizes me.

I had a good night of sleep on ST3, woke up 2 hours earlier than usual and read a business book for 2 hours. A lot of good learning.

I ate healthy, without temptation to get some canned juice filled with sugar, although I have 4 cans in my fridge, cold and refreshing in this warm weather.

I have also meditated for 1 hour. Easily and comfortably.

And I cleaned and arranged my room, and washed my clothes.

A girl who flaked on me last week texted me today asking to meet up in the evening. She asked me on a date out of the blue. That is cool. I am going later.

I feel a calm sense of energy, and a desire to improve my life in every way.

We will see though. The real difficult effects start about 3-5 days into a new sub for me. I hope it stays this way.

ST3 feels so much better than ST2, that’s for sure. But then again, I needed ST2 to reprogram myself and to get the most benefit from ST3.


It is funny how I switched to Khan St3 yesterday also… I didn’t came to the forum, but I had a feeling inside me… decided to go with stage 3 yesterday. For now I saw a boost in social confidence…!


Khan ST3 feels to me like upgrade / advanced version of Iron Throne with 1000% improvements. Frankly, I was afraid to run ST3 i.e. because thought that it will motivate me harshly to act. After running the competitor’s alpha program I expected traumas to reappear to the level of panic attack (hard breathing, panphobic reactions, paranoia) to a level, that you guys would think that ST1 and ST2 are a joke in terms of upheavals and etc.

BUT, I was surprised!!! Khan ST3 is smoothest program I ever ran! Yes, it motivates, yes it is energize! And it seems clears something.

I’v got and overwhelming feeling of women attention ever. Sex improved considerably, I feel alpha but NOT as grotesque and pathetic like on competitor’s sub, that was fake pseudo manliness. True alpha! True man deserving his men ancestral blessing!

P.S. excuse me for my outpouring emotions, I just had sex that was beyond any mental or emotional satisfactions…purely from spiritual level.

Running Khan ST3 and Sex Mastery X sometimes.

Comments/Results make no sense and not believable

I don’t know yet. I haven’t interacted with people since I have started ST3 about 15 hours ago. But I am getting ready to go on a date. :wink:

I agree. Khan ST3 not only is so smooth, it’s so far easier to run than ST2 by far! And it seems to motivate me to improve and work on my life on all areas, wealth, healthy, wanting to work out, and women. So it’s not just about going after women.

Sex Mastery X2 helped me with this so much!!

No, Dmitry. Your comments are always appreciated and very valuable.

Thank you for the great post you made. It makes me even more excited about this new beginning to ST3.

I noticed so many coincidences between us when it comes to our Khan experience.

It’s amazing. But hey, ST3 is supposed to have a lot of manifestation technology, so maybe we both will manifest something really great soon.

Maybe twin sisters, one for you and one for me :laughing:


I think threesome (FFM) will satisfy your needs, oh almighty! :wink:


What are your thoughts on running some loops of iron throne alongside with khan?


Have you run ST3? I don’t think it’s necessary. ST3 is self-sufficient.