How Did You Discover SUBCLUB?


dont worry about the people who don’t like to follow the instructions, they will only hurt themselves, I’ve follow the instruction to the T and have gotten amazing results, only thing i didnt journal on this forum (feel semi bad about that) but i do have it offline (will release the last two part then i will journal on a daily basis for november - december)
@SaintSovereign @Fire the both of you have really help me out greatly cant really put in word. Just thank you a bunch!!!


Was randomly searching subs on the Youtube until one pinned comment on a sub I no longer remembered with many likes recommended Emperor and Ascension and specified the site of Subliminal Shop.

After reading that comment I instantly opened a new tab and got on the site. Days later I bought True Social a week before returning to classes that summer. Never had anxiety and felt good talkin’.
At the end of August I bought Emperor v3 and started on the journey.

Not a single regret.


my apologies @SaintSovereign :disappointed_relieved:


Back in the spring or summer of 2018 I did a Google search for Alpha Male Subliminals and the page for either Ascension or Ascended Mogul came up. Hard to believe that was just over two years ago. Feels like way longer. If I recall correctly when I first came on board those were the only two titles available. The first edition of Emperor came that August with Limitless coming in November.
Prior to that I ignored subliminals for a long time because there was no way I was going to pump out hundreds of dollars to some cultish douche bag with a serious superiority complex.
I was desperately trying to find a quick way to improve my performance at the job I had at the time. It seems like the folks that did that best sort of gave a off a bit of that alpha vibe even if it did come across as more ego inflated arrogance than confidence. I have always had problems being assertive especially when I could easy empathize with the situation of the people I had to call on a daily basis. I was doing debt collection at the time. I was constantly blown away by the staggering amount of folks that had or were declaring bankruptcy. But then again watching my father and step mother do it multiple times growing up it was really thar surprising.I seriously struggled at that job and always felt like the forgotten middle child stuck between those significantly younger and those older than me. Most if not all had prior debt collection experience which I did not.


We are not afraid to call out Voldemort here anymore.

Btw, nice story.

How far would you say you have come since then?


At first not very far because I wasn’t consistent and had a metric fuck ton of personal shit going on at the time that I now know could have been avoided. Yeah I grew listening to various titles but no where near how much I have grown over the last few weeks to a month of listening to Regeneration Q and Elixir Ultima. The power of those two cannot and should not be underestimated. If run properly long term they could easily make things such as therapy irrelevant and pointless. My opinion obviously


For all the talk of whatever edition Voldemort puts out of a so called healing subliminal it is ridiculously inferior to Regeneration and specifically Elixir Ultima. Any other subliminal company might as well just hang it up and stop rehashing the same silly shit. How can you ethically charge 1500$ for a multi stage set that not only isn’t available in it’s entirety but it’s also painfully obvious you don’t use or run your own products given the way you conduct yourself online. Either that or the products themselves are just that inferior


I started getting into Gallery of Magick workings and books a few years ago and after a while I looked around to see if anyone was talking about this online. I found the awesome videos of @Nameless.

Soon after that @Nameless posted a very excited and exciting announcement of a brand new program called Alchemist. I found it very appealing and that’s what led me to come and check out the site. (Ended up starting with Ecstasy of Gold first, but now here we are.)


I was using a subliminal from another producer at the time and sitting in class bored with my instructor’s lecture. Subclub popped near the top of the results and I clicked outta curiosity. I did notice products such as EOG, ascension and alchemist but from the moment I saw that they had a product called Emperor, I was immediately drawn. Took me another month to actually go ahead an buy emperor (amongst other titles), but eventually my lack of consistent outer results with the other producer’s newest program pushed me to take the leap. I never imagined subclub would grow as fast as it has and it doesn’t even look like it is close to its peak yet.


I, too, was using another producer’s subs, and one night I googled ultrasonic subliminals wondering what else was out there. I found myself in great conflict while trying to be loyal to someone who was rude and (I edit myself). I saw this site and began reading.

The forum support and possibilities for growth with subs pulled me in.


Among other things. Fuck that dude. Not literally of course unless that’s your thing


that was funny @JCast! No, not my thing :joy:


I started using subs in 2008 after I lost a job for no other reason than I had an extreme lack of self confidence. I looked around online for solutions to that problem and eventually found one of the cheap Brand X subliminal companies. You know, the ones with a couple of gagillion titles for twenty bucks or so. I bought their self confidence title and listened to it all night at work as well as at night while sleeping. If I recall, a friend of mine noticed the increase in confidence faster than I did. They had a positive effect. It was no miracle though. I still had confidence issues for many years, just not as bad as I had prior to 2008.
Throughout the years, I kept using subs on and off. I’d use them for quite some time, stop for some reason, go back downhill until I realized I had some problem or another and go back on them. I was always doing better on them than off them. I was always looking for better producers and eventually I landed on that one guy everybody is bitching about. I must say, his stuff worked better than the rest of what I had been trying, so I used his stuff for years. I used quite a few of his programs with results that ranged from mediocre to amazing. I started feeling a bit burned out on the last one of his programs I was on and looked to see what was new in the sub world and found Subclub.