How Did You Discover SUBCLUB?


One year ago, @MlodyMan recommended it to me but I didn’t start straight away being sceptic about SC and using the other company products. I started with Kan only last March and then tested a lot of things SC has under their belt.


One and a half year ago, reading comments on a youtube subliminal track, somebody mentioned Subliminal Club praising the great results he/she had.
Then I’ve googled Subliminal Club for more info, came the name Mark Malkuth, then googled Mark Malkuth and found someone on some forum (not this) saying he is a kind of “wizard”.
Then I read this forum and bought the first title.


Understatement of the millennium :slight_smile:


I think I found Fire advertising his new business on some forum.


Now I know he is the real deal :slight_smile:

later update (if Saint would read this :sweat_smile:): they both are!


Been listening to some subs on YT. SC was mentioned and I got curious so I checked it out. I wasn’t in a good place at the time so I couldn’t make the purchase right away, I saved up for some weeks while reading and asking questions in the forum.


I was too a member (still am sometimes) of voldemort’s shop. his products did change my life for the better.

the price tag is kinda rediculus in my opinion even with all the advancement and what not.

i googled alpha male sub reviews, and came upon pheromones forum.
there i saw both saint and voldemort commenting about people who pirate copies of their subs.

it felt so immature the way they tried to diss subclub, which made me have to check who subclub is,
read the journals here, saw the supportive community and decided to try some subs myself.

was not disappointed, this sub community is amazing, and the subs even better. the constant updates every week and the price tag are beyond amazing.

As good as voldemort spells are, i believe this company future is brigther, because they innovate more and they seem to be more inline with the technologies advancement(forum style, constant ultimas and new better technology generations coming up).

i think what would be really mind blowing is a combination of voldemorts knowledge and subclub technology in one product- it would be seriously life altering subliminal. but either way, i think eventually the knowledge can be learned through trial and errors and it seems that it’s going in this direction


It would be interesting to see what they could come up with if they put their heads together, if their methods are even compatible. There is something to be said for competition driving innovation and excellence though.


I’ve used subs 3 different companies before I found Subclub. There weren’t working for me so I decided to google Subliminal Programs. When I did I found a sub company that I now know is a rival to Subclub and it looked really promising but expensive. Took a few days to think about and decided to try but couldn’t remember the name so I googled Subliminal Programs again and Subliminal Club popped up. Read the sales page for Emperor and that was it. I eventually remembered the name but by then I didn’t care. Subclub4Life!


Even after I started running Subliminal Club titles I would check out other sites and material but I really started questioning the validity of other companies and producers when reading how ridiculously generic and vague their scripts are


Remember there is a request or rule to avoid mentioning others’ subliminal products. Directly or indirectly.


Hmm,ok.will edit my post


One day, @Fire and I – both extremely passionate about mental alchemy and self-improvement – decided we could innovate in this space, so we spent a very long time creating a bunch of crazy ass prototypes and running them on ourselves and other testers. Ya’ll don’t know what we went through in those early days before we launched, hahahaha. One day, we’re going to make a mini-documentary or something on that time.


I was looking for someone to improve my learning skills. I found the Dark side of subliminals. I bought their Maximum Bullshitting Speed 5G after 61 days I got nothing. So, digging on their forum someone mentioned Subliminal Club.
Since December 2018, I joined the Force. Emperor V2 helped me to send to hell my ex-wife. Thanks to the force, I’m happily divorced… Thanks :slight_smile: