How is Subliminal Club's scripting different


So does that mean if I was to start working at someones real estate brokerage in six weeks and I stopped listening two weeks prior to starting I would do better since I would be in doing mode?
what gave you this idea?


This is pretty much conjecture, the rate at which people absorb subliminal programming is not generalizable.


It depends on you and how the subs are affecting you. Nothing is concrete. You would have to experiment to find out really if this is The case for you. These are just a variety or possibilities that have been observed by people who noticed these results on subliminals. Most of them i have experienced in my self as well. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is applying to you.


Your right man. Everybody is different and reacts differently. It’s kinda like how pharmaceuticals effect people. Strength Dosage and time of action are all different from person to person.