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Tummo? Wim Hof Method is a European homegrown take on Tummo.


So I checked out “Rapid Transformational Therapy” and got a free induction. It is hypnosis.


Do you think thats a good idea in times of global warming?? :wink:
Sorry couldnt resist…:grin:


What do you guys think about binural beats like the ones on youtube? Do they actually work or are they just crap?


I’ve used some isochronic beats from youtube that seemed to help me get to sleep and stay asleep.


Top notch binaural beats: idoser.com
Top notch isochronic: unexplainablestore.com
I don’t know exactly what they produce, but they’re really good too: iawaketechnologies.com


@Hannibal I tried going cold, but women really don’t like cold hands all over their body. So I made myself a source of heat, turned off my central heating to save the environment and force the women to come and cuddle all the time. Works like a charm.

@Y.o.B iAwake combines all of them and adds in subtle energies, I believe. Very effective. I have done meditation tracks that make me go crazy deep.


Yes! My personal favorite is “Deep Delta”, just like in West World when Ford tells the robots to Freeze All Motor Functions, it shuts my body down… i can completely let go and forget it or just trance out! I wake up feeling brand new :sunglasses:


Listened to the more recent version of Sphinx of Imagination today. Took me deep and brought me back out at the end.

Hypnotica knows what he is doing.


How much do u know about I doser, I have really been looking for a long time for a guide


What exactly do you wanna know @myspace123?

I’ll assume that you want to know :point_right: How to use it & What’s the most effective way to get the most results/benefits from them. From my experience, here’s a quick and easy guide…

They have a Condition dose to get your brain ready/tuned to be more open and receptive to the dose you want to experiment/try with.

There’s a Reset dose that will put your brain back in beta/alpha state if you really don’t enjoy the effects/results from the dose you choose to experiment/try.

They have the software where you can create your playlist and slipstream what you want…

So, i always start with the Condition Dose followed by, let’s say the image dose…
I do it first thing in the morning and it sets/tunes my brain in those frequencies/brainwaves for the rest of the day.

There are doses for all tastes, with some you will feel the effects immediately while with others not so much, not so soon, you need to be more experienced, because they vary in intensity from mellow, strong, Very Strong, Premium and so on…

WARNING: There are some doses that you may not want to mess around with. They’re dangerous and some, even addictive. And if you do, remember the Reset Dose, even though there are some doors, once opened there’s no going :point_left:… You can’t unsee certain things.


I am not sure how exactly it happened but this seems to have gotten away from a discussion of hypnosis resources?

If you are interested in certain kinds of meditation or binaural/isochronic beats wouldn’t it be more useful to have threads for those specifically? I realize that binaural beats can be used as an adjunct to hypnosis, but it, in itself is not hypnosis.


I am listening to some of Igor Ledochowski’s resources. Really interesting materials.


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Yes, I can see that I helped to take it off track, but keeping things on different tracks is probably more useful.

I am interested in binaural and isochronic tracks, too, but would rather discuss them in a thread devoted to them rather than in one with a hypnosis theme.


How to Hypnotise Anyone - Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FFAT7OK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ia7ODb9CY6Z0J


I’ve been reading weaponized hypnosis. I like it a lot.


What do you mean by weaponized @lowrider? Is this similar to Mark Cunningham and David Snyder?


@d1gz It’s a book by George Hutton “weaponized hypnosis”. It will teach you the techniques of covert verbal self defense. You will be able to notice people’s hidden agendas in their speech, brake them down and destroy them. Here’s a link to the book.


Hutton is good. He used to be on the now dormant Xtrememind Forum and made many really good posts about a variety of subjects.