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His kindle books are really cheap and useful.


The last couple of nights I have been starting my hypnosis playlist with a 5 minute induction from Igor Ledochowski’s Abundance set.


We are on simliar paths. Ive been looking up stop porn hypnosis and some other hypnosis tracks from other places to use during the day. I was nervous they would interrupt the sub clubs sublimals im using but since another person is also using hypnosis tracks fron other places i guess its okay then


I have a number of george huttons stuff particular would his stuff get in the way of using sub clubs ?


I actually got masculine matrix a few weeks back and used it 3 days straight and stopped because of laziness. as for my thoughts on it i like it. It pumps me up as i go through it the only problem im not great at visualization so i wonder if im doing everything right. Hypnotica has another one called the attractor factor that seems interesting as well


My favorites from Hypnotica are Masculine Matrix, Metamorphosis and Sphinx of Imagination.

The problem with hypnosis versus subliminals is that it requires self-discipline to use and continue the hypnosis sessions every night. I seem to have built that into myself at this point.

With the subliminals I just have them running all the time from an mp3 player through speakers. No need to ever start or stop them. That is a big strength for the subliminals.


Did they really work for you? I tried them and it did nothing… Tried it multiple times, little to no effect. Is there something to consider to make it work?

Edit: Sorry, didnt see your second post


I tried a quite a few idoser mp3’s years ago. As they have hundreds of different ones. They are brainwave entrainment so all they can do is help you entrain your mind into different brainwave frequencies. None of them do more than that. So titles like lsd, peyote, etc are quite misleading that’s not how it works at all. But they are effective brainwaves.

Basically you have the mainly recognized frequencies of Delta, thetta, alpha, beta, gamma. Within those categories are ranges of frequencies. Different states of mind are associated with different frequencies. And everything that you eat drink touch and smell can have an effect on the different brain states you may reach (frequencies). But that’s not all of it, it’s quite complex. So yeah idoser can help you reach those frequencies that occur in your brain after you take certain drugs but they won’t mimic that drug. They will help you reach those frequencies that occur as a result of using those substances If that makes any sense.


This explains alot, thanks. This is a very interesting topic. I have listened to a dmt frequency on youtube, which wasnt from i-doser, that was very effective. I havent been shot to the moon, but the (visual) effects were very noticeable. I guess this got to do with associations/memories and stuff
Thanks for your answer


I remember iDoser started out being an app with little files that would generate the binaurals on the fly. Never did try it. Maybe drugs create a combination of brainwaves that does not occur naturally? Or maybe creating a certain state will cause the body to release hormones/chemicals that create these side-effects?

I really like this thread. All the hypnosis links and resources are awesome.

As far as hypnosis goes, I make for the worst subject. I rarely give up control. So far, nobody has succeeded in making me forget my name, age or number. Even though it would be cool to experience.

I also love the idea of erotic hypnosis and have actually done that on some of the ladies in my past. Amazing way to find out that to a woman, an orgasm comes from between the ears.


I have the same issue. One of the symptoms of it is that I swallow often while in trance, which I later found out means my conscious mind doesn’t want to let go and give up control. Or more precisely my subconscious beliefs around losing control make me do this, so that I don’t go under too much.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have noticed a theme in my life about difficulty giving up control. It can not be so obvious very often, but there is something there in my case. And it stems from a negative belief. My ego wants to hold on and be in charge. I think this issue also correlates with the fact that various self help tools (subliminals included) I have used over the years haven’t been working for me amazingly well in general. It’s the issue of letting something outside of me influence me and subconsciously I’m not letting it happen, because I’m in fear and I don’t trust.

That’s my theory anyway. I welcome all your insights about this topic. Recently I’ve been working with my beliefs about control, so I could use some fresh perspective too.


Any reason why you didnt like collections of confidence? I just noticed this was a freebie i got when i ordered the masuline matrix


Anyone has experience with the late Dr Laura di Giorgio’s hypnosis tapes?


YES! I used her Sexual Magnetism collection right before Sub Club.

Found that her supraliminal tracks were more effective. Still have most of them.


What are the supraliminal tracks like?


They’re audible affirmations with ultrasonic tracks embedded. Works well because both the conscious and subconscious mind are working in tandem. Sub Club could use that strategy in their superchargers.


I have been putting together shifting playlists with Igor Ledochowski’s Abundance Inductions, some Hypnotica inductions and The Elixir Supercharger.


How’s that working?


I am listening every night. Seems very positive.


Maybe we can have a Ultimate Hypnotist subliminal for stage, medical and other hypnotists.