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If anyone is interested I found part 1 of Mark Cunningham personal ecology for men hypnosis on youtube. There’s 2 total parts to this hypnosis btw


I like that set and originally bought it on cd when it was first released.

Also went to a Major Mark workshop back in 2004.


How was it watching him speak live ?


Well, pretty much as I expected after having seen or heard his presentations on various seminar products.

He is a really ordinary looking guy and a big talker and storyteller.


I am friends with hypnotica on facebook and he has released 2 new hypnosis tracks, one of them is attracting women and success and he has just released another one building your neurology up for success and being powerful. I have the first one and its really good


Bro can you ask him how do you order his ultimate masculine sexuality hynosis from his site ? I been trying to get that program but its not letting me.
Where do you find his 2 new hypnosis? I just went to his site and dont see any new ones


How was the Sexual Magnetism track? Any good effects?


Hi mate if you go on facebook and look for Eric Von Sydow thats his real name you can follow him and message him on there. the new tracks he has only advertised on facebook


Thanks. Found it. I am really intrigued, though I wish he could create a track that would be under 30 minutes. I find a nearly 60 minute hypnosis track to be too long.


I listen to the track when i go to sleep, it sounds long but it puts me under trance quick and i sleep like a baby. I have just ordered his new one on building your neurology up for success and being powerful. Should compliment the subs i am using


Fairly good. I prefer subliminals, so didn’t fully engage in what Dr Laura wanted me to imagine. The ultra/subliminal track was ok…


So looking into bruce lipton and George hutton both said the subconscious mind is open to change during theta states. Bruce said during sleep your brain goes through cycles and during the theta sleep cycle auto suggestions work. i was wondering if one were to listen to theta binurals or music or frequency for whatever time 5 min 10 min etc before listening to a hypnosis wouldn’t it help it boost the hypnosis or even super chargers ?
Also my 2nd question is if one were to play theta brainwaves lets say through a phone or speeaker while using another device to play sub club sublimals wouldn’t this help boost sublimals?
So you have theta music playing and sublimals playing so you have your mind in a theta state while having the sublimals play. If theta is where the subconscious is open to being reprogrammed wouldnt listening to theta brainwaves in the background while running subs help boost reprogramming?


I have an Iawake delta track running at the same time as my masked subliminal playlist while I sleep.

This helps me sleep. I have no idea if it has a positive or negative effect on the efficacy of the subliminal tracks.


Delta ? I know theta is where programming occurs. You could try using theta brainwave during sleep but we go through all the sleep cycles anyway during sleep.
Im going to test out theta frequency playing while having subs play during the day for 1 loop and stop and journal results later on


Using the Delta for sleep, but the subliminals also play 24/7 in that room from an mp3 player.


@Grimm1390 I am mostly in theta and in my opinion it does work. I used to listen to binaurals alongside of the subs but now I am doing a theta scalar field. If you look around the forum you will see my posts on it. It’s awesome.


Theta, alpha, and even a little bit of Delta exists during hypnosis. A person goes between them. But mostly stays in theta and will go into Delta in deep trance. There are specific frequencies from all three ranges that are prime for this. Ifi find them I’ll post them here.


That thing you use is quite pricy lol i know a lot of people may not try this method because now you have to have 2 devices with 2 different speakers to play the theta and sublimnals.That thing you use is perfect though and small


Also if you google George Hutton theta he gives freebies of the brainwave frequencies. All of them delta, theta, alpha etc


Do you have Android phone. Get musicolet and maven music player. Either or both and you can play Subs and binaural audio at the same time.