Hypnosis Resources


Wow really ? Im going to download it now. Ive been looking for a way to play 2 things on my phone for the longest time. This kills 2 birds with one stone. I can play the brainwave and sublimal at the same time now over speakers or through phone speakers now. Thanks for this !


I’ve got Musicolet, but I can’t find Maven in the Android App store.


How do you guys actually play 2 things at once on musicolet ? I have the galaxy s7 and i also cant find maven on the app store


There is a setting for “respect audio focus” that you can set to 0.


Your right they took it off. That’s crazy. We’ll I have it if you want me to share it. Here is the link. I uploaded it to Google.



Do what @dorfmeister said and then play your subs through musicolet and then your binaural through what ever other audio player you have.


Yes. Musicolet works great. I play a sub in it and then use google music or spotify or youtube. It seems compatible with any app you’d use to play audio over it.



Dr. Laura De Giorgio, deeptrancenow looks very promising. Does anyone know if you can still purchase from her site? Looks kind of abandoned.


You can still purchase the mp3s. I bought some of the mp3s recently. Her daughter is handling the website.


Heard she passed away a few years ago. Site’s still up but I’m not sure if there’s any new content.


Continuing with nightly Ledochowski inductions.


You won’t get any new content as Dr Laura made them all by herself.
You still can order her products, absolutely. Instant download is better.



I have been noticing and starting to listen to youtube videos on the subject of hypnotic storytelling.

Seems like a fertile environment to explore.


Listening to some materials from Mark Cunningham and David Shade about erotic hypnosis.


Thanks. Will check it out.


I got questions. Does the dude teach anything?


That is what I wondered, too. The videos are interesting and you can pick things up from them, but it would be interesting to hear him discuss the hows and whys of his approach.

You can find a bunch of videos on his youtube page.


Ahh he had a course online before but it seems like it got taken down or something…
Did you get the Mark Cunningham Renegade Hypnotist Project?