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Thanks. Is that a phone setting or a app setting?


It is in the musicolet preferences.


No, not Renegade Hypno, but I have listened to Mark’s material and went to one of his seminars in July 2004. Also like Spade’s stuff.


I’ve been always convinced by master hypnotists that you can not hypnotize some one without them knowing… or you can’t make your subjects do anything they don’t want to do…
Until i recently found a course called “The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis” by Kenrick Cleveland.
This stuff was some next level shit… unfortunately it could be used for some very unethical stuff.
Anyone has experience with the course?


From a scholar’s perspective, I’d be interested to learn it. I’ll trust my moral compass in its application. Covert Hypnosis. Didn’t they call Speed Seduction something similar?

Reminds me of a hypnosis teacher that told me once: “You can’t hypnotize somebody to jump off the top of a building, that would trigger their self-preservation instincts. But you can hypnotize them to believe they aren’t actually standing on top of a building. There is only 1 truth, but 1001 ways to phrase that truth. Remember that and you’ll start to recognize when people are trying to manipulate you.”

He was an expert in using NLP and conversational hypnosis to start up a conversation with somebody and have them in and out of a trance without them realizing it. They just got a warm, relaxed and fuzzy feeling from talking with him and ended up apologizing for drifting off for a moment.


Yes it is pretty much like you described it and more like “I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do… but i can make you want to do it.”
I actually started applying some of the principles in the course…I tried a type of induction that’s done with confusion, pattern interrupt, then command.
I was really afraid of doing it at first, but i just faked being extremely confident, did it, and it worked.
I was litterally shaking when it worked…
You can see the induction being done in these two videos.


Do you really think it is real? It sounds just “too good to be true”


Interrupts are very powerful. You’re creating a moment during which the subconscious programming is suspended while it’s figuring out how to respond to the unexpected stimulus. They only give you a very short window to act, but during that window people are very open to suggestion. You can tell the subconscious how to respond and it will thank you for taking away the confusion and follow your direction.

I use them sometimes when I meet somebody that’s just droning off memorized lists. I know I’m client #1726 but I still find it disrespectful to treat me like another item on the conveyor belt. So I drop them out of it and force them to give me personal attention. Nothing harmful, just a mental bucket of ice cold water.

Keep in mind the subconscious may very well course-correct soon after and make the affected person realize what just happened. It takes skill/technique to embed something for more than a few moments, and much like subliminals you would likely have to repeat the suggestion over a period of time.

In the case of the videos above the people in question are quite open to suggestion to begin with. The first video indicates as much. The second video probably had a few tries before the successful one.

The more people are doing things on autopilot, the easier it is to interrupt them. Pretty much everybody is susceptible to it. But there will always be easy and difficult cases. One would need to be exceptionally skilled to make it work on everybody, much how one would need to be an exceptionally skilled pickup artist to get a positive reaction from every person they approach.

PS It doesn’t have to be an induction like in the videos. You can get a similar effect just by breaking people’s thought process. They’ll respond with a short deer-in-headlight look before recovering.


So right you know too much :smiley:
Yes there are lots of ways to do it, and sure it takes skill, but it’s not that hard to master when you know what you’re doing.
I couldn’t contain myself and tried it two more times today, and it just worked as good.
I tried it on some friends for fun, that i’ve never hypnotized before and then gave the suggestion of ‘you’re name is now your Facebook password’.
Then they just wake up and give it to me, just like that.
When i saw those videos months ago, i was sure 100% they’re fake, until i did it myself.


Makes me wonder if there are people out there using it to pick up dates. You would have to do several in a series to build the foundation, but it could be possible.

All purely academic of course. No human beings were harmed in the process of writing this post. :slight_smile:


There’s a book out there named “Secret, Don’t Tell”.
It documents true criminal cases where hypnosis used to mind control people in every way possible, making them robotic slaves… etc.
And I can assure you, it’s being used way more than we think…
Not just to pick up dates, but like much more.
For me, I know how to do Erotical Hypnosis, where you make them have an extreme orgasm when they’re under.
When combined with the manipulative covert techniques, making them WANT to let go and do it without them agreeing to it.
You can imagine the rest.
Of course I will never dare do anything like that I just want to explore the possibilities and limitls of hypnosis.
This experiment by Derren Brown is so interesting too


OKAY now you got my attention.

What material did you use to learn this?


I am struggling with PE and lasting longer and I just wonder if I could hypnotize them that she thinks we had sex for hours and that she came so many fucking times. / or even better make her come so often in real haha


I highly recommend either Mark Cunningham OR Talmadge Harper.
I advise you start with Talmadge Harper as it tailored much more for beginner, and he knows how to explain it so well.
You’ll be doing it even if you’ve never hypnotized before.
Just google harper healing erotic hypnosis course 3.0


Dude go learn it, it’s a super power, yes that is possible, and much more.
You’ll be able to give them the best orgasm they ever had for their entire life.
after a few sessions, you don’t need to hypnotize her… just say the trigger word and she experiences it.
It’s not she thinks she had it, she experiences it for real.


Thank you I will certainly look into that.

Just watching the video you posted. Why is self-hypnosis so much harder than what he does? Like is literally only saying SLEEP in the right moment and you fall down like a statue.


Maybe it is similar to not being able to tickle yourself. Probably the shock induction won’t work if you know that you will try to shock yourself. I also can’t imagine doing a handshake induction on myself right now.

Maybe someone has some knowledge about this. How to do a pattern interrupt on yourself.

In the past, I liked the Betty Erickson induction for self hypnosis.


Yes how is it humanly possible to shock yourself when you know you gonna do it?
If you wanna do self hypnosis there are other methods for it.


I know a few things, but it’s out of the realm of hypnosis.
It is an idea from the field of chaos magic.

For example, to do some ritual on a graveyard at night. Being at a graveyard at night might be a bit scary and therefore alter the state of consciousness in a way in which your subconscious mind is more open for impressions. This is one of some methods of “excitatory gnosis”.

Self hypnosis itself becomes easier with training. I just look at a spot on the wall above eye level, extend my periphery vision and feel my body center to put myself in a trance.


Interesting, when i wanna go in trance i use some methods that involve deep relaxation.
@friday check out this video of hypno orgasm performed, it’s not the best i can find he has some more videos where he makes them litterally crying in pleasure.