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Any good recourses on self-hypnosis?

I should be easily possible to make me last for hours


Derren Brown has some amazing videos. Several of them recently found their way to Netflix. I can highly recommend The Push, Sacrifice & Miracle. That last one is awesome to show just how powerful our minds really are. Haven’t seen the Assassin yet.

I wish there was a sub that could teach us that level of mentalism.

About erotic hypnosis, I have yet to find a girlfriend willing to explore it with me. And without a subject it is a lot harder to learn. I really want to though. It can enhance the sexual experience tremendously, since for a woman, it’s all between the ears.

The dream would of course be to combine erotic hypnosis with mesmerism and energy work and achieve Bruce Almighty’s pleasurable:

Although obviously a lot of fakes (one has to admire the girls’ performance in some of them), there are a few “porn” sites with actual erotic hypnosis. It’s usually the girl on camera, hypnotist behind the camera. No sex, just the girl being taken through the paces. They do tend to get naked though. The first one that springs to mind is entrancement.co.uk which I believe also demonstrates the inductions. I think they also implant the “red” orgasm trigger. Quite interesting to see the process.

As for why it’s so hard to hypnotize yourself, the others already gave the answer. You can not interrupt your process since you are the one planning the interruption. It has to be an outside stimulus. The first thing that sprang to mind is: “Why does it feel so different when it’s the girl’s hand instead of your own?”
Your neurological system cannot be connected to the stimulus. If it expects it, it won’t interrupt your state.

In theory it might be possible to record yourself saying “sleep” and then listen to a very monotone sound or something that you drift off on a bit, then triggering that recording on a random timer at a higher volume. It has to be a surprise. Might be a fun experiment.

I have tried to find hypnosis tracks for hands off orgasms for men, since in theory if the visualization is strong enough we can do it (much like a wet dream). But since they almost always involve some femdom, I gave up.

I never really understood the idea of self-hypnosis. How can you give yourself suggestions when you’re submerged in a trance? I can do meditation. I can at times go very deep into a trance while maintaining full awareness. But what exactly is self-hypnosis if not simply the way you talk to yourself?

You might use NLP to anchor a state. Like how one trains stamina by edging. If you anchor the feeling of the energy dissipating right after edging and then trigger it…

I think the best way to last for hours is to do some energy work. You need to direct the energy away, pulling it back into your core. I still haven’t managed to do it, although I can go for hours as long as I can stop for a few moments every so often to take a few deep breaths.

Anyways, back to hypnosis stuff.


It would be very strange not to find a girl to do it with.
because litterally as soon i start talking about what i can do in front of any woman, she’s instantly intrigued, and sometimes even ask if i can “do her”…
Also, woman talk… so as soon as you do like 3/4 girls… they will start talking about you…
For me (and my brother too, he does this way more often then me) , girls who we don’t know, reach out to us in social media asking for it, because a friend told them.
Most of the time was because they are having problems having orgasms with ordinary sex.
And you’ll be surpirsed with percentage of woman who don’t orgasm…
Anyways, if you have a GF/fuckbuddy you can either ask them, or just ask them to hypnotize them.
If you want a more covert way, don’t even mention the word hypnosis, just say you wanna show them a very nice “relaxation exercise”, and then use the dave elman induction on her.
Works brilliantly.
Also she don’t need to be told what she will experience beforehand.
So just get her in trance and you know what to do next.
She will thank you when you wake her up.
I’ve learned those last techniques from the covert hypnosis course, just use those covert ways on a girl you alread having sex with, as I think if it’s done on someone you just met would be considered rape…
Also there sooo many techniques to convince the subject to be willing to do it, so please do not let that stop you from learning this.
P.S. in the mark cunningham course ther’s a whole book how to get woman to practice erotical hypnosis with. and in [Mod edit: Removed competitor] there’s a whole section how to convince your girl to do it with ya.
There’s even a technique than you can do when she’s asleep at night, and when she wakes up she’ll be much more receptive to do hypnosis with you.
P.S. combining mesmerism, energy work, and erotic hypnosis, is not as hard as you think.
In the [Mod Edit: Removed competitor] course you can easily learn how to do all of that at once and that’s what i love about the course.
P.S. Also, i agree there are alot of fakes, but check out Aaron Glotfelter stuff if you wanna see some very real, professional sessions.


I’ve tried to find out more about [Mod edit: Removed competitor] but have been unsuccessful.

Have you tried his stuff?


He has a youtube channel name [Mod edit: Removed competitor] that you can checkout.
Yes I did and can assure you that it’s one the best courses out there.


By what I have seen so far it seems to be really easy to just integrate it in your foreplay or even seduction process.

@SubDreamer you did go through both Mark Cunningham and [Mod Edit: Removed competitor] right? Whose “method” are you following more?

Also, I imagine how you pull up the trigger in a fancy restaurant like in the video you posted and (instead him shouting a gun) she acts after the erotic hypnosis command


Other than the hypnosis courses, hypnotherapy courses, and recently covert hypnosis courses, i have gone through mark cunningham, talmadge harper, and david shade courses, these 3 are about erotic hypnosis.
I highly recommend you go through [Mod Edit: Removed competitor] course…
His way of explaining things in very simple to understand, yet very effective manner is like really good.
Mark & David courses even though they teach well too, i just find them more complex.
The methods are not different, they both teach you how to achieve the same goal which is giving woman intense orgasms while talking.
So learnint it in a simple way is preferred.
But in the mark renegade course you will find like 50 sessions of erotic hypnosis being performed so that’s an advantage.
Yes, when she’s in deep trance, you can install any trigger and you will be able to activate it whenever you want, wherever you want.
The interesting thing though, you can even activate that trigger telepathically…
I know it may sound unbelievable but you’ll learn it in the course.


Wtf… In [Mod Edit: Removed competitor] course? I will probably go for it then. Thank you!

By the way have you heard of David Snyder?

Also, is there a law that can get you in trouble for hypnotizing someone?


Of course man there is no law. and you don’t have to be a certified hypnotist to do it legally.
However there is one where you shouldn’t do hypnotherapy sessions if you’re not certified.
Yes please do so and report back to me how you doing when you start with this stuff.


Thanks for all your advice. I will


@Michel did you get any tangible results from Laura Giorgios hypnosis products ?. I heard some customers swear by that it worked well for them especially the sexual magnetism. For me personally it didnt do anything. I liked the sound of her voice though.


so many recommendations! can’t wait! :slight_smile:

have to control…

I’m still working on my NLP



and already have this next:


Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:


@SubDreamer I decided to go for Mark’s course as the 50 sessions might be a huge advantage for learning. Just sneak peaked into some demonstrations and it is mind-blowing. Thank you for the suggestion.

How did you start learning the techniques?


I started learning ordinary hypnosis from other courses, then switched to learning erotical hypnosis.
That’s why i still recommend going for the other course as it’s more tailored towards beginners and the methods he teaches are very simplified.
If you don’t mind something more advanced go for mark’s, but if you choose to, i suggest you get another course that teaches normal hypnosis for beginners.
If you’re not on a tight budget, then getting Harper’s then Mark’s would be best of both worlds.