Ichiban's Emperor journey


So I guess I’ll have to change the [SOLO] part of the title for this journal because, yesterday, I finally gave in and bought Beyond Limitless Ultima.

I just run my first loop, and something VERY trippy happened. I was listening to the track off my phone using the 1MORE in-ear headphones I recently bought. During the last 10 minutes or so, I decided to concentrate on the sound, doing an exercise that I learned a few years ago. This exercise involves focusing all your senses on one thing; in this case, the sound of the water flowing. With practice, you can experience some sort of synesthesia effects. I’ve never been able to experience anything as crazy as “smelling the sound” —but I can feel the individual components of a song and get a sense of “weight” of each of them. It’s hard to explain, but the whole idea is that you can experience sensory input on many levels. It’s very relaxing too because you concentrate so much on that one thing that everything else disappears.

Anyway, as soon as the track ended, I removed my earphones and got back to work. That’s when I noticed that I was still hearing the water flowing. Initially, I thought I might have left the app running and that it was playing the next masked track. I checked my phone and nothing…I had actually closed the app, so that couldn’t be what I was hearing. I also checked my work phone, which I sometimes use for subs and found nothing was playing either.

I kept hearing the water flowing for like 2 or 3 minutes. I was beginning to worry I had fucked something up in my ears. I remembered Saint saying that Ultima has ultrasonic and masked mixed, so I thought that I might have been playing this too loud for in-ear headphones. I was starting to freak out when it suddenly stopped. It didn’t fade out, it just stopped, like someone pushing the stop button.

I’m super curious to know if anyone has experienced anything like this. I wonder if it had to do with the exercise I did, or with this track being Ultima. I didn’t do this exercise before with any subs, so I can’t tell if this is what triggered the experience.

Other than that, I don’t have anything special to report in terms of results. It’s still too soon, of course. I plan to run BLU once a day and will keep running Emperor as usual.

In terms of Emperor, I’ve been running it for a bit longer than usual. Especially during the day over the past 2 or 3 days. I noticed that the more I run it, the better I feel. I still don’t feel okay during rest days. I always experience very heavy reconciliation and feel off in general. Not less confident, but generally pissed off, moody and frustrated. Very restless. On the other side, I’ve been noticing that if I limit exposure overnight, I tend to wake up feeling more energized. Not a huge difference but still noticeable.

I keep progressing with Emperor but definitely at a lower rate. This is not a bad thing. I still feel super confident, but now it’s more like this is my new normal. I feel well-grounded most of the time. My sense of pride, self-respect, and expectations towards other people, and how I allow them to treat me keeps gradually increasing.

On Sunday, my wife wanted me to reach out to a couple of people I knew from business school to discuss a potential job opportunity. I’ve reached out to these people in the past, and they had ignored me. So I told her I’m done asking for favors. I’m done with accepting less than what I would gladly give or have given. After all, nothing is lost. Every single job I’ve had and every degree I got was a result of my own effort.

I have always been ready to offer a helping hand to anyone, whether I know them or not. Emperor is giving me the perspective that this is still a good thing, but it has a limit. The limit is that there are people who don’t deserve it. People that, time and time again, have disappointed me. People that never reply in kind, never do anything if it’s not for their own benefit. People that only show up when they need something from me. In those cases, my generous nature interferes with my sense of self-respect. If I keep giving and acting like nothing happens when people disrespect me or ignore me, I am undermining my progress at building a healthy sense of pride. My time and efforts are better spent elsewhere.

Finally, that situation with my kid and the x-ray turned out well —nothing to worry about. That was a HUGE relief, and I can now focus better on other things and go on with my life. I think over worrying for my family is a weakness that no amount of Emperor can help me overcome.


Maybe try running inner circle to help manifest people that can help with that potential job opportunity.

Congrats on your child not having anything wrong with them :), that is such a relief i bet.


Thanks, man. Really appreciate it


Quick update after second day of adding BLU.

This time, thankfully, I didn’t have anything weird happen, so that was good. That experience about continuing to hear the sub after it was over was probably a one-off thing. Curious about what might have triggered that, but not looking to repeat it, just in case it was a warning that I was starting to damage something in my ear.

I’ve been significantly more irritable since yesterday. More aggressive in general and less patient. This is nothing out of the ordinary based on other members’ experience with BLU. Having said that, I can’t wait for it to pass once I get used to Ultima.

On the positive side, been noticing more attention to detail. I’ve surprised myself a few times today seeing things I haven’t noticed before, even when I had them in front of my eyes for months. I’m also tuning in the small details instead of just seeing the bigger picture. Not like I don’t see the bigger picture but I’m looking at things differently without trying. For example, I caught myself really looking into someone’s eyes while they were speaking, and I could appreciate the color of their eyes. I normally can’t remember someone’s face, much less any particular feature. I also noticed secondary voices in the background of a song that I’ve heard a thousand times.

I have to admit, I’ve never been very observant. These things may be ordinary for some people, but I find them really encouraging based on what I’m typically like. Really looking forward to knowing what’s in store when I run BLU for a few months.


Big win work wise. A project I’ve been after for the last several weeks ultimately materialized. This is the largest project sold in my unit and one of the largest globally. I played an important role during the proposal stage and will be responsible for delivery.

Of course, this can’t solely be attributed to Emperor, or me alone for that matter. This was a huge undertaking and the entire team is equally responsible for this success. However, I’d like to think that Emperor put me in the mindset that this was within reach, and I feel more than prepared to tackle its execution now.

In terms of BLU, it pushes me to learn constantly. It’s kind of frustrating because I’m typically too busy to explore everything I’m interested in. I’ve always been interested in reading, learning, etc.; this is pushing that side of me even further. I’m going on vacation for a week before the big project starts and I already have a list of eight books I want to read during this time. I know that’s not going to happen because I’m going to be crazy busy with the kids, but BLU is pushing me to keep wanting that regardless.

Other than that, I feel that my words come out easier. Not only easier, but also more accurately. I find myself using words I don’t typically use, but that reflect much better what I’m trying to convey.

I tried upping the loops to two per day of BLU, but I’m not sure this is making much difference. I felt like trying anyway.

I’m pretty satisfied with how things are going in general. This huge project it’s the perfect ground for me to test the boundaries of Emperor. Taking action during lockdown hasn’t been easy, but this will hopefully put an end to that.

For this project, I’ll be reporting to a guy at work that it’s very hard to impress. He’s the type of person that behaves and talks in a way that you know he thinks he’s smarter than you and everyone else. He is a smart guy, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve seen people that would put this guy to shame, so I’m not overly impressed. I think he is picking up on that, and I don’t think he particularly likes me because I never kiss his ass (not my style anyway). He reminds me of Tony Stark, by the way. The way he talks and goes about himself, specially. Not someone you can expect pats on the back and encouragement from, if you know what I mean. The other day was the first time he acknowledged something I said was a good idea. Very uncommon of him. Will see how that goes during the project. His attitude towards me can be a good yardstick to measure my progress with Emperor.

More to come…


Emperor + BLU is a horrible combination while on vacation. I took last week off at work, and it has been the toughest since I started this journal.

I experienced significant frustration and aggressiveness. Mood swings as well. One minute I was feeling great, the next down in the dumps second-guessing my life choices.

I still had positive effects of both subs, of course. I felt much more comfortable than before around strangers. I felt completely at ease around strangers, and people were showing signs of “respect” that I typically don’t get. I engaged in casual chit chat with a guy at the beach, and he giggled like a little boy at everything I said. A couple of women I talked to as well while on the beach were particularly chatty too.

From BLU, I noticed my communication keeps improving. Again, I just come up with the most accurate word possible to express what I want. These are words I don’t typically use, they come out of nowhere. Memory is better too. I feel I can remember anything. Yesterday I remembered the name of a character in a movie I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. Sometimes things just pop into my mind. Other times I had to put a bit of effort, but I end up remembering almost everything I try.

Yesterday I noticed something new. I was walking my dog when I started to see colors differently. The brightness and contrast were amplified enormoursly. The best way to describe it is like when you see those OLED TVs for the first time. Or those artworks where the painter purposely creates a contrast between the background and color. I was enjoying myself so much looking around at the different shades of green I could appreciate. This feeling lasted for about 20 minutes until it got dark outside, then it slowly faded. It was amazing.

Tomorrow I get back to work so I’ll report on how that goes in a few days. I honestly can’t wait. I need to channel all this energy into something useful to avoid experiencing any more reconciliation.


How does BLU make a horrible condition with Emperor?

I’m planning to stack both.


Did you get this from the other subliminals?


I am wondering if he will find you a threat with all the dominance exuded by Emperor.


Only because I was on vacation. BLU exacerbates the conflict between wanting to work and needing to relax and do other things because I was on vacation with the family. I get the same feeling every weekend, even when using only Emperor only, so this is nothing new. Just worse with BLU. It’s a killer combination to work, not so great if you need to chill


Not at all. The only other time I experienced something similar was several years ago when I tried Piracetam (a nootropic) for the first time. This went away after a few doses and never felt it again until yesterday. I’m not taking any nootropics at the moment by the way. Been off Piracetam for over a year now.


I wonder the same. Definitely felt that way with the CEO (his boss). Not so much from him the few times we interacted. He is pretty hands-off when I comes to the way he manages people, so I’m hoping not to get a lot of pushback as I take the lead on the different aspects of the project.


The past week has been average. I was about to write that I didn’t have anything spectacular to report when I remembered the many small victories I had throughout the week and decided to be more optimistic and appreciative. Maybe I need to journal more often.

Also, the reality is that sometimes we don’t know how significant an event is. Something that appears like a small victory for me can be a great deal if considering the context. For instance, my boss changed his opinion because something I said, followed my lead, and stopped himself from interrupting me several times this week. All these are small victories for me, but considering how this guy typically is, they are a huge deal. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this guy thinks he knows everything and that he is smarter than anyone. So, giving in like he did multiple times is VERY atypical of him and should be considered a significant development.

Also, my wife mentioned that she found me in a much better mood lately. More patient and upbeat as well. Again, not a huge deal to get a comment like that, but I know my wife, and she is typically quicker to comment on the negative, so I should consider this a big win.

Other than that, I found myself a bit less interested in running the subs, to the point where I just came back from my first ever two-day break. I was not planning to take a break at all, not even a day. After several weeks of forcing myself to take a day off, I realized I feel better if I don’t, so I don’t have any planned rest days. However, this time I felt like taking an extended break. I didn’t miss the subs either. I felt as confident as always. This morning I started playing BLU, but I had to “push” myself to do it. On a typical day, I look forward to it, but not today. I’m not sure if this is some form of reconciliation or the feeling of having plateaued.

Finally, I am keen on trying Emperor HOM because it aligns better with my goals than the regular. I feel at a crossroads. On the one side, I want to give Emperor proper time to extract all its value. On the other hand, I feel like I have already, and that HOM might support my goals better.

I expect HOM to support making and strengthening key relationships. I have Stark, and I know it would help with this as well. However, on Stark, I felt the need to engage with others, but just for the sake of being social and having fun. I imagine HOM will create a similar urge but from a position of gaining influence and with a goal in mind. Also, whereas Stark didn’t help me feeling dominant and confident, I don’t think I’d be losing much on these fundamental parts of Emperor when using HOM. At least not the parts I care about. For example, as far as I know, there is no sexual aspect to HOM, and that is actually good news for me because those modules have been replaced with others that align with my goals better.

Not sure when I’ll pull the trigger on HOM. I hate the idea of jumping from one sub to the next because, as much as I like experimenting, I still believe the real value of subs comes with long term exposure.


So far on House of Medici, I have no urge to social just to socialize. It feels even more versatile than Emperor in terms of ability to be social or not. My relationships are improving, especially with mother and brother. I’m actually staying with my mom for the week, cause she is lonely during Covid, for the week and it’s going great. Also I cannot say specifically if there is anything sexual in House of M, but the attention I get from woman and the connection it feels like we have is pretty surprising. This may be the results of House of M transcendental connection (or other aspects of it) interacting with the bucket of sexual modules I have in my stack.

You’ve been on Emperor solo for over 6 weeks I believe, no harm in stacking a loop or two :slight_smile: and seeing what happens…


Hahaha I’ve been so good restraining myself and you are not making this any easier. Definitely tempting…HOM would be great in the role that I have in my new project, much more than Emperor as relationships and influence are a key aspect of it.

If I buy it, I’ll probably replace Emperor at least for a week to get a good taste vs just adding a loop here and there while still running Emperor. I’ll think about the mixing after that first week depending on how it feels.

Also very excited to know about that Executive Ultima title coming up over the weekend. Sounds like another good choice, so I’m thinking of waiting to see what that’s about before jumping on HOM.


It’s been a month since the last time I shared my progress here, not because I didn’t get results in this time, but from a combination of two things. First, I’ve been kinda busy with my project at work, clocking in 14-16 hour days has been the norm over the past five weeks, so not a lot of time to write. Second, my results have not been super striking either. I’ve been getting a ton of respect from my superiors especially, but the feeling of having plateaued is still there.

The respect from superiors is interesting because I would have imagined that Emperor would help with getting respect and status over people that report to me, however, I notice it from people I report to instead. Curious as to why that is.

Other than that, I feel a surreal drive at work. I’ve always been super driven anyways, but the difference is that I don’t feel bad about it anymore; I embrace it. Before Emperor, I would feel bad that I wanted to work so much, and guilty about not spending more time with my family. Now I see the big picture of how I’m doing this to support my family better, to achieve a level of financial security that would allow me to relax and enjoy them more when I’m with them. Also, as I’ve shared before, I had started to feel frustrated about my career progress and this keeps me from fully enjoying other areas of my life.

In any case, I’ve been running Emperor for about four months now, almost three of them solo (although I added BLU a couple of months ago), and now it’s time for me to try something else. I want to see if I can break this plateau, so today I bought HOM. I’ve been wanting to try this since it came out and can’t wait to see how it feels. I want to experience HOM on its own at first, so I took today off and will start using it tomorrow without mixing it with Emperor. I will keep running BLU as usual, 1-2 loops in the morning. I’ll do this for a week or two and will probably add Emperor back in depending on how things go. Ideally, I get to keep both, but it will depend on how I respond.

I will report back in a week or so to share my experience, maybe sooner if work allows and the results are worth it!


Two loveable effects of Emperor

  1. Embracing workload and ease of working incredible focused long hours for a worthy purpose
  2. Viscerally cohesive big picture thinking that connects drives, actions, and future results into the context one lives in.

Alright! Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you. :slight_smile:

Also I will say in my experience , and this may sound a little highfalutin lol While every sub may have self effects, positive character transformation, and long term change…the ‘magic’ comes when something new or unexpected is done, even in a little way. This ignites the ‘alchemical’ process of of more profound life altering transformation, either in quality of one’s experience or results.