I'm New Here, Introduction and advice picking a sub


Great question! Same here…


@ksub and @pakr93, SubClub is really about personal experimentation and custom stacking.

You already have AM experience. Now,
simply play Mogul exclusively for one week, and Ascension exclusively for another week,
then make a personal decision on what you want your stack to be.

My posts above are how my subconscious responded to each of the products. Please experiment and discover your path.

All the best. :+1:


You can certainly launch an Internet-based business on Ascended Mogul. You can launch an Internet-based business on Mogul. You can launch an Internet-based business on Emperor (SubClub is a prime example of a business launched and maintained on Emperor). All three of those titles have scripting that will assist with starting an online business and I know of at least four people currently running online businesses that are running one of the above titles. You haven’t heard about them because of the ridiculous callout / cancel culture nonsense running rampant in the United States, and as such, these people have requested that we allow them to remain anonymous. I have a number of testimonials and reports that I can’t use because people don’t want to be persecuted for subliminal use.


@xtraordinary81 Hi, buddy! Are you from Indonesia? Same here :smile:


Yes… i’m from tangerang…:laughing: