Importance of Days Off || Review


On an average night, I sleep about with my playlist I get about 3 loops of my playlist so 3 at night and then during the day maybe 1 or 2 loops of the playlist considering the playlist is 3 hours


I don’t even know if its that’s its wrong, we had a thing years ago and ever since I’ve always had a real thing for her we just click, but we are completely opposite ends of the spectrum and went about 2 years without talking after I made a move and she ghosted me, then she reached out when she seen I was doing good saying “just friends” a year ago, and that changed over covid when we talked more and started flirting


Are you interested in her romantically or sexually?


Both actually… something I’ve never had with someone before, it was either sexually attracted or emotional attracted…

This girl, I’m attracted both ways, she’s not massively good looking by common standards according to my friends. She’s very intellectual and I find it honestly so sexy that she is. But she is also really fun to talk to and just be around… to be worse a friend of mine is into Tarot and stuff like that and keeps saying its divine, meant to be, soulmate shit which puts the idea in my head picturing it being more romantic with her…

Its not oneitis before someone says as I am still talking to multiple women, I just enjoy this one more then anyone else I’ve met yet


Just keep in check that you are not putting her on pedestal. You are still the one who chooses.


I would ask you to consider going to Pheromone XS and reading about 2 blends:



Oh I keep myself in check there, I know its something id like to happen, if it doesn’t no-lose plenty more… Also got one buddy keeping me in check if I ever start going the pedestal route


I dont know this, what it is ?


This is a pheromone company. Do you know about pheromones?

The ones I listed are 2 types of blends that are designed to help men making themselves more attractive to women.


I know the basics of what a pheromone is didn’t think they worked from what I remember seeing on a TV show that did a test of them years ago


Hmm,wonder if those would clash with the subs or the subs would adapt to their usage?stopped using pheromones after finding out that daredevil/primal seduction has pheromone production but maybe should go back to testing them if they dont clash


have you used
Bad Wolf, Overdose, or Voodoo ever?


Haha,overdose was great.was a bit harder to get consistent dosages with the gel carrier though(>_<)


cool, you’ve tried it!
What was your experience like?


Hmm,it starts of pretty social and comfortable at 1/2 pumps.when wearing it people are more likely to let you get away with more things they wouldnt normally or more comfortable doing things they wouldnt do normally so think it has some gets more sexual over time as the socials wear off so was good for dates.
if using small amounts/less than 1 pump,its more sexual but can be a bit intimidating if the person isnt that comfortable around you so better with people you small amounts pairing it with sx-d9 was good for comfort.only problem with gel carrier was it could last up to 72 hours even with showers so daily use was difficult.pretty easy to overdose


Have you ever tried the max t-150 copulin stick from lal?was great for self effects and a boost at gym


Yeah I used that one for the gym, self effects, really liked it. I still have one but it must be 3+ years old. I wonder if it’s still good


Haha,no way to know but to try it(^-^)its not ingested so wouldnt have any negative effects,just whether the pheromones have degraded.


I used to put it on my upper lip below my nose, and wouldn’t be surprised if some got eaten during the workout :joy:


Sweet. Talk about synchronicity, this is almost exactly the stack I want but DR is taking up the third spot for now.

Just to clarify, you’ve been running EQ, PS:IR and Stark since 5 months ago, until now? Have I understood that correctly? Everyday with the same amount of loops?

Btw, congratulations, that’s a damn good result. Right on