Importance of Days Off || Review


Haha,ive definitely dont that a few times before too while sweating(>_<)luckily it doesnt taste too bad


For a long time I used max t-150 under my nose and then started using one drop of PheromoneXS SOB, which has copulins and androstenone, under my nose.

Since covid I have slacked off from what had been a 6.5 year daily practice of applying pheromones. I haven’t completely quit using but it seems less essential when you and everyone else are wearing a mask and social distancing.


Yeap it must be past 5 months now… idk my months are all moulded together lol it has definitely been longer then 2 months tho… but yea that’s the stack I’m running, I am also added in a new track tonight PowerCanCourrpt I got it a while ago and wanted to use it for a long time but didn’t know if it would fit in…

it is crazy tho, its like we all become focused on similar goals, like on a primal level lol

Thanks its been a crazy ride aswell as a tough one at times


Ive heard good things about sob but im hesitant to use anything that has projection distance with copulins cause my gf reacts badly to them.guess is normal since copulins is a female pheromone so might give the vibe that your cheating(>_<)
Yeah,i also used them a lot before but havent lately with covid and finding out that the subs have pheromone production.might dig them out again when lockdown ends though


I love the self effects of this, but it got so expensive as I went through it so fast.


Can you send me the link for the pheromones thing?


If you don’t think Pheromone XS products work, they have a return policy.


Created strong arousal in women. It took me about a week to get used to the self-effects. I didn’t like it as much as Voodoo.

Women would get really aroused. Then quiet. I’d probably save this for when I was in a relationship.

I liked this best. It seemed to create a profound interest for the women I talked with.


I don’t know what you mean by clash. The pheromones I use seem to work well.



Hmm,should be ok then.Thought since daredevil/primal seduction optimize pheromone production,thought adding in artificial pheromones on top of the optimal pheromone signature might have negative effects but havent really tested them much lately after covid/lockdown happening.


Maybe. They might have negative effects for you. Occasionally there are some pheromones that have negative or no effects for me. With Pheromone XS, I’ve been happy.


Pheromone xs worked pretty well for me.liquid alchemy labs and alpha dream were also pretty good.Unfortunately had to stop testing them when was testing out dm.i from the sub developer everyone knows cause it had pheromone optimization and he said pheromone usage would detract from it.Kind of figured that daredevil/primal seduction would be the same since it also affects pheromone production and i already overdose pretty easy on anything heavy on adrostenone.Probably should give them a good spin again once lockdown is over since you said the subs didnt affect your pheromone results(^_^)


The guy who has done YouTube videos about Subliminal Club is big on pheromones and has reviewes of them on his channel. Here is one. There are several more


Is this for attracting women… the way that reads its for attracting men ? … I don’t know much about Pheromones’


Can you link me the products you think are good and have good results from… im down to have that extra edge


What?!? The copy doesn’t say anything about it being for attracting men.

This serves the same purpose as T Max 150. You put it under your nose as an energizing pick me up. It is basically copulins and a scent in an oil base rather than a waxy base.



I believe the confusion is that couplins do attract men as there a feminine phermone.
But they effect men with the same feel good ‘hit’ of ‘I just hooked up, or had sex’
And they attract woman to men in many causes, because of
a. mood
. b. biological instinct that this man has been with other woman-so sexual pre-selection-especially when mixed with 'None


Wow, I’m impressed by your growth. The more one is on Emperor, the more digging it does and you end up coming out way better than when you started.

Emperor is a very dense sub, I used to do 5,6 sometimes 8 loops but then after dropping to 3 that’s where the magic happened for me. And I experienced less reconciliation. Less is more with Q and besides, with my schedule, getting more loops is a challenge so I’m not tempted to do more.

I’m not sure if this is the case for you now, the women that are not feminine I find myself not caring about them, I’m not longer there anymore and my standards have changed dramatically, sexually, I don’t even bother now. Currently on holiday in a place with very few high caliber feminine women, I don’t even care about a lot of them. I had like 5 girls recently and my focus is on 2, I’ll neglect the rest and continue studying and meditating, maybe even work during my free time.