Informative Thread For Discussing, Elaborating and Expanding on Topics Related to the Unconscious Mind


That’s interesting. I was at a gathering in Lisbon last year and one panel of speakers delved into the powers of LSD and/or mushrooms in treating depression/anxiety. One runs experiments out of London and the other retreats out of Amsterdam. I’d planned on going this year out of curiosity, but with covid everything’s postponed.

Would be nice to be able to recreate the experience afterwards. The LSD researcher mentioned he microdoses as needed.


You should check the one in NL again.

Given how the Hollandia is one of the most potent shrooms out there (leave it to the Dutch to cultivate perfect weed and shrooms, those nutters) I came across it during my research on the topic and noticed some one-day shroom ceremonies starting up there again in July.


Anyone read Biology Of Belief by Bruce Lipton?


All these books and resources I have seen and been exposed to on my journey. Tree of life sounds interesting along with the true way that shall not be named. I’m not talking about the kybalion. You will realize the name when you transcend the kybalion.


I haven’t read it. I listened to some of it.


How exactly do you see/experience what is going on in the astral?


How exactly do you see and perceive your house keys when you think of them. Just like that, and then that’s only using your visual senses. You have visualization which is creation of visuals and then you have visions which are visuals that come automatically. I happen to receive visions like these in Download format, much like a Remote View.

Last one that I got was about 2 to 3 months ago right before the Lockdown. It was about Trump disclosing something very important, on stage for a huge population. As the swamp is being drained right now, I’m pretty confident it’ll happen any time soon.

These visions, downloads as a remote view if you may started happening to me since last summer and ever since I’ve getting more and more information through them. Last one was pretty damn interesting to say the least, and it’s been 2 to 3 months ever since, which tells me enough about what’s going on.

Okay so sensing energy, I can feel it, I know it and I can also get telepathic channeling’s from Inter Dimensional’s. This seems may seem far-fetched, yet wait till it happens to yourselves. Everything begins with developing your intuition, then you’ll acquire your main gifted extrasensory perception, which for me was channeling, that one started to develop and from there everything started to develop.

If you want we can discuss this another time, when the time is right. I don’t feel a connection right now, and I don’t think you’ll benefit as much from the information if I were to instruct you in this moment. Wait it out a little further, perhaps after the 7/7 portal next month, things are shifting rapidly at this moment.

We’re literally going through a period of 3 eclipses in a time-span of less then a month with more then 5 planets in retrograde, there’s a huge cleansing and purging going on right now. This is all divinely guided as our planet moves into 4-D and then there’s another huge shift prepared on the 21th december of 2020, this one is going to be Major, it’ll catapult our planet into 5-D.


Surely this must be the hyped up “end of the world” Mayan calendar 21.12.12 event , which got postponed to 2020 , yes ? I guess it’s finally happening huh ?!


It was never postponed and it was never the ‘end of the world’, it is the beginning of heaven on earth, the Golden Era.

You got to understand that there’s a Deep State which controls the media, thus controlling the narrative and thus controlling the minds of the monkeys. All religious books speak of the end of the world, a flood and what not, this was all mind control in order to create that reality. Guess what it has already shattered, 5-D is set and in place and the light has won. God Wins.

There’s a cycle of precession which lasts 25,800 years, 2,150 years for each Zodiac sign, we’ve been in the sign of Pisces for the last 2,150 years which is the sign of illusions and misinformation. This also happens to be the last sign of the zodiac and we’re now finally entering an entirely new cycle beginning with the Age of Aquarius an age of love and peace, creating in unity.


Guess what, there is more then enough proof about Ancient Civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria that happened to exist in the past cycle. Evolution happens in three’s, after the fall of Atlantis we dropped down in Consciousness and Intelligence and there’s an Ancient Annunaki races, that tried to take control over Earth, yet it ain’t going to happen.

There’s no need to sleep any further as the proof will be right in your face, and it won’t be much longer.


Yawn… Wake me up on 21st Dec 2020.


I keep hearing people say 5-d…what does it actually refer to ?…


That’s alright, but I won’t be the one to awake you :slight_smile:

With some respect to my personal time, do not ask any of these questions if you do not seek to look further and awake yourself. I hope that you understand that nothing is going to change if the collective isn’t going to change. The energies which are currently moving through our Solar System is changing the Collective, the planets and all of it’s inhabits so that we may move into a major Ascension process which has been happening since 2012.

The 1% (Deep State) is trying to avoid that the 5% (Awakened) to wake up the 94% (Sleep Walkers – the ones that keep the Matrix alive).

You seem like a person that’ll awake when the proof is in his face, and that’s perfectly fine. But there are also those that’ll still neglect the truth, even when in there faces, these people are so brainwashed by the Matrix that even though you show them the facts they’ll still neglect it.


I’m referring to Dimensions of Consciousness. In 5-D everything looks brighter, you feel way lighters, everything feels better, you’re basically in a continual state of Bliss and love, you’re in a state where you can access a lot more of your brain capacity due to your Higher Self being more incarnated in the physical body, etc.

Eventually we’ll move into a 5-Dimensional Density where everything in our outside reality will start to shift as well.


I found it what you said is really interesting…If I want to acquire more information like these which direction I should look to ?books?online courses ?


Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Contemplation practices. Books and Online courses for learning these techniques are probably a good way to go about things.


yeah…I mean…how do we categorize it as a subject ?I remembered I watched a LOA coach talking about the similar thing…but I suppose this is something else ?


Everything you know in the consumption industry, everything related to coaching, self-development, psychology, marketing & sales, medicine, healing and what have you are directly related to source of knowledge which is Alchemy.

So why not learn the root of information?

What is it you’re seeking?


the thing is …I am from China…and the subject of alchemy…is not that mainstream and popular in here…even if I am interested in it…I might not…be able to find a valid source …except for crooks and psychos…currently…I am still trying to find my own way…so what I am seeking ?can·t answer it…


I feel a lot of people would awaken if we share our conversation from the last weeks.

However, we should respect this forum as a platform for discussing subliminal results and not using it for such purpose.