Informative Thread For Discussing, Elaborating and Expanding on Topics Related to the Unconscious Mind


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We are talking about 261 posts here :sweat_smile: There are also some private posts and details one would need to take out before but we could probably copy most of it into a pdf or so.


I hate to burst your bubble , but since 2012 there’s been a load of self proclaimed messiahs and so-called awakened numpties with delusions of grandeur i.e. deluded into believing that they’re spending their so called “precious” and valuable time spreading false expectations and hopes ; none of which have actually transpired at all, and always end up being ridiculed. Just look at those pre and post 2012 forums for a start.

The internet is flooded with all these new-age stuff and you seem to have fallen prey to this 4/5D gobbledygook . What you have alleged above has simply been diligently lifted and parroted, from those websites (YAWN) - A total absence and lack of new original material.

What do these self proclaimed messiahs do, when proven wrong ? They simply postpone the dates ! Or simply claim that original date was just “the beginning” :slight_smile:

Alchemy and Esotericism have definitely their places (and I fully subscribe to them) for a better improved reality and future , but not for the ludicrous new-age conspiracy theories you’ve described.

Of course, I’d love to be proven wrong , and definitely would like to embrace a better reality for everyone but as the false self-grandiose messiahs proclaim “it won’t be much longer” my half baked enthusiasm remains for an event which is probably a damp squib.


:smile: that’s very similar how my conversation started with Hermit


Agreed. Respect everyone’s free will, hence why Extraterrestrials and Inter-dimensional don’t show themselves to Muggles.


You battled Dormammu in the astral plane, didnt you?


Trust me you’re living an Illusion, once you open your Third Eye you’ll see.

It’s really right in your face, you don’t need any verification outside of yourself. It’s literally everywhere you go, everywhere you look, literally everywhere – only for those with the eyes to see.

I plant seeds in the minds of people, this is one of my tasks, and I can argue with you as much as you’d like but eventually you’ll be awakened by a certain event in your life and you’ll be able to use those seeds that I planted. You might not understand this right now, but you definitely will in the future.

Do you really think that you’re free from the Brainwashing of Society? So that’s what I do, I provide people with Spiritual Technology so that they may see. One friend of mine was a totally brainwashed himself, he couldn’t even take a look at the things that I told him. I gave him one of my intentionally created Tensor Rings, his whole world shattered and turned around when he began to see, now 2 months later he comes to me asking which crystals he needs to buy, which meditations are best, what fruit & vegetables he should eat. Because it is the FIELD that changed him, and I didn’t have to show him anything as he saw for himself.


p.s. Harry Potter references definitely makes your case all the more valid and believable.


Is this your version of the Eye of Agamotto?


Not sure on his age, but usually the older you’re the deeper you have to dig, lol!

It’s not up to me to that digging, nor is it up to more intelligent beings out there to dig our mess up. Surely they can aid us someway or another but it is up to us to do the work.

I see through and through the matrix system, and comes really close to movie, it was a documentary after all.


You’ve really made my Friday and the start of my weekend (as a result I’ve now LOVED all your posts , as gratitude ) :wink:


@fluid Good luck and blessing to you :heart:


Actually never watched the movie


You should! Then you’ll get all my quirky references around here :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I think Taoism is a form of Alchemy. Many ancient Chinese saw it as a means of achieving immortality, so they would create elixirs…

Perhaps for you the challenge is to find the right Master…


Love the Tao, it’s very similar to the science of ‘Now’ or living in the present, it’s a mystical practise and a way of being.

The Masters comes when the student is ready!