Intermittent Fasting


Welcome to Canada. lol


I live in Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca, where do you live?

Schools are still open, and gym too here, were not yet placed at “red area”, were still “orange”.


Ottawa, were in red zone now since like last week however gyms closed only recently.


I am doing OMAD for the most part (except for date nights, birthdays and cheat days). Just one meal a day, usually at lunch time. I don’t count calories though and eat until I am full. It tides me over the next day just fine.

I drink some coffee when I do feel some hunger pangs, which usually happens around 9 - 10 in the morning.

I used to do low carb but I got tired of it. When I really need to cut down though, nothing works better for me than keeping my calorie intake around 1500, OMAD and low or slow carb.