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I’ll wait the 5 weeks until the antibiotic course is done, that should be more than enough time to notice/measure a difference. Them I can decide if I want to help the subs with a little extra push


I’ve got that module (Male Enhancement) too. In my Physical/sexual health and wellbeing custom. It’s definitely in the ‘set it and forget it’ category for me. hahah. I’ll check back next year some time. I did notice a little more size, but, you know, that’s one part of your body that tends to change a whole lot from day to day. I’ll just let him live.


I look at it like exercise and weight loss. If you get on the scale every day then the numbers will vary too much due to a number of factors. But if you measure every Sunday morning, wearing none or all the same clothes, you’ll have a better idea of the progress you’re making


Day 7
Today is a rest day. I was going to run Limit Destroyer Ultima and Sanguine Ultima but I decided to give my brain a clean sweep for the day. I’m taking that girl out to the drive-in again later tonight. I have a concrete plan of what I’m going to do. We’ll see how far I get.


Day 7.2

Okay so I know I said I was going to clean sweep off the subliminals today but then I realized I hadn’t fed my servitor since BEFORE the Ultima tests. So I ran As Above just to get my energetics up and feed him. During the meditation/exercise there was a moment where I felt a slight “pop”, and it felt like an energy release/alignment. Was a pretty cool experience.

Also I bought Regan Hillyer’s 5-step manifestation guide. I figured I’d use it on something small so I directed each step towards success with my date tonight. While I was writing out the final step the girl messaged me out of nowhere!! Incredible synchronization


Didn’t remember that you had servitors. I do too! :wave::sunglasses:


I only have the one for influencing romantic/sexual feelings in “targets”. When I summoned him I could feel the rage from not being fed, it was almost overwhelming. Took a lot out of me to get him satisfied and back on his way.

May I inquire what your servitors’ purposes are?


Actually quite a bit of overlap with the purposes of my subliminals.


Interesting. Is there any overlap with Alchemist? Like alchemist helps with magick, obviously, but do you also have a servitor to boost your alchemical workings?


Thinking about creating one for that?


Day 7.3
So I just watched a bunch of videos on escalation and MAN OH MAN I wish I’d seen this weeks ago. I made so many of the mistakes that were talked about on my last 2 dates with the girl I’m going out with tonight. Like word for word actions of what I did wrong were in these videos. Now I have a better understanding of what to do, what to say, and how to escalate. If things don’t go well tonight then it’ll be because I’ve already gone too far past the line, but I’m confident that this new arsenal of knowledge will serve me well


I wasn’t! The thought never even occurred to me but when you mentioned the overlap with your stack I went and checked what you were running and the idea floated across my mind. Was curious if you’d tried it already


I really really wish I liked her or Ariya’s voices more. I run some of her immersions on soulvana and just force myself to not be annoyed by her.

Parashakti, Juan Pablo, Hang Wang, are just more soothing to me.


I have no idea who Ariya is, the Soulvana meditations are really hit or miss for me. I’ve done one of Regan’s meditations in the past and remember not enjoying it just because of of the style of meditation (there was a lot of pillar of light stuff, etc).

That said I’m kind of super into Regan’s voice. I think her accent is super hot :sweat_smile:


I like deep/calming voices and I cannot lie. :joy:


It’s been proven that women are more attracted to men with deep voices. More often than not women will choose a man with a deep voice for a one night stand


There’s no lie in that. It’s one of many reasons beyond the they’re hot and/or funny and/or can keep up with the rapier wit :

  • already out so might as well
  • this [duplex/rooftop/penthouse/apartment] is nice
  • boredom
  • I can cross x off my list
  • it’s [insert day]
  • I’m in [insert country]
  • they’re [insert compatible sign you looked up in sextrology]


Hahahahaha oh after-the-fact rationalization, so great. I’m super digging this insight into the female mind :wink:


I thought only guys did the cross X off my list thing.



But seriously, I’m more likely to go out with someone out of curiosity/ they’re different in some way from what I’ve already experienced. There has to be something to keep the interest : otherwise my time is precious to me. I could be doing something I enjoy more or finishing up something for work.

Plus, favorite toys are consistent vs hoping that [this person] isn’t all talk or going to hurt me [physically].

Anyway I will stop hijackin neuro’s thread.