Into the dark dark yonder - Neurokinetic's custom journal


I’ll have to look up the math to do this but I suppose it’s worth a shot


Day 17

Rebalanced my stacks a bit. Dropped Mind’s Eye T2 down to Q strength for day 2. With this stack I seemed to have less of a headache today. I think the sheer strength of my stacks was causing massive processing issues.

I’m starting to feel the desire to be more productive. I’m installing new habits with ease. Things that I basically never did, but knew I should, now if I do it once my brain goes “okay, we can do this. Ergo, keep doing it as necessary.”

Worked out a bit this morning after a long time. Wasn’t able to make it past the warm up. Up until now I’ve had lung problems that lead to energy problems which has always impeded good workouts. I’m in the process of changing up my diet to get more energy (keto/low-carb) and am going to implement some energy healing manifestation techniques I’m learning to heal my lungs.

I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping. I’m dealing with a medical issue that causes me to go to the bathroom 3-4 times a night. As you can imagine this is highly disruptive to the sleep process. I’m on an antibiotic treatment for the problem, still have ~4 weeks of doses to go. I may use the aforementioned healing techniques for this as well.

Going to eat sushi with a female friend later then afterwards we’re both going to that weekly meetup so lots of opportunities to socialize. Currently running Libertine Ultima to prep. Will report back on that later


Day 28
Guess it’s time for an update. Been kinda MIA with my journaling, though I have been lurking the forums here and there. Things have been going really well.

I started exercising again. I did groceries yesterday and almost the whole thing was keto except for a few “treat” items. I’m sleeping somewhat better at night, though I’m still waking up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom which is frustrating to say the least. I started listening to Dreams before bed and my dreams are getting way more vivid. Found an old notebook that I’m going to keep by my bed as a dream journal.

I’m getting closer to a few different girls but haven’t slept with any of them yet. I found out one might be lying to me about her ex, there’s a chance she’s mentally hooked onto him as an abuser so I’ll have to navigate that carefully, may end up cutting her out all together. Another one has been super touchy-feely any time we’re together but we’re definitely moving slower than I’d like. Supposed to go to a beach party with her later today so we’ll see how that goes. A third girl who ghosted me forever ago randomly messaged me this morning “thinking of you <3” so I made plans to hang out with her tomorrow. Again, we’ll see how it goes. All in all even though I’m not getting laid yet, I’m pretty happy about my relationships with girls and it only appears to be growing.

On the work front I’m still having some issues. Getting out and getting new clients is still a block somewhere in my head. I bought David Snyder’s new course on healing trauma, I’m hoping it unblocks whatever mental anchor is holding me in place. I also bought Emperor HOM, going to replace PCC with that. I ran HOM last night 3x and got pretty bad fatigue and a headache. Definitely headaches are my body’s way of announcing reconciliation. I’m grateful I can understand the signs, what they mean, and that I know how to push through them.




Listening to it right now pre beach party :wink:


Day 30

Went to the beach party with that girl on the weekend, had a pretty good time. She’s kind of a flaky person who talks a LOT, and my attention span wanders when we’re talking which frustrates her and annoys me that she expects my attention every single second. Particularly when I was driving/when we were looking for the spot on the beach where the party was she would say something that I wouldn’t catch because I was concentrating on something else for a moment. She’s expressed interest in hanging out more and maybe I will but not going to pursue it with a tonne of energy. A second girl I was supposed to see yesterday cancelled, seeing her tomorrow. From our brief conversations I’m getting small hints of IOIs so spending tomorrow afternoon with her will definitely be interesting. A third girl I was seeing has also been flaky, but beyond that she spends a lot of time with her ex who may or may not have abused her. A mutual friend who’s more familiar with her past relationship thinks she might have a form of Stockholm syndrome. I’m not cancelling her out of my life but I’m also not going to pursue with the same energy as I was, just in case. Finally a fourth girl who I slept with a few years ago messaged me totally out of the blue. After we hooked up she moved to a different city, I didn’t even know she was back in town but she says she wants to see me after she finishes up some school exams this week.

Haven’t exercised since Saturday. Between the workout Saturday and then playing with my poi at the beach party my arms have been really sore for the last 2 days. Will get back to working out tomorrow morning. Diet has been good, am doing a decent job of sticking to low carb.

Made a new connection for work today. One of my mom’s clients apparently is working in the same field as me and started her own business back in February. Because of covid her business didn’t really have the chance to take off like she’d hoped. We’re meeting next week to bounce ideas off each other.

Been feeling super fatigued the last few days. I’m fairly certain this is reconciliation from Emperor HOM. The density of a new sub in my already dense stack is taking it’s toll. That said, I’ve been more productive and I’m more inclined to do things immediately instead of waiting to do them later (e.g. washing my dishes right away vs. leaving them in the sink)


Day 32

Diet has been really good lately. I’m almost full keto. At the very least I’m very low carb. I have two meals a day and one of them is a power smoothie. Definitely feel more energetic which is weird because I didn’t sleep well last night, got woken up by a text in the middle of the night (more on that later) and couldn’t get back to sleep for hours. Doing a workout routine in the morning, making slow but definitive progress. With the diet and if my sleep picks up the amount I can put in and get back from my workouts is going to take my body to new limits. I’ve been listening to Dreams at night before bed, with the exception of last night I’ve been having really vivid dreams. Until now I’ve forgetting to put my dream journal next to the bed but have fixed that.

I ran BLU yesterday and produced music for the first time in awhile. Spent hours working on the groundwork for a song. Really liking the way it sounds. BLU is definitely upping my creativity and drive. I had so many ideas yesterday seemingly out of nowhere. I have a tonne of music theory and music production courses I will start to work on slowly. Upping my knowledge base + the creativity blast of BLU is going to skyrocket my music.

Nothing really on the girl front. The 3 people I had plans with this week all cancelled, one for a legit reason and the others for kind of flaky reasons. The one who woke me up with a string of texts at 2am did reschedule for tomorrow so I’ll see her in the afternoon. Also after seeing her is the weekly meetup, there’s been more women showing up to that every week plus I think I will invite one or two.

Nothing on the work front in terms of earns. But definitely the drive is pumping up. As soon as I get myself on a better sleep schedule and awake and moving at a proper time (I’ve been getting up around 7, starting my stack then nodding in and out of sleep until 10ish at which point I start my day). I love writing music and I want to make it a serious passive income generator but it will take time until I reach that skill level and I want to start increasing my net worth now.


I’ll share my latest “song framework” if you share yours. :wink:

Basically, I produce music the same way that I write, or even develop subs. I’ll just make a ton of “frameworks,” which are 1-2 minute, very raw sounding tracks with little processing or effects. Then, I’ll expand that into a full basic song with proper structure. Finally, I’ll keep picking at it until it’s a solid song, before mixing and adding effects.


I’ll export something in the next day or two and send it over in a pm (if you prefer a different delivery method let new know)


Day 1

Okay, after an 89 day hiatus I’m coming back to my journal. This has been a long time in the works. The last few months have been a roller coaster for me. Some good, some bad, some neutral. My goals from this point forward are fairly straight forward:

  1. Get into shape
  2. Work on my writing (comedy skits/novel)
  3. Work on my music
  4. Improve my social/sexual prowess.

I am currently running a version 2 of my WealthStatus (the aptly named WealthStatus2) custom in which I replaced a few of the healing modules with wealth/status ones. I did this because I’m running Elixir Ultima daily along side my custom. The version 2.0 of this custom contains the following modules:

1.Approachability Aura
3.Alpha Body Language
4.Ascended Mogul Q Core
5.Alpha of Alpha
6.Financial Success Reality Shifter
7.Carpe Diem Ascended
8.Divine Will
9.Intuition Enhancer
10.Invincible Presence
11.Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
13.Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
14.Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
15.Submodel Alpha
17.Emperor: House of Medici Q Core
19. Marketweaver
20. Instant Business Tactician

This is a regular strength Q custom.

In addition, I am running Stark Ultima, BLU, Executive & Libertine as I see fit and my EsotericBooster1 T^2 custom once a week on Sundays (that will be the only title I listen to on Sundays).

I have been experiencing incremental progress and an increased desire to put in more effort. While I was away from my journal I was seeing someone casually but that has since ended. For work I am doing some consulting work for medical aesthetics company as well as property management for a small company that owns a few properties. Neither of these take up very much time, thus allowing me to pursue my goals.

It’s good to be back gang, more to come :slight_smile:


Day 2
I’ve started acting on a 28 day self-improvement plan. The plan involves reading and implementing small summaries of self help books. These are not only easily digestible but are also packed full of ready-to-use information.

The first summary was about developing “mini-habits”, and though I’m still working out exactly how to implement, I already got more done today in terms of taking action than I have in weeks. Taking small, manageable, yet definitive steps toward things I want to accomplish.

The next summary which I just finished reading is about the miracle morning. Essentially what do every morning in order to have the best possible start to my days. This will absolutely be what I do first thing tomorrow, as it is just past midnight my time currently.

I’m deeply enthusiastic about the progress I’m making in short strides and can’t wait to keep pushing more. This transformation feels more exciting than burdensome. Which is a welcome change from past attempts.


Day 3

Today was a decent day. I got most of the morning routine that I was supposed to get done. I did wake up with significant mental fog, which slowed down the process. I also neglected one of the steps. However, practice makes perfect. I am confident I will do better. I am developing these mini habits so that they can grow and become full parts of my routine. The fact that I did most of them is a big win.

While running errands today I got a lot of compliments on my appearance. While shopping for my nephew’s birthday a cute girl came up to assist me. I wasn’t sure if she was giving me IOIs, but she was definitely chatting me up hard. In retrospect I wish I’d done more to connect with her, and ask for her number - but there’s little use looking in the rearview. All in all today solidified that I can be more social and that people do see me as an approachable figure (hopefully that means they won’t mind me approaching them in the future).

I am still learning to organize my time more efficiently so that I may accomplish the many goals I have. I’ve cut out a lot of “time” wasting, and I can still cut more. Cutting too much all at once my cause pushback/resistance so I am taking it step by step.

All in all these methods seem to be working great and with the subs they are surely only being boosted.


Day 4

Another amazing day! I’m committing myself to projects and growth. Spending time on tasks I’ve been putting off for weeks if not months. I had such a productive day today. I worked on my music, my comedy, and my art (teaching myself to draw). I exercised and did the morning routine, though admittedly I broke up the “routine” at various time throughout the day. In the near future I will bring them all to consecutive one-after-the-other tasks. When I feel more comfortable with each one.

I also reactivated my paper trading account. I was surprised to see that my information hadn’t reset, as it had been some time since I’d accessed the account. I was also pleasantly surprised that I was up 2% on the account. I placed a couple of trades so we’ll see how that goes. I am running HoM & Market Weaver in my custom so I’m excited to see what kind of gains I can make.

That’s it for today, short but sweet. I’m thrilled at the level of productivity I’m achieving. I did all that and managed to sneak in time for 2 news broadcasts, 2 episodes of Mind Hunter, and the new episode of Mandalorian (anyone else excited about the return of TWO characters from Rebels?!). I know as I continue I’ll be able to do even more!! Super stoked about what’s in front of me down the road.


Day 5

Another amazing day! I woke up this morning and did the full routine, getting it all done relatively early. I did two Zoom calls. One was totally focused no public speaking. It was great to have a no pressure environment in which I could practice speaking & get feedback from like-minded people. The second Zoom call was all about hypnosis and NLP. I was able to practice putting two people in trance over Zoom and do some therapy work with them - helping clear negative feelings and blockages.

One of the Zoom meetings (the 2nd one) ran for 5 hours so by the end of it, I was pretty wiped. I still managed to put in a bit of work learning how to draw. I also set up a Facebook page for my upcoming comedy writing project. I left it unpublished because it still needs to be optimized but I’ve secured the username/URL.

Feels really good to be accomplishing more and more each day. Feels like I’m finally climbing out of this hole. My vision is constantly focused on the future and it’s an uplifting sentiment


Day 7
Today was a bit sluggish. Didn’t get everything I wanted done by got a lot of it. There was definitely moments where I could feel my mind wrapping around new concepts. I’m running a lot of Ultimas right now, trying to figure out which ones to stick to without jumping around too much. I know they are supposed to be boosters but they do function as standalones. I’ve been running Elixir since the beginning of the month regularly, same with Dreams. I’ve been running Executive the last few days and at the same time started Libertine U v2. I will potentially switch Executive to BLU or The Commander, as each of those has anti-procrastination scripting (iirc) along with other qualities I’m looking for (creativity and status, respectively). Of course all of this is happening while running my WealthStatus2 custom.

Checked on the few trades I made last week and they are sitting in and around a good place, no major moves but it’s still looking good that they’ll move how I want.

I keep reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m making slow and steady progress. Day by day doing a little bit more.


Day 14
Whoops! Forgot to post on here in the last week. Truth be told I haven’t done any of my regular private journaling either. But this time there’s some good/decent reasons. The first is that I had some minor surgery last Wednesday. That had me mostly out of commission for a few days. Secondly, beyond that, I’ve been BUSY. Busier than I have been in months, maybe years. I started writing a novel. Developing the characters, plot and world which it story takes place has been both fun and challenging. I’ve been focusing on options trading too. My positions are doing fairly well which has been cool to see success in. I started teaching myself to draw, making progress every night. One thing I love about learning to draw I give all my characters little speech bubbles with short jokes or musings. It’s fun to incorporate two of my creative sides into one activity. I’ve been going through online programs for writing & dating/seduction. The writing ones are my main focus, watching 3-4 MasterClass videos a day. It’s really helping in the development of my novel and will help in the eventual development of my screenplays.

So with all that I hadn’t thought much about posting a journal entry. I had been on the forum replying to other things here and there. Things are kind of more scattered but there’s an absolute uptick in activity. Soon I will start to focus and organize everything better in a way that allows me to spend more time on each thing that I deem vital to my progress (including my journal)


Day 15
Today was a slower day. I got caught up with a few tasks that took longer than expected. I also have had a bothersome headache the last few days that persisted today, making me want to do less and instead take it easy. Despite that I still managed to get some work done and continue to make progress. I’m getting definite IOIs from a girl who’s extremely attractive and doing her undergrad in law. She’s right at the end of her final term so she’s swamped with school work but I can guarantee we’ll make plans once she’s done her schooling in a few weeks.


Day 16
Today was an interesting day. I drove a friend to the hospital because she needed to get checked out. She’s an extremely attractive and flirtatious girl, the kind that pretty much every guy she knows hits on her. Before picking her up I listened to Libertine V2. While she was at the hospital getting checked I watched her son for a bit. I took him to get some lunch and because of Covid the McDonald’s we went to had no dine-in. In fact you couldn’t even walk into the restaurant. Instead they had a take-out window set up (think drive thru but walking). This wasn’t at first obvious to us but immediately as we were walking up people started offering me help and telling me. Really feel like Aura of Approachability was doing it’s thing. Her appointment was done fairly quickly so we didn’t do much other than get lunch before going to pick her up again. After picking her up we got some coffee, talked for a bit and joked around in the car on the way back to her place. She knew that I had stuff to do but invited me to come hang out for a bit. I politely declined because I had to get my work done but told her we could hang out next week. I could definitely feel a sense that she was more attracted to me this time than any other time we’ve hung out before.

Once home I got some work done. Mostly work on an art project for my nephew, I finished the picture in time for a birthday zoom meeting for him. I posted in on my social media and received high praise. This is encouraging because I’ve only been actively learning to draw for ~11 days (there was a gap of a few days in the middle when I had my surgery last week but I’ve done 11 days total drawing). After the zoom birthday meeting I had another zoom call for the network marketing company I work with. My trainer finally listened to my suggestions about doing skills training (he’s usually more about hyping people and getting them in the right “mentality” but it ends up being a bunch of fluff ra-ra Tony Robbins style dribble with little-to-no-actionable steps). Unfortunately he went about it in possibly the worst way imagineable, wasted a bunch of time and only 2 of the 20 people on the call got to do any practice at all. That said, even though I wasn’t one of those 2, I was the only other person on the call who actively participate - answering questions about what to do better, etc. I hope he takes my direction to focus on skills more but I’m not holding my breath.

I feel really good about how today went for a lot of reasons, mainly the positive feedback which I received either in the form of IOIs or verbal/written feedback.


Day 17

I had a follow up appointment to my surgery last week. I have a cancerous growth on my tongue. Not sure what the future is going to be. Kind of spinning in the void of my own mind right now.


Wishing you powerfully good health.