Introduction and sub usage road map (Insights and help wanted)


@d1gz, @Hermit

Thank you for your input.


Based on your input, I think I would probably give lighter subs a try for a month or so before moving on to the heavier one.

So, if I decide to go Khan or Emperor, I would probably start with Ascension or Ascended Mogul (or Stark, if it is on the lighter side or has easier reconciliation)

Now for QL or Khan… Good question. On one side, it seems QL can benefit me more as it seems picking up prerequisite skills (math and computer programming) is more immediate need.

Yet, I had another question that popped up in my mind. Which one will more likely to get me accepted to a graduate program and bring me opportunities? Would it be QL, Khan, or some other subliminal program? Because I am not sure which sub has the best suited manifestation for this purpose.

Either way, I am thinking of giving myself till Saturday or Sunday to finalize my mind as I intend to start from Monday. (Based on the link provided by Azriel, 5 days on and 2 days off is the standard schedule. Starting Monday would be the easiest for me to keep a good track.)

So, please, keep throw ideas at me. I love that I already have so many things to think about. You know, at first, I thought this SubClub be easier to use. Now I am starting to think that it may be more advanced as there are so many different pathways and so many combinations one can take.

And here’s a side question. For QL, what would be lighter load sub but with similar theme? (Like Ascended Mogul/Ascension and Khan/Emperor) Would it be Limitless? Or could Stark be used in the place of Limitless? Or is it that Stark is also a heavy sub that would be beneficial to start with lighter sub?

Here’s another side question: Say when I feel reconciliation, would running Sanguine, Limit Destroyer, and/or Rebirth Ultima help? (I intended to buy these subs for this specific purpose)


The three ultima title you mentionned can create reconciliation on their own (except maybe Sanguine since this one is focused on positivity)

Stark would be great as an overall for you, not so much focused on seduction (but can be used for it), Stark will help you developp your social skills (if it is what you want), it will also help you with brain activity

Pretty sure Stark could do that with you. Opportunity often comes from social connection, you need someone to open you the door :wink:. Stark would be a good fit in my opinion.

Remember that subclub’s programming won’t force you to act, you probably won’t have these problems with subclub :wink:

I just think it would be not optimal to run Khan because you won’t have as much as opportunity to try things out and learn on the field. When you try things, this is when the changes really “clicks” for you!

The subs you run will act fast/not fast depending on how you respond to it. For example, when you try to developp something that you haven’t developped yet, you will feel reconciliation. If you already are an intellectual person, probably Quantum Limitless will create less reconciliation for you than Stark because it aims to push certain aspects of you you already consider yourself good at, and will build on a solid foundation. For Stark, the part that is focused on “intellectual” stuff will probably be integrated faster, but the social aspect from it will create reconciliation!


I stopped by and found that I got an update. Great!!! Seriously, you guys rock! And I am impressed with members’ knowledge and experience with the subs and their participation level!! Oh man, this is awesome!


Thank you for your input.

Hmm. I failed to consider the possibility of reconciliation from the ultima subs… Since I am not as familiar with the reconciliation I may be wrong, but I suppose I may even have reconciliation problem from Sanguine as I can be very pessimistic. (Well, had a history of that at least.) Although I know and I even believe that my subconscious would agree and know that being positive is a good thing, I wonder how it would work with a sub that is very towards positivity and optimism when even under most dire circumstances.

In that case, running Quantum Limitless (or Limitless) may be easier as being an intellectual would be something that defines me. Yet, I can procrastinate too much and I can get easily distracted. I can also have too much thoughts coming off from my head one idea and thought leading to another so fast that I sometimes have no control over it. I sometimes (actually many times) have difficulty explaining it to others or I need to significantly slow down to make sense for others. Given these difficulties, (which is also contributed by my psychiatric conditions) Quantum Limitless can also be challenging, but a needed one.

Now, I am leaning towards Stark (although I haven’t still let go of Limitless) as the first SubClub product to start. (Solo Stark for a month or so, and then add or replace with Quantum Limitless)

So now I am thinking more towards what @Azriel suggested:

1st month: Stark (solo)

After 1st month: Quantum Limitless + Stark + Beyond Limitless

I may potentially add Sanguine/Rebirth/Limit Destroyer or swap one of these with Beyond Limitless

Here’s 2nd option for the first round I am thinking of

1st month: Limitless (solo)

After 1st month: Quantum Limitless + Beyond Limitless (and/or Stark)

and potentially include or swap Beyond Limitless with Sanguine/Rebirth/Limit Destroyer

I’m leaning more towards the 1st option, but also thought about smoothing out Quantum Limitless experience with Limitless buffer run.

Speaking of Stark, I will check people’s journal to see their experiences with Stark, but how do people generally find Stark experience when compared to challenging ones like Emperor and Khan? Does it typically bring as much reconciliation and challenges as these two subs, or less?

And after that I am now considering changing my 2nd round of subs from Ecstasy of Gold to Khan

Here’s another question. How would Stark fare as a stepping stone or buffer to run prior to running Khan, instead of Ascension or Ascended Mogul? Because if Stark can work as a buffer, then I suppose I have more reason to run Stark the first and continue running Stark instead of Limitless.


Please make a software engineer/software developer/programming sub.



I may be missing something but I think you have the wrong thread. :slight_smile:
You could post that in Q module requests

This is a new user looking to map out his sub game plan

Although I see why you posted that from the title


Stark tends to be more ‘fun’ and less difficult from what I’ve read than Emperor-but it can still causes reconciliation for sure. It’s a massive program like Emperor and just as powerful. I wouldn’t worry about reconciliation as long as your following a proper listening protocol, not over stacking, and taking action you will be fine.

Ascension and Ascended Mogul would be better preparation for Khan because Emperor and Khan are built off modifications, additions, and evolution of those programs however as long as you get experienced with listening to Q subs in general you will be totally fine doing Khan after Stark.

Sanguine is the best for reconciliation, specifically works to counteract it, Rebirth is also good, limit destroyer I don’t know.

While making sure your prepared and can handle what you’ll be using is prudent, I highly encourage you to go with what matches your goals best and/or what you are most ‘drawn too’ .


Either Stark or AM/Ascension is fine.

If you’re going to use QL, I don’t think you need to run Limitless prior.

In fact, you can run BLU at the start of either option. BLU works well with Stark, and AM/Ascension too.


Computer programming was mentioned. That is why I mentioned it.


If learning is the goal, it makes sense to do limitless. If programming is the skill you want to develop, what actions are you going to take daily towards your goals?



Thank you all for your input.

Or something like computer mastery type of sub. I also need math though.

Since coding, and increasingly automation and AI skills, are now needed more and more, I think there is a merit to have a mastery sub like Gaming, and Boxing mastery offered by SubClub.

I digress. Let’s get back to the topic. Shall we?

Learning is definitely one of my goals. In fact, I am a big believer in life-long learning, so I think learning will always be one of my goals, at any stages in my life. However, I also have more overarching goals of life, which would be about building family legacy and my empire/kingdom (figurative sense of empire/kingdom of course). I currently foresee achieving my overarching goal from doing some kind of AI work.

It’s that my current and immediate goal has more leaning component than the other ones. I suppose in a sense, learning may be a sub-part or component of a goal under the more overarching and grand goal.

About programming and math, I have purchased MOOCs. For math, I have all the MOOC courses that should cover all the necessary aspects. I also have programming MOOCs too, but I may not have enough of them. (I should have the basics though.) Doing the MOOC courses everyday is currently the plan. After I have built enough skills in programming, I think I would make github account, upload my codes, and I may start to do Kaggle and other challenges and projects. (However, I think by the time I reach that level, it would be around the time to start the graduate program.)

If I get accepted into the program I applied, (I think they have good reasons to accept me, but also have reasons to doubt my chance of success in the program) the school will offer all or almost all of the prerequisite courses. (I got this info from the institution’s info session) In that case, taking the school offered courses and doing well would be the daily actions I will take towards the goal. I will know the admission decision within 4 to 6 weeks from now. To boost my chances of the admission, I am currently interacting with the admissions team, and in the middle of making supplementary materials to add to the application.

I think I have the plans laid out. It may not be perfect, and it may have flaws, but it’s a plan.

However, I have a few issues that I hope Stark, QL, Limitless, and/or Limitless can help address. (Which I suppose Khan and Ecstasy of Gold can also address) I hope that these subs can help address procrastination, and distraction. I have had some successes with previous sub experience, but I didn’t completely get rid of it. (Perhaps, that may not be possible due to my mental conditions.)

The other thing I hope the sub can also help is to help me work more evenly. Let me explain what I mean here.

I began the math work probably since June or so. For about a month or so I was working consistently. For the first three weeks or so, I was reviewing and doing math work for approximately 6 to 12 hours everyday, including weekends. Then from the end of June to July I was doing like 4 hours per week, and then it started to decline more in mid July, and I completely stopped since then. Yes, I started to do more degree searching, prepping for application, and etc. during that time, but I nevertheless started to get much more distracted, procrastinated much more.

This has been somewhat of a pattern of me. When focused, I can go straight 12 hours. (I have done that before). However, trying to get in that mode is very difficult, and I don’t really have a control over to get in that mode. It happens, when it happens. Another pattern is that I do much work, but I then crash. So my working pattern is like the sine/cosine wave that it has way too much ups and downs. (My emotional and mental state has also been like this, but it has gotten more evened out.) Lastly, it is hard to start doing something for me.

I hope and desire to achieve more evened level of work amount, motivation and enthusiasm, not ride on the roller coaster all the time. I hope to consistently maintain high level of work (maybe not necessarily 12 hours every single day, which may be putting too much stress on the mind and body), and also get myself to balance life more. Lastly, I hope to be able to start doing necessary things effortlessly.

These would be another more nuanced, and specific goals I have.

Moving on, I have given some thought about the future road ahead. Since I mentioned 1st round in the previous post, I will give out my thought about second and third round of subs.

2nd round

Khan + House of Medici + Stark
May also include Inner Circle, Power Can Corrupt

Occasional run of Sanguine/Rebirth when reconciliation becomes too large

3rd round

Ecstasy of Gold + House of Medici + Stark
Like the 2nd round, I may include Inner Circle, and Power Can Corrupt.

Just like previous ones, I may occasionally run Sanguine/Rebirth when reconciliation becomes too heavy

While I run either 2nd or 3rd round of subs, I think of occasionally adding QL stage 4 as refreshers. (Or perhaps better to have Beyond Limitless?) I would also like to mention that I haven’t determined the order of round 2 or 3 (whether to do round 2 or 3 first after the 1st round)

Also, I will need to have sex/seduction/romance somewhere. I suppose it would naturally go better during the 2nd stage with Khan. However, the purpose of adding/running sex/seduction/romance is to manifest, attract, and build a great relationship with a woman who would be my queen/empress and a mother to my children. (Well, I said I am interested in leaving family legacy, which means, I will start building family too.) The question I have is under which theme would I more likely to manifest a woman with qualities of being the queen/empress. That is why I am not sure at which round I should include these themed subs.

Another issue is that I am also interested in adding alchemist supreme and/or mind’s eye somewhere in the rounds. Would this be even possible, or would it be too much? I thought manifestation and spiritual ability can enhance the results from either the subs.

I suppose given the overarching road map and overarching goal, it seems to make more sense to choose my option 1 for the first round. However, theme of cognitive and learning boost, seems better to go with the second choice for the first round. What do you guys think?

As always, I greatly appreciate the members’ opinions.


Read the limitless product page. It seems to cover all your goals that you have mentioned.

– faster learning, reading, fluency of information,
– better retention/memory,
– automatic usage of learning/memory techniques,
– uncovering of subconscious knowledge,
– removal of limitations hindering learning,
– physical brain and brain chemistry improvement,
– general hormonal improvement,
– increased pattern recognition and intuitive usage of them,
– mentor manifestation,
– energetic facilitation of learning (aura and others),
– improved motivation and general increase of love for learning,
– discipline and dedication,
– subconscious book reading,
– etc.

You have to start somewhere. Pair Beyond limitless Ultima with limitless if you want. Read Beyond limitless Ultima product page.

Beyond Limitless is designed to unlock your full cognitive potential and push your productivity to the limits. It’s designed to help you study for longer periods, recall information instantly, develop a photographic / eidetic memory, solve complex problems quicker and more. With a single loop per day, you can experience heightened cognitive, sensory and creative abilities. Use it the morning of a test or other intellectually demanding task for temporary improved performance, or add it to your stack for a sustained effect.

All the subs here are wonderful.


I know. I am asking a lot of questions, because I am trying to take advantage of the first purchase discount. The plan is to buy all the subs I am gonna use at first, hence the extensive planning.

Also, based on the usage guidance posted by @Azriel, it would be easier for me to start running the subs from Monday (5 days on and 2 days off). Based on my experience, it can become pretty confusing to follow this usage pattern if started from other than Monday.

Therefore, as I mentioned, I am giving myself till Saturday/Sunday to finalize the plan and purchase the subs and start from Monday. (Don’t worry though, I am also working on my application. Therefore, I am not “only” doing sub planning.)

Here’s the overall plan

1st round: Learning and cognitive ability boost

  • Starting Sub: Limitless (first week or two solo and may add Beyond Limitless, depending on reconciliation)

  • After 1 month of Limitless

  • Quantum Limitless + Beyond Limitless (+Sanguine/Rebirth when reconciliation issue comes up)

2nd round: Becoming a man who is ready to conquer and start taking the world

  • Starter: Stark

  • After a month of Stark

  • Khan + Emperor: House of Medici + Stark (+Sanguine/Rebirth when reconciliation becomes bad)

  • Occasional running of QL stage 4 or Beyond Limitless for refresher of 1st stage

  • Also considering to add Power Can Corrupt and Inner Circle, but I wonder if it would be an overload of the stack

3rd round: Start building empire/family legacy, gathering wealth to protect and achieve my goal

  • Ecstasy of Gold + Emperor: House of Medici + Stark (+Sanguine/Rebirth when reconciliation becomes bad)

  • Occasional running of QL stage 4 or Beyond Limitless for refresher of the 1st round, and Khan stage 4 for the 2nd round

  • Also considering to add Power Can Corrupt and Inner Circle, but I wonder if it would be an overload of the stack

4th round: Develop and Enhance Spirituality and improve manifestation ability

  • Alchemist Supreme + Mind’s Eye (+Sanguine/Rebirth for when reconciliation becomes bad)

  • Occasional adding of QL stage 4/BLU, Khan stage 4 EoG and/or Emperor: House of Medici for refreshers of previous stages

I anticipate going through all these rounds will take about 2~3 years (each round approximately taking 6+ months or so). After going all the rounds, I may come back to other stages or do stages, for which I feel the need for. I may also get a custom sub to make more condensed and tailored sub.

How does my subliminal road map look like? Anything I should add or remove? Also for round 2 and 3, would my list be overloading?

p.s. In the middle of some rounds, or after the rounds, I suppose I should do something to manifest, attract, and build a relationship with a woman/wife. Would just adding libertine be good, or should I also add other subs like sex and seduction, and sex mastery?


Thank you for sharing. Do limitless for 30 days. During this time find your sweet spot for listening to the subs. Round 2 and up will be changed as you will see the effects of limitless and beyond limitless Ultima. Only you can know how much you can handle.