Iron Throne Q and Emperor Q - Now with Stark Terminus


Day 16

9 loops Emperor Q

Had a dream I was walking in the park and this girl walks upto me and says “Black Adder can we at least talk i want to talk to you”. We both went for a stroll in the park we began holding hands and she started sharing her life story with me. Then the dream ended.

Continue to be productive in all aspects of my life apart from the dating due to the lock down. I am managing my time more efficiently.

Thought carefully about the dream interpretation. I wont go into too much detail however I have been walked over by women growing up as child, teenager and at college. Since then I never reveal too much too much about myself to a woman this dream translate as dont be afraid of showing your vunerabilties that moulded you into the man you are today. The girl was sharing part of her life with me in the hope i would open up to her.


Day 16

9 loops Emperor Q

Began intermittent fasting 16/8 to attempt to loose some body fat and help detox whats interesting is each time i assign myself a task it becomes a challenge its no longer a chore like it use to be.

Taking more care of my face I invested in some facial scrubs and creams.

My bouts of sadness seem to have gone for the last two days. Anger bursts are almost down to zero.


Day 19

9 loops Emperor Q

I was suffering some serious shoulder pains so booked into a massage therapist. She explained i had a few knots in my neck and she said that one of the nerves had become knotted so she unknotted it. She restraightened my spinal cord.

After the session i felt really sleepy then felt angry and depressed. probably as a result of some toxins being released after the session. My sugar cravings came back real strong I ate 2 cheese cakes. Then wanted to burst into tears.

Decided to go out for a long walk came back then went to sleep. Woke up in the morning my back muscles were still feeling tense however the anger and frustration had vanished which allowed me to regain my composure.

Had a dream that someone was pointing at me whilst they were talking. I screamed at them never ever point at me like that. The dream ended.


Day 25

10 loops Emperor Q

Feeling on top of the world. I have noticed myself setting myself small goals and challenges and then gradually raising the bar and attempting to overcome more difficult challenges each time I succeed it fills me with joy.

I have learned how to interpret my dreams which is something I use to struggle with so something in Q is helping me do this. Starting to go out and socialize again despite the lock down.


Day 27

x 6 loops of Emperor Q
x 4 loops of Primal Seduction

Was feeling down and depressed all morning. I cried most of the morning as i really wanted my father to accept me for who I was and not have to live upto his expectations of being a married man with 2 kids. All the memories of how he shamed me whilst I was growing up hit me hard.

I was feeling lonely and disconnected from the world. Decided to go for a long walk to try and put things behind me. When I got back I began eating alot of sugary stuff like chocolates and cheese cakes to make me feel better. Then went to bed.


Respect for being so honest and sharing all of that.

Stay strong my friend.


Seems like emperor is bringing out things to the surface to push you and change you. sorry to hear your struggling man :pensive:
This is what fire said about emperor in a old post


Outfitted with the latest, cutting edge technology, and with over a hundred of extremely powerful modules, with most of them being top secret. Here is a small snippet of the modules in EMPEROR:

From this Subliminal Club PRIMER - A little about SubClub subliminals

  • the EVOLUTION module - a module designed to push the limits of manifestation technology to the extremes. You have never seen a subliminal manifest things as EMPEROR can with this module - but keep in mind, it will manifest things that will evolve you the most;
  • PKR-S-1 top secret module, designed for extremely powerful reality bending, that will work alongside the EVOLUTION module.

While we have wanted EMPEROR to push the user forward as much as possible, and evolve the person over his limits and potential, we also wanted to capture the essence of what it means to be an Emperor, in the truest sense of the word.
Now, keep in mind, EMPEROR is an extremely powerful subliminal, and IT WILL CHANGE YOU TO YOUR CORE AND SHAKE YOUR WORLD TO IT’S FOUNDATIONS.


Thanks for your moral support guys. I was feeling very low yesterday i even reverted to looking at porn which happens when I get depressed, infact I had not looked at porn for months. Today is a new day I am pulling myself together.


Day 28

x 4 loops Emperor Q
x 4 loops Primal Q

A few times whilst I have been at the coffee shop there is a particular barrister I flirt with. Today we flirted with each other as it was quiet I chatted to her and then tried to get her number. She giggled and said she cannot just give her number to me and said she was not single. Fair enough I thought so I wished her a nice day and moved on.

Struck up a few conversations with girls standing outside the coffee shop but nothing really happened.


Definitely a cool journal.


Any plans to start running iron throne again ?


@Grimm1390 you read my mind I am contemplating replacing PS with loops of iron throne tonight . As i plan to push myself go out every other day to talk to women.


How are you finding this version of Emperor compared to previous versions?


@Michel version 1 and 2 of Emperor made me feel animalistic and aggressive. Like I have to get the job done by hook or by crook. The Q version is more subtle like i have to get the job done but wait lets think about how to get it down in the most productive way possible.


If a girl wants your cock she wouldnt give you a shy smile or getting uncomfortable because of your so called dominant presence. She cant look at you because there is a reason probably you ugly,old or other. Research about Blackpill and get rid of that IOI that only exist in your skull.


Day 29

x 4 loops Emperor Q
x 4 loops Iron Throne Q
x 4 loops of PCC

Some interesting luck came my way. Even though we are in the pandemic the client has increased my daily rate and has given me an extension to the project.

Iron throne certainly does work I had women gazing and smiling at me today. One of the sales assistants gave me her number after I asked her out for a coffee. With iron throne when you look at the girl she just locks eyes with you and smile then all you have to do is say hi and start the chat :wink:


Adding the StarkQ back into my stack I was listening to it for 2 hours this afternoon and it put in a really good/productive mood which far exceeded emperor Q, more on this later.


I wonder if Emperor or stark have parts of spartan or emp fitness in it for muscle building


Emperor for sure does as, I bulked up within 3 weeks when I was using it. Of course I was going to the gym before the lock down. However the muscle growth was more rapid.


Day 30

Beginning a new journal with Stark Q Terminus and Iron Throne