Iron Throne Q and Emperor Q - Now with Stark Terminus


I see you started a Stark TERMINUS journal too. I think you’ll like it. Whereas Emperor had me working like a madman, it was only on the things I was already doing.

Stark T has pushed me way out of my comfort zone into working on “fame” - For years I knew webinars, FB live, Youtube was the way to go but I was too scared of what people think. Since starting Stark I have done 6 youtube videos, zooms to 50-300 people and created my own webinar for my business. Oh and joined an improv comedy group.

Enjoy the journey my friend!



Into action much, are we?

sheesh. that’s inspiring.


Exactly this. Previously it might have been “MOVE YOUR ARSE", RIGHT NOW!”. Now it’s “come on, let’s get going, sooner we do it the better”. Tasks are done sequentially with little emotion.

Iron Throne/Emperor should be killer.