James Bond's journal!



You both know how to hype


For me the most prominent effect is that Ultima puts you in a committed state of flow whenever actively focusing on a task, on top of that you’ll excel at what you’re doing in unimaginable ways; be it learning, writing emails, public speaking or simply conversing.


And even in sports


and this feeling of power, the world belongs to me !


I wasn’t even aware of this until yesterday evening when I had a full-on social experience where I could totally observe the effects of this subliminal, and power was demonstrated very well.


I am now mixing my custom sub (Sanguine as a core) with Beyond Limitless Ultima. BLU is the most powerful sub I have ever experienced. This morning, before starting my day I listened to one loop of BLU. Reaching maybe 40 minutes I started to see very realistic images in my mind and even one moment a real movie !! I could not control them, they just appeared in the middle of nowhere, but I am sure one day I will be able to control the process, at least I hope ! I tried in the past mind’s eye, but it was not this spectacular. I am very bad at visualization normally but today I discover that I can do it and it is align with my job. So I will practice some more !


I generally play BLU before jogging. But today I listened to it while running… and I would say OMG ! One moment, I dont know exactly when, there was like a switch in my mind and … I felt this surge of power, energy of power if I may say, with this feeling of powerful confidence, and my movements were automatic. Perfect constant speed and the feeling that I can do more. I had only one hour so I stopped but the feeling is still there when I write (2 hours after the jogging). An energy of power, I did not know it was existing !!


8 hours after listening to BLU, I have still the same effects of power, confidence


@SaintSovereign when do you plan to have Ultima 1A for download ? It seems to be a powerful sub also !


Soon. I had to take a mini-vacation because I was burning myself out.


What will The title be


@SaintSovereign Take care of your health ! I was starting to reach a burn out yesterday after listening twice to BLU. So I experimented and played once Sanguine Ultima… it worked ! My brain was back to normal and felt really good !


After 2 months + of practice with my custom I am not yet James Bond :joy:

But the results so far are really impressive. The core of this sub is sanguine and all the modules are about that also : stress reduction, calm, positive thinking etc. My goal was to be calm before and during public speaking. So far because of covid I have not practiced public speaking physically. All my conferences and lectures are online and have lasted sometimes up to 3 hours. Very exhausting even for those you enjoy public speaking. In my case I hated public speaking, all the stress to prepare and then deliver etc. But now I am much more in control of my emotions and stress, more confident since I listen to my custom. If I feel a negative feeling I just imagine a switch and I push it on the positive side … sometimes if it does not work instantly I just tell myself that I have not invested in this subliminal so much dollars for nothing ! Generally it works well, makes me laugh and I go back to a divine calm !I can’t say that now I love public speaking but it becomes neutral. If my boss ask for a volunteer to present something, everybody will hide, give pretext to avoid it, things I was doing also 3 months ago :joy: I will not be a volunteer but if my boss looks at me I will say ok boss I will do it :joy: and all my colleagues will feel relieved, their blood pressure going down :joy: Now my goal will be to really enjoy public speaking. I still have to reduce some symptoms of the stress which are still there : dry mouth and throat after 10 minutes of talking even though I drunk a lot before talking.
I use this custom 4 x a day and BLU once a day or every other day. BLU is also very good for confidence.

I hope there will be very very soon Executive which will boost all these things… soon :joy:

I tried one day to use Libertine Ultima before speaking to a group online with several ladies. It was so difficult to concentrate on my presentation :joy: and the 2 older ladies in their 60’s were glued on me, asking me a lot of questions not only on my presentation but also on me :joy: how many children i have etc. other younger ladies in their 30’s were just laughing when saying stupid jockes. It was fun but I was not feeling well as I could not concentrate on my talk very well and it became more like a casual talk than a more formal one. Even one guy disconnected from Zoom as I think he was looking for something more serious/official. So I will not use LU for this kind of work (I was feeling so hot during the one hour presentation :joy:).


Excellent journal keep up the good work.


Thanks my friend. Taking action is the key !


How long are you planning on listening to this sub? 1 year? 2 years? 6 months? Great results. Keep on taking action.


probably 3 months more and mix it with BLU and Executive (I hope sooooon !) :joy:


Libertine Experimental, Executive and so much more coming should help you out. This is gonna be GOOD!


I bought yesterday the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. OMG ! I really felt the difference with Beyond Limitless Ultima ! Before I was listening twice or thrice. But now it seems one loop is really enough !


The module “negativity displacer” is super powerful. I know now how to use it efficiently. If it is a superficial negative thought, I can just imagine a switch and push it to go back to positive, or I can think STOP ! It works for 70% of the cases. The 30% are deeper negative feelings coming for example the childhood etc.For these deeper feelings, I need to visualize the scene and imagine it to become black and white, all the feelings disappear instantly. I can go back to them and I don’t feel anything. So this module is teaching NLP desensitization processes