JCast Dragon Reborn Stage 1 Redone


Happy New Year! :partying_face:


Yo, Happy Kickass New Year to all of ya! :crown:


Thanks for the tag @JCast ! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year @JCast!


Respect, @JCast

I wish you and your family to have great, great blessings throughout 2021 and beyond!!!

May your joy, peace, health, prosperity, and wisdom be multiplied into great abundance!


Happy Dragon New Year! :heart_eyes:


@friday @Floridianninja @Michel @dorfmeister @Dragonrider @Gemstone @Hermit @lrw @King @khan Happy New Year!!!


@NinjaFox @pacman @user9437773791397760 @Upwards Happy New Year!!!


Running my second loop of stage two. I should have no problem running two more loops of each and ending the evening running Elixir


Not too happy… watching Can vs Fin u20 hockey… 3-0… should have gone to bed :sob:


Happy new year am a couple hours away


Its under 20. What’s the difference between that and the world juniors?


Might be the same. When was the u18? This is 2021 wjc


I have no idea


Doesn’t really matter. But damn this match sucks. I was earlier really sleepy. Now I wonder when I can get some sleep.


Anyway, Happy New Year @JCast!


Healthy New Year! May all your goals come true. You did set goals, right? How about resolutions?

Another 'VID bonus: I don’t have to arrive 3 weeks early to Times Square to be close enough to see the ball drop. One of the coming years, we’ll be standing on the exclusive SubClub VIP balcony watching it.

If you didn’t make it to New York but you still want to be there in spirit, there’s a livestream.

Not much to see though.


Happy New Year man! Hope this is a great year for you, I’m sure it will be! How can it not be with that incredible mane?!


Happy New Year!


Freedom for you al in the new Year