JCast Dragon Reborn Stage 1 Redone


Makes sense. I’m not putting a time frame now on when I’m switching to stage two. I don’t think stage two made the boredom stronger. I added that because I was feeling that way and seriously hoping it would help.


Today I am going to run three loops of Stage One and finish the listening day with a loop of Elixir.
Currently running one loop of Stage one


Running a second loop of Stage one


Running my third and last loop of Stage One for the day



Running a fourth loop of stage one


Day 51 Stage 1 -


My ass is dragging today. I don’t feel like doing anything. I am currently running a loop of Stage One


Day 52 Stage 1 -


Running a loop of Stage One. Still don’t feel like doing a whole lot although I have managed to get a few things done already today. I may have mentioned this before but one thing that continues to happen consistently with running Dragon Reborn is how aware I am of various things. I often feel as though my perspective and perception have been gradually increasing.


I think @SubliminalUser found The Executive to help with that. I know I did too.


@RVconsultant I’m probably going to run Limitless Executive or Executive when I wake up tomorrow morning because I know I will have a bunch of stuff to do that I would rather not


Got what I had to do done and I am now running a second loop


I remember in one of the khan threads one signs of being complete with a stage 1 was a kind of general apathy, Like it wasn’t dealing with depression or what not that might come up, just kind of like everything petered out. Perhaps there is a similar phenomena for DR stage 1


And that’s exactly what I used it for. I’ve been procrastinating some things for months and months. Now I’m moving through it. Some days faster than others, but significant progress every day!


I certainly hope so. A major reason why I am not putting A time limit on running Stage One. Considering Dragon Reborn is meant to more in depth and broader than Total Breakdown it makes sense


@Azriel Mentioned how feeling a general sort of apathy was a sign to move onto Stage Two of Khan. I am seriously thinking that Dragon Reborn will bring about both an overall sense of apathy and indifference. It would be ironic and hilarious if that happened because in the past I have joked about wishing I could feel that way


@Azriel Interesting article I just found


great article, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I think using the word apathetic to describe indifference to outcome and not wanting anything from anyone is a little off but I totally get it. It seems the term is taking on a new psychological meaning then what I’m familiar with of the term- which is a lack of energy, desire, or care for anything.


I like this part

“You have to start by releasing attachment to the outcome of things. Create mental insurance on every aspect of your life: no job? Have an independent income backup plan. No women? Be happy by yourself and stop trying to get sex to be happy. Broke? Try sleeping in your car for a couple of nights to prove you can do it if things get extreme.”

I don’t have a car though -city kid lol