JCast's Dragon Reborn Journal of Journaliness


To expand a bit or a lot more on my intentions with Dragon Reborn I think or feel a lot of it comes down to being able to see the truth or things as they really are. Be grounded in reality. Once all the Erroneous, toxic, unhealthy, self destructive, self sabotaging, beliefs , fears , trauma , and energies are purged it’s very likely things will become clearer and your perspective will change. You won’t have a choice but to become mentally and emotionally healthy and mature


I feel like I’m burnt out. Not with Dragon Reborn but with people. I don’t get why or how it’s so difficult for someone to be a good decent person?


The power of bad habits is not easy to break let alone if you have no motivation to do so or no immediate benefits of doing it. They’re all lost, we cannot help them, leave them alone. I tried many times and I just wasted my time, energy and a good mood. They say they understand you and that they will change and thank you for opening their eyes only to be seen doing their old shit later on.


All of this has been nothing more than the desire to grow in my mental and emotional maturity. It’s as simple as that. My prior post about being burnt out was about having a hard time understanding how someone who is 70 years old acts like a spoiled toddler.
But as @Voytek pointed out it’s obviously very ingrained habits and behaviors


Don’t try to understand others, you will not, focus on understanding yourself this will surely help you improve.


Maybe it is working. :grin:


Second day Stage 1 - Currently running one loop . I lost count of what I ran yesterday. Probably six loops. I feel ok. I actually slept decently which was really nice.
I changed the title of my journal to reflect a bit sarcastically what I’m trying to accomplish with Dragon Reborn but also acknowledge one of my favorite death metal bands
Something I just noticed is that I have always felt unnecessary obligations over stupid shit. To either answer or explain myself to some people. I caught myself about to do that this morning and asked myself WTF?
Running this obviously isn’t going to be easy but it will be very liberating


I think because you showed restraint in getting a custom Ultima, you have lots of room in your listening for Dragon Reborn. I think this is going to do much better and comprehensive things for you than a custom Ultima focused on healing because it’s 4 stages plus an Ultima!


Oh I get how you feel and have to agree with @Voytek, definitely an ingrained habit thing. Look at what we’re doing to change? Those people aren’t doing that and they’re not finding the effort to do it either. They’re simply floating through life stuck how they are and the worst thing is that they don’t know how to change.


Running my second loop of the day. Feel ok. Not very motivated although I’m getting shit done.


Following this journal.

@JCast It helps when you understand that most of the people do not actually think. They are like robots, following what the society/peer pressure tells them. It’s not easy to change their thinking and most of the time it is also useless.

I’ve had some success with it because I can show them the results I’ve been getting in my business. But before that it was useless. Now they listen, but still don’t get it.


About half way through my third loop of the day and having no issues getting things done as well.


I have been incredibly irritable all day but still managed to get a lot more done than I planned.


On my fourth loop of the day. May do one or two more


How do you personally choose your number of loops? I ask since Saint says start with one and test more until you start getting negative results.

However, @Hermit says he goes by intuition mostly.

I’m wondering myself–since 2 loops my first night was my first time doing that–and I just followed an inner leading. I’d call that intuition.


Honestly by how I feel. That and I think I’m just ridiculously determined to get my head and shit together


Fifth loop of the day going now. Probably the last


The results I’m having are ridiculous and I’m only doing one, two, or three loops a day at most. People are underestimating Q, it is so dense that you really only need one loop to be fascinated by the effects. I was saying this to @Rev the other day, I can do one loop and see effects the last up to three days or more.

Honestly, when running a new Subliminal which is that dense, especially when listened alongside other Titles it is a good schedule to do one loop a day, with a break in between to upload and integrate the script at an auspicious rate.

I think five loops are way too much, but who am I to judge? Considering the fact that it is a new program with a totally new script, one loop a day for 5 days and the weekend sounds more appropriate. You have to ease into subliminal, fortifying results on a daily basis and the longer you run it, the more loops you can do and to further your results will reach. He is probably having reconciliation already. Give or take three days and it will get so intense that he’ll start doubting the Title and looks at something else, unless of course – he is determined and thinks logically at that moment, observing that it is reconciliation and refraining to listen to something else.


I played one loop of Elixir and voila. At peace with myself again. :slight_smile:


I agree with your thoughts on that. This morning I woke up and knew I didn’t need a loop. I had that slight feeling of overload from doing 2 loops yesterday. I first had that experience on Stark, and I pushed through anyway. I burnt out on Stark, and it is one of the easiest SC subs I’ve ever experienced. Not wanting to burn out here.