JCast's Dragon Reborn Journal of Journaliness


Just bookmarked your journal. Thanks for posting.


I haven’t run anything as of yet today. I will probably run one to two loops of Dragon Reborn Stage 1 later this afternoon or evening.


Almost done with the first loop of the day. I may run one more or not


I agree, I believe many people may be suppressing their (immediate) results by over running loops.
It may still be beneficial in the long run because it’s more exposure, and eventually will integrate but for the day to day experience of feeling and seeing the effects of the sub, especially without reconciliation. 1-2 loops on Q will be plenty for most.


I pulled back on the number of loops and ran a total two yesterday. That will probably be my daily max for a while


Try to spread them out, as in doing one in the morning – having a huge break in between and observe the effects it is having on you during that break.


Currently running my first loop. I’m going to do as @Hermit recommend and run another loop either this evening or before bed


Running a loop of Elixir while I read.


I did Elixer yesterday morning since DR was still processing in me.


I feel that running Regeneration and especially Elixir prior to running Dragon Reborn set the pace or stage for the growth I am feeling and have experienced. There are times I shit you not I look back on past things I did and behavior and question myself " who in the fuck was that guy?".
I was thinking yesterday how it worried me a bit that as I go through the stages of Dragon Reborn and release and purge everything what if I realize I’m sort of a dick ?
It then hit me that there is a huge difference between being a dick and being assertive , standing up for yourself, and having boundaries. It’s highly unlikely to be mentally and emotionally healthy and mature and be an arrogant person. When you have spent most if not your entire life seeking validation , being more or less a people pleaser, and allowing people to walk all over and disrespect you then obviously once that stops people will see you as a bad guy or villain.
I think to an extent that’s why I have struggled so much in the past with running Quantum Limitless and Beyond Limitless. It’s really easy to become the bad guy or villain when you poke holes in people’s beliefs, logic, or flawed way of thinking. I grew up believing I was somehow mentally deficient because I was lead to believe I was oddly enough by people that obviously would not go on to split the atom. I am already seeing a difference in my cognitive abilities. Not huge or drastic but I feel my things click faster.


I would just like to add

forgive yourself for falling short of your ideals

if you didn’t have such high ideals you’d not even feel anything less than positive about the past, so you can congratulate yourself on having come this far. Many go through life not really evolving in this manner.

Something that has helped me a lot. I mean to add value by sharing it with you. All the best to you in this process. You seem like you’re on a great path, and like a chill person in general. =)


Ran two loops of Stage 1 yesterday and that was all


@JCast - are you running Dragon Reborn only for the emotional/mental/spiritual healing or are you also hoping for some physical results?


@raphael Primarily for mental and emotional healing


Excellent foundational subliminal, I believe. Will be running it soon myself. Mainly for physical healing benefits. Not sure if am repeating that in this thread lol.


I’ve had a few conflicting feelings that last couple of days regarding posting. Wanting to track my progress but at the same time saying “fuck it” to any shame or guilt induced feelings of obligation.
One of the things I learned about being a people pleaser for so long is that you’re always explaining yourself to someone. Often when it’s not at all relevant or necessary.


My wife pointed out last night and this morning how I have been bossy the last couple of days. I feel that goes along with trying to reconcile having been a people pleaser for so long. Not wanting or being willing to give into people so easily just to avoid conflict or confrontation. I’m guessing over time it will balance out


I’ve managed to run two loops of Stage 1 today. I will probably run Elixir tonight and be done for the day. I feel changes just don’t feel like talking or posting about it at the moment


Your official invitation:


Just trust the process and the subs will do there thing, like that your using elixer for the extra boost in healing

Do you have dreams and think that might be a addition to your healing?