Kalimero's Ultima stage 3 test


Well for one thing, do note that this was for U3 testing. So there was no sales page to begin with. Although, it might be possible that checking other testers’ journals and comparing his results against the others might seem like comparing against a sales page “promise”…


I get what you are saying.

I come from a scientific background though, and I have learned to trust my sense of skepticism. This was a testing thread where I was testing an unknown subliminal related to sex. Ultima subs, from what I understood are usually quicker acting and less thorough than full program subs. This allows easier testing as the changes are supposed to be faster and hence the feedback is more immediate.
Having passionate sex while using the sub is not enough to show me that the sub is making this happen. I need to see a change from baseline and since I was already having crazy sex with this girl before the sub, that’s harder to notice. Combining this with the fact that I did not observe extra interest or attention from women around me which was one of the major things other testers noticed, I could not conclude that this sub had a strong effect for me. This had nothing to do with society, and I’m not sure why you are putting logic between apostrophes. Why should I ascribe the passionate sex to the subliminal if it existed before the subliminal? This logic would mean that I should also ascribe other constant positives in my life to this sub as well.

I thought I was pretty clear in the post but I’ll state this here plainly again: this is my own reaction to this sub, and this doesn’t reflect on SubClub’s work quality or performance. I also stated that I think this sub does have an effect on me, just a less obvious one than for other people.

Regarding manifestation: I believe there are coincidences and that subs can help our brain notice the right ones etc., and that this could influence our behavior and/or biology. But I don’t believe that instructions that my brain hears influences someone else’s thoughts/actions towards me directly. I believe manifestations are caused by the former, others believe it is caused by the latter. The former is rooted is current scientific dogma, the latter isn’t yet. I choose to base myself on this, and I don’t judge other’s choices in this matter.
Could this explain why I didn’t notice extra interest and manifestation of women? Maybe. I have no way to know.

I don’t know what is actually IN the sub, so I had no way of knowing which effects are caused by the sub and which are not.


I understand where you’re coming from and I can appreciate a more rational, scientific approach to a test. Just keep in mind that for it to be true scientific rigor, you can’t conclude that the sub didn’t help either. And that’s the point I’m trying to make. We have to be careful when dismissing results in the name of science because most people just end up moving the goalposts rather than engaging in true scientific thought. They’ll set ridiculously high standards for “proof” that the sub is working, which they’ll never achieve because they continually dismiss the sub’s effects.


Give him a palette cleanser and retake the sub. He was already probably thinking about this woman 24/7, and any suggestions in the sub would be effectively ignored. He already admits no difference in his behavior other than the sole focus of his attention, showing the only energy flow is coming from the girl.