Khan new way of life


Ahhhhh, understood thanks. A life of abundance is my goal which is why I’ll use Khan eventually.


Khan ST3 + Iron Throne
Running Khan makes me busy in these days and friends dont let me rest to to much. With Khan you creating your own sun of power and dominance and all limiting obstacles just melting away. Its so easy to run it because it feel so good and so right. But loops IT at night remind me there is competition on every field of life and its my task,responsibility make women fell more feminine. They expect that and Iron Throne helps me sprinkle some spice into my conversation with girls.


Back again on pure Khan St3. Droped PS Iron Throne from night stack. I liked it but… made my days bit cloudy. I have full plate to work on it health,money,divorce,my kids,friends it makes me busy and i love it. PS IT steering more towards dating felt almost like procrastination at this time. My prime goal since january is rebuild my life to be better and stronger than ever and since I started Khan its actually happening. First time at St3 thinking about level Up to St4. So its time move to last stage😎


I have been considering adding Iron Throne on top of my ST3 stack. Go from Total Action to Non-Stop Action. Can you indicate where you think the differences manifest between adding IT and leaving it out? I can’t quite figure out what you mean by “cloudy”.


Cloudy mean I stop been 100 % me (onKhan). Its been more like me and my mark. More focus this direction. And definitely PS IT is more colder, calculating beast. With Khan you have freedom to say and do whatever you want you know you doing best you can. There are many parts in my life screeming for improvements. With Khan you plan what you do and you do what you plan. My plan is strong empire with some smaller harem inside. Im no going build harem first and empire around😁


One more thing about Khan and what we do and how we changed. I AM , I WAS INFP aka nice guy. Introvert dwelling in past fails and crazy future fantasies. Where did that disappeared, I have no idea. Im mostly free of that and personality tests no longer recognize me. Different results without strong inclination to any introverted personality.


I think I actually asked this of Saint and/or @AMASH. Is it actually possible to change one’s MBTI? Or can the subs help you work better with your personality type’s “shortcomings”?


I know for sure that I used to be Turbulent, now I became Assertive.
I also used to have paralysis of analysis, now I am comfortable taking risks. Which if you use the SPEAR personality assessment, that’s a complete shift in a fundamental axis.


I do not believe that subliminals can change your MBTI type, unless the subliminal is focused on changing your preference for certain cognitive functions. However I’m not sure whether or not such thing will be possible with subliminals. I do think though that a subliminal like Khan could help you develop certain cognitive functions as a result of a push for general personal developement. That being said, I’ve never seen someone change their type by improving other functions. It’s generally accpeted by the people who know more than the basics, that you MBTI type is fixed.

The thing is that a lot of MBTI tests don’t really type you by your preference for certain cognitive functions, but for by asking questions about general behaviour. This way a subliminal like Khan will indeed change your type according to a pseudo MBTI test(maybe not if you are already e.g an ENTJ or ESTP) .Now it’s true that you cogntive function preference affects you behaviour but mostly not in the way a lot of test portray.

For example a good statement/question would to figure out whether or not someone has a preference for using TI is:

“To understand a concept, I like to take apart the concept and analyze it in depth. While doing this I’m constantly looking wherer or not the new information fits my own logical framework.”

A bad statement/question would be:

“I daydream a lot”. This way the 16 personalities tries to know if you are a sensor or an Intuitive. However it’s just a bad way of doing it this way and the answer on the question doesn’t mean anything.

This isn’t suprising since you worked hard on yourself and developed yourself a lot. The Turbulent and Assertive thing aren’t part of the MBTI system though. It’s something the 16personalities website added themselves.


I don’t have enough information or experience to say, but I’m leaning toward subliminals not being able to change your MBTI. As @afc22 stated, the subliminal would have to rewire cognitive functions and honestly, that’s not something I feel comfortable attempting to manipulate.


Maybe its just me. INFP are chameleons and you can’t change preference of functions. But we have them all,4 in main use. 4 in shadow. How about if rationalist type train himself to develop intuition (alchymist) and start follow it more. Or emotionally charged type become more skilfull use good logic and hard facts(limitless). Less and less significant preference become no preference? I’m just trying to tease you with simplification.your turn😋


I think that’s a lot like AMASH being an introverted type, yet swimming in women. He trained himself to be the social animal, but still needs to be alone to recharge every so often, he still doesn’t get high energy from being in the crowd.

You can train your intuition to be quite refined, but that’s adaptation. Naturally intuitive people are just that, naturals. At your core, you are still the same type, but you have learned to emulate other types where needed.

@afc22 Do you think 16Personalities is of lesser quality? I’m considering getting their interactive course for my personality type.


Just yesterday I heard a neuroscientist talk about how personality is based on the brain’s predisposition to be more sensitive or less sensitive to specific kinds of neurochemicals.

So, basically, a lot of it is genetic. And to change personality, truly change it, you need a whole new brain.

But that’s how you feel inside. You can operate as an extrovert through your actions, but be totally uncomfortable inside.

I don’t think intuitiveness can be changed. What I believe is less intuitive people can train themselves to listen more to whatever intuitive voice they have, so they seem to become more intuitive, but they are just listening to their intuition more, which was there all along, they just ignored it automatically so it didn’t even seem to be there.


so active, so productive, I recover so fast that it’s a but scary. I am progressing fast, but I should learn to have some days off

It looks like @AMASH turning himself to self charging high performance hybrid beast😁

I also noticed almost nobody at st3
And st4 has sluggish depleted downtime reports

Do we like introvert time alone or need?


It seems people, including myself, don’t feel the need to spend too much time on forums when they hit Khan ST4. But I try to keep in touch with this great community.


I do think that if for example an ISTP tries to develope his Ni(ISTP’s 3 function) more, it will still never be as good his/her Ti. What you see quite some times with ISTPs in their younger years is that they go through an Ti-Ni loop. When this happens ISTPs don’t use their Se enough, this will mostly result in mental masturbation with very little action. This Ti-Ni loop will devlope someones Ni(as an side effect), but it will never be the same as the Ni of an INTJ or INFJ. The use of Ni simply doesn’t come as natural to an ISTP as to an INTJ. I like to compare it this way: an developed ISTP’s Ni is the demo version of a program, while the Ni of an INTJ is the full software. At the end of the day the Ni of a ISTP will be relatively limited. The same would apply to any other function, however if you follow the function stack theory, Ni would be more easy to develope for an ISTP than Ne. I also want to add that ISTPs in an TI-Ni loop are almost never happy and that it’s seen as unhealthy.

I do believe that for thinking and feeling there is more room for improvement. You see for example that especially XXTP(thinking types with Fe) get a lot of times more gentle as they become older. This is something you could accelerate of course by working deliberately on your Fe. You as an INFP could for example improve your Te or Ti and you could even balance your F/T quite evenly. However especially in day to day life you will use Te differently than e.g an ISTJ(your Te thinking counterpart, but with different function oder) or an INTP(your Ti thinking counterpart). An INFP with developed Te will in day to day situations use his Fi as the main function but it will be be influenced by Te a lot more than the average INFP. Vice versa for an ISTJ. I want to make an emphasis on the day to day life situations because I think the difference in use in an academic situation is less big since it’s generally already geared towards the thinking functions

Before I end this post I want to make clear this is my view on the MBTI system. There are a lot of different perspectives within the community and I think this has to do with the fact that the theory in general definitely isn’t flawless. I used to be a big MBTI nerd and I still think I have a pretty above average understanding of the system but I don’t claim my view is perfect/flawless.


If you want a test that also follows the MBTI theory, than the 16personalities website is a bad source for your information. For example it doesn’t differentiate between Ni and Ne and Si and Se, it’s just N or S. This website has 16 archetypes and based on the result of the test you get your type type. The thing is that your result is more dependent on your behavior that fit one of the 16 archetypes than on your actual cognitive functions. Now sometimes the results of the 16personalities test are right, but it isn’t based on MBTI theory. This all isn’t a problem as long as you know it. I do like the site though it’s very neat and I think the description are quite nice although very based on stereotypes.

If you want to know more abut your cognitive functions order, you should do the keys2cognitistion test. And of course the best way is getting familiar with each function and decide it this way.

It seems people, including myself, don’t feel the need to spend too much time on forums when they hit Khan ST4. But I try to keep in touch with this great community.

Yes don’t feel the need to go to the forum since I’m on stage 4, I have to force myself. I really wonder why.


Thanks guys for your contributions about MBTI. Im INFP no change and you manage to trigger all four functions nicely. Something iside me was screaming you wrong, we are no solid and we can change. When something bugs me it take time for me chew it and more to spit it out because english is my second language. So screeming part of me was about craftsman his tools and masterpiece. About synergy and about how all parts of this triangle affect and change each other. Then I realized when we learn new skill for example standard procedure for handling verbal conflict and we successfully use in conflict with neighbour. when we are done ego kicks and we say finely peace and quiet or order restored or I shoved him who is boss here. And thats reveal our MBTI preference. Until ego is here preferences are here. So you are right we cant change MBTI preferences until enlightenment.After that doesn’t matter anymore you have been wrong :yum:

@afc22 ca you please point me where to look for more info? There are many websites but most of them only talk about improvements for unhealthy INFP


One thing I want to say is that you shouldn’t let the MBTI system put you in a box. You can use it as a tool but understand that we are all unique(I know, cliche). So don’t do avoid certain things just because an “INFP” allegedly isn’t good at it. I am not saying you are doing this, I just want to warn you because many people including me fell into the trap. I actually haven’t looked into any of this MBTI stuff for a few months and it has improved my self development journey quite a bit.

One of the sources I liked was reddit. Besides that I always used google and some of the sites I found were good some were not. For your specific question, just google for example “How to improve introverted thinking”, I already saw some hits when I just typed it. One of the first things that come to my mind are math and programming for Ti.


Im almost 1month on KSt4 and its definitely most heaviest stuff for now I took. First week constant mild headaches energy bit down and mood ground3d constant. Compare to St3 , I was high like, jittery, chatty,social. Almost all my St4 Im in retrospective mode. I like changes I already done, but St4 is pushy. Its shows me my shortcomings when it comes to money , dating,education, my son,divorce. Its no about some limiting believes, its more about priorities I have and time I have everyday (24hours is no enough and time spend in head with every facet of possible steps doesn’t help with get things done) . Anyway I will soon reduce Khan listenig to minimum or stop. Where I go next? Limitless? Yes i have it and I needed for faster forex , seduction and computer programing education. Alchymist? Budhism, reiky and magick those three are in my heart and i wish to explore them again and more deeper .EoG? My divorce will be easy my soon exwife managed broke me financially. Well there was my part in it as well. So when it comes to money making and keeping I can say only - Yes please. All three paths lead to more knowledge and skills in different areas and can lead to more direct or indirect to status,money and of course girls😁.