Khan new way of life


Maybe testing this and reporting could help?


Very interesting indeed!


Can you write more details on this part?



Every stage of khan has some type reconciliation. I think St4 has strong reconciliation with present aspects of my life. When I do gym increasing health and attractiveness but i dont make money or seriously dating. When I make more money i have less time for other aspects. Its almost like RPG.Time and effort are skill points.St4 4 push me to invest them more strategically .So far manifestation khan working good. Friend told me about side job .I already signed for it. Totaly flexible in working hours. Now Brexit and possibility of loosing my current job makes me laugh

Because im subliminal Newbie and combination khan+ other major sub gives me headaches. Now Im going to stack Limitless and PSIT for 1month with and i try add it 1 or 2 loops KSt4 per day.


I am really interested what will happen with 1-2 loops only


I dont know. I hope khan is imbued well or better" Im Khan " pursuing path infinite knowledge and seduction😁


Hi Im back again on forum and on KhanST4 (last night and today).
One week on PSIT and Limitless was bit struggle, 4 days mild headaches . it was experiment how I will react to new subs. Khan was toned down and i lost most of extra confidence boost. Instead of that I became more aware women reactions to my presence and presentation. It was not something like seeking validation when you try HARD project ideal picture of yourself to someone else head . normal light conversation and It was similar to watching movie and suddenly movie freeze for half second highlight unconscious give away signals. it happened I flipped one of attraction switches. On one occasion it felt almost creepy when spotted reaction to simple my voice because i said only one word “Thanks”. Those highlighted moments happened three times last four days.
It was short time to make more observations PSIT and it looks like great tool complete recalibration . with enough practice and PSIT you dont guess. You see what you doing and you can light girls like Christmas tree. switch by switch,light by light.

KhanST4 - kicked on extra fast, luckily . Sorry im no going give up on that extra boost. Its like walking with one song stuck in your head all day- Frank Sinatra My way.
Flip it to present time, thats it. I do it myyyy waaay.

Im going to buy Power can corrupt.Well i have gut feelings for toxic people but it didnt save me from doing mistakes. Khan helps me run my days smooth and PCC may be nice trump up my sleeve. Mostly I try politely ignore or avoid toxics and manipulators, they are usually nice and charming . Only problem is they always try to get something from you. maybe PCC can help me get rid of their bags full of shit and put some heat under their asses. For now i have one of that kind in my life, she is my soon to be Exwife. we are separated 9 months and she still playing her games on me. So far Khan hold her nicely in bay but new active countermeasure …hmmm sound interesting.


This is my final record on Khan.

Khan ST4 and Power can corrupt. - 8Hours morning at workplace

Alchemist ST1 6+ Hours afternoon and night

since i started Khan my life changed internally and externally way I never thought.
I have clear sense of direction im going, no anxiety, enjoying life and more socializing.
I had to rebuild my life this year from insecure ,broken and bitter to something better, larger and Khan done most of that job. That was main task for Khan . results are for me outstanding.

By internet- Opposite of insecure with oneself

confident assured calm comfortable content easy graceful happy natural secure self-confident sure unashamed unself-conscious unshy unworried atease collected cool happy-go-lucky nerveless relaxed certain decisive composed definite guarded peaceful protected quiet safe sound unafraid unwavering friendly

Now I can relate with every possible opposite of insecure.

I added Alchemist and ruthless PCC .Those are big mutagens for Khan,worthy another journal :grin: possibly " X-Khan"

Last words for this journal and vanilla Khan
“Khan opens door creativity. You become great artist in art of manliness”

Thank you @Fire and @SaintSovereign for this gift


Welcome, comrade to the Khan Academy. :blush:

This is what’s in store for those thinking about spending $100 on a life changing experience. No grotesque pseudo alpha bullshit, just real power, sexuality and dominance. Add Power Can Corrupt, the effect is unstoppable.

Congratulations @Dragonborn


Congrats, @Dragonborn on your Khan journey. Hope to reach there too. Good luck to your next journey.

@Michel - I LOLed at “Khan Academy”. Got the reference haha.


Have you tried khan st3 and eog st3 together ?