Khan vs Stark vs Emperor vs HoM vs PCC


To me, it was written by a neurotic and may cause some kind of neurosis, so thank you but no. But of course, PCC is another matter even though it’s based on that book. I’ve never tried it but I read some journals and it looks quite appealing to me. Anyway, I would have to test it first before deciding on putting it into my custom.


Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I also had these thoughts before I bought PCC, I was thinking what if I start seeing everything as a power play or think everyone is out to get me or stuff like that. So far from the reviews I have read, all seems to be well.

I did not get to enjoy the book in it’s entirety because it didn’t resonate with me, but I’d like to absorb the lessons it would like to teach in terms of defending oneself against trickery. I figured PCC sub is exactly the best medium to get there.

HoM is higher on my list though, specially now that you mentioned it also exhibited alpha benefits which in subs I always appreciate.


After getting grounded in your Emperor’s reality you could stack HoM with it. Read some journals about it, there’s at least one journal about this combo here.


Robert Greene admits he errs on the side of pessimism and seeing the bad in human nature, and that might be a bias as the relate of his personal ‘human’ nature.

A lot of brilliant people who have contributed to the world have been neurotic-in that the emotional expression was prone to obsession, volatility, insecurity, and depressive with drawl. I don’t think that’s a reason to dismiss their works.

PCC will DEFINITELY NOT cause you to develop any neurosis or paranoia or anything of that nature.
If anything the opposite, it helped me heal out of where I was neurotically keeping distance to preserve myself in relation to others. It helped me see where other WEREN"T taking advantage of me when I thought they were as well. This is why I like it the most actually.

It gave/gives me an ability to value and put myself first so I don’t have to worry about what others will or won’t do, I’ll have a calm awareness and act accordingly.


I would rather treat his book as a philosophical book than a guide. There are interesting concepts in it but ultimately almost all depends on our morals and the book may be perceived as demoralizing rather than educating/enlightening. You cannot teach one common sense by having them read your book and that’s what I think was the main and ultimate purpose of the book even though it looks like an attempt to teach you the art of deception. I’m not a courtier and I don’t have to play some game where you get the iron throne or you die trying. I could treat that book only as an indicator of what I could expect of people but being always alert and browsing all the rules in your mind when interacting with others I perceive as a kind of neurosis.

I’m glad PCC worked for you. I have it in my library and I may try it one day out of pure curiosity and for the thing you mentioned which is becoming less suspicious of what people do which has been my shortcoming since I’ve remembered. Especially if it comes to taking advantage of me.


I was mistaken then Azriel, I thought you favored HoM over PCC. My apologies.

Are you still using PCC with EQ from time to time?


lol no apologies necessary :slight_smile:
I do favor HOM over PCC, if I had to choose one. But I don’t.
So there useful for different goals. Right now I’m running PCC in custom during a healing phase,
and to navigate my way in ‘shark filled waters’ of a work situation.
HOM is much larger than PCC so with my current stack it makes more sense.
I’m also in a more ‘introverted’ phase of subliminals.
I’ll stack it back in in the new year.


I can see why it could be demoralizing, and no need to read the book if you run PCC for that matter.

That’s exactly the point
The intention of the book was to give good people a chance and savy when it comes to how things actually operate, not how we’d like to believe they operate. The example used historically are extreme to illustrate a point but subtler versions of them play out all the time and all around us. I see the book like one way to view things that may create perceptions, results, and openings for action I otherwise would not have seen. That’s how I try to take most ‘philosophies’.

I also understand a concern about viewing things through a lens of those rules becoming neurotic and can see the potentially demoralizing nature of the book reinforcing that.

In my experience, and if you read any of the journals of PCC, that’s just not the effect PCC seems to have. I’m not filtering through any sense of the rules. I’m acting with positive intention, and just have an instinct about relating to people in my life and how to relate to them.

Anyway I really don’t even like it that much, it’s just a cool sub and great for what it does, and I’m running it for a set time. For most of my long term goals, I’d take HOM over it any day.


When and where would you use PCC? For what purpose? If I may know, please.


As sales page says, knowing when people are trying to manipulate you and use these tactics as well as being able to employ them yourself. It’s always useful but in certain industries and circles even more so. Can see through people and the games they play and also help you create your own grand schemes.


Currently, am running PCC with Emperor. And boy is it a blast. Emperor alone made me feel like the King of kings internally. But PCC is the title which made me manifest that feeling of Imperial Power outward.

Now, when I talk to people, I don’t shy away from expressing myself. Am more confident that I have the right thing to say. My voice projects well and is deeper. Am witty, charming but also dangerous.

Emperor + PCC also changed my walking and standing posture. Am more upright because I feel high status within and without.

PCC is truly controlled but righteous power. Am so glad am running it. Have plans to add Medici to Emperor and PCC later down the line.


Thanks a lot, guys! :slight_smile:



Ain’t you too aggressive in manifesting that feeling of Imperial Power? Is it well-balanced?


@Voytek - absolutely! I feel totally in control. I thought I would end up being Machiavellian. But infact I feel positively powerful and powerfully positive.


Why do you want to add HoM to it? Wouldn’t it be too much? What listening routine are you going to use for those three titles?


@Voytek - I wouldn’t be adding it anytime soon. Will be a couple of months later. Maybe even a year later. By then, Emperor and PCC will be so ingrained in me that adding Medici won’t be too much.

Overstacking only happens when we play multiple titles together all in the first go. For example if I played Emperor and PCC and HoM from Day 1.


It makes sense to me. Playing Emperor and PCC later on (with HoM) would be only a refresher of those programs and HoM will be probably the main focus. Correct me if I’m mistaken, please.


@Voytek - yes. If I first play Emperor for a while and then add PCC to EQ, they will both integrate well with each other. In the same way, after playing Emperor and PCC for a while, adding HoM to them both will integrate all 3 of them well.


Wow, I did not even know you added PCC in your stack, wonderful! What’s your EQ PCC ratio? 1 = 1?

Aside from being socially aware, did it also help you with inner game, and attraction? I understand this is not the main point of PCC, but something tells me there should be attraction in there, correct me if I’m mistaken.


So your running Emperor and PCC, and will add HOM later?