You motivate me!
Stay strong pacman you can do this…:fist:


Interesting, many different Khan users have reported this. From what it seems Khan makes you overlook your actions and see how you can improve them afterwards. Like scripting to evolve yourself in various ways.

Mind sharing how the switch to Q affected your results?


Hello, I had to go for a while and now can answer. It’s hard to say much about the content. BUT the potency, easy.

Pre-Q would need 6-8 loops to ‘feel’ something, post-Q even 2 loops is enough, 4 is really great, and with 8 I feel like it’s just a bit past ‘too much’. So a lot shorter listening time, and I think a lot deeper results also. More hard-hitting. I used to stack a lot more, after this update I just realized… it got to being too much. But interestingly this was because I got some hints of results and suddenly thought to myself, I think this was a ‘new breakthrough’… and perhaps if I focus more I’d have more of these…

That is what happened. Furthermore, I realized my unconscious had been trying to tell me all along that I was listening to too many things and should chill out and listen to one program of this sort and not stack Khan with other programs with similar yet conflicting goals, at least not with the number of things I was putting into my head.

So, faster results, and deeper and more hard-hitting results along with more breakthroughs and deeper realizations for me, was what Khan Q brought to the table. I think it’s a lot stronger, but hard to say if anything in the content changed… maybe it did? I’m not sure. Eg the limitless is super strong because I could see myself paying attention to and modeling things when looking at content that were useful for me, so well that I could see all the right details, etc and just incorporate it. Not sure how it’d have been before, not sure if the limitless has been changed to QL, etc. First stage also, not sure what changes are made, just that everything is a lot stronger and not just ‘stronger’ but also perhaps working on the ‘deeper’ levels.

I hope this helps.


I am really glad to hear that! =)

Stay strong pacman you definitely will do this!!!

PS I have just listened to the first loop today. Wasn’t sure about it first but now I decided to do a 2nd loop. I am imbued with a lot more physical energy. Did some stretches and it felt like the session went really well, like I could stretch all the right spots and muscles… great.

Right before it a client had to go for work and I said let’s reschedule. I was doubting whether 7AM is too early but the voice in my head said “say yes” and I listened. The client was obviously happy. Cool :smiley: and then I listened to the first loop.

Other things… the mess in my room right now (I am in the process of moving to a different country) did not bother me at all, or very little - like there’s a huge shield - while at the same time I had a feeling of ‘you deserve to live in a better condition’ and a drive to clean up a bit. After I write this gonna do that more.

And… feeling focused. Got some cool ideas on what to do how to progress my ideas. I will also do it as follows: write a journal on my laptop > omit some parts that are confidential and then share it here

I am really happy so far with everything. Really cool it seems. I also want to stick with it for a month or so before I invest in a second custom, just like when dealing with a multistage.

Oh another very interesting thing to report: I have a desire to only have eyes for my girl. I dont even want to think of another ever. And I hate it because khan kinda makes that hard… it’s like I’m always open to picking more. Last night during some other practices I realized why… 10000 women go to 1 deserving man. So, long as you are on top of your shit and the king of your own world, don’t be surprised if your woman only has you on her mind while your mind sometimes wanders around with thoughts of impregnating every piece of ass around.

So anyways, I dislike this. Today I consciously told myself that I am not interested in this at all! That I have one woman and I only want her on my mind and in my eyes. Well, it seriously appears as though the subliminal just adjusted as I willed it to, the results did for sure. It’s beautiful.

While with the non-name-embedded ones I could not have such choices. It just created resistance and confusion… but now it’s like I can much more easily guide the process. Could be placebo, could be just how it’s designed and coming with the nature of the name-embedded titles. Cool! I love it.


Actually did 3 loops.

This morning I decided to buy Mogul Q… first EoG was on my mind but Fire had told me Mogul would make this golden for wealth (and money is still not as abundant as I’d like it to be so esp considering I want to buy a custom soon down the line…), so I just added that instead. Furthermore, stacked QL Q to see what happens since I can still do 3 subs for sure and it matches my goals (anyone’s I’d imagine)! I do want to get a custom with those in it but for now, let’s start this way =).


Share your mogul experiences whrn u ready…


Sure will. Never used mogul till now so it’ll be interesting


The conscious guidance of the sub is cool.

So if I understand correctly your doing a custom with Khan and your stacking
Mogul and QL?

Which stage of QL are you doing?
Can you share what Fire said specifically in regards to Mogul vs. EOG?



Yes I am doing this, ST4 of QL Q.

Fire just told me that Khan doesn’t have as much wealth scripting as Mogul, Stark or Emperor. But if I want to focus on wealth manifestation also I can just add some loops of Mogul and I’ll be golden. So nothing about EOG vs Mogul but I just decided for myself that it’s better I go with Mogul for now until I manifest enough wealth that I can easily afford EOG and my next custom :D!

Your Personality Type


Yes I am doing this, ST4 of QL Q.

Fire just told me that while Khan doesn’t have as much wealth scripting as Mogul, Stark or Emperor the sexual energy is a beast by itself (I also know parts of Mogul and Emperor are in it… not sure if in Khan ST4 Q Core as well but I’m asking about that…)

And he said if I want to focus on wealth manifestation also I can just add some loops of Mogul and I’ll be golden. So nothing about EOG vs Mogul but I just decided for myself that it’s better I go with Mogul for now until I manifest enough wealth that I can easily afford EOG and my next custom :D!


Very cool,

that makes sense, there is some Mogul in Khan so running a few extra loops would fit right in.
EOG might rock the boat more.

Lets us know what you hear, the more definitive info on these things the better. From my asking Saint, he said the core is the entirety of the store program and subsequently stage I would assume.

Have you run QL Stages 1-3 or you jumping right it?

If so would also love to hear about that :slight_smile: Your benefiting your life through inspired and aligned experimentation can then benefit the forum.


Hello brother,

You’re right indeed yes.

Gotcha… that’s what I thought based on the FAQ on the Q store too… must be the case…

I did run QL 1-3 before, I think going straight to st4 is not smart at all.

However, I just decided to remove QL Q again. Just stick with Mogul Q and Khlassified Q Terminus. I think it’s best to wait till I get some solid results from these before adding QL Q . Plus I don’t really ‘need’ QL Q right now. So I’ll wait and just stick with 2 subs for the time being.

PS I dont want to waste their time. I think from the looks of it that Khan ST4 Core Q does contain what was in Khan ST4. That’s what I’d expect. So will just try it out and see how it goes!


Sooo I decided to add QLQ back in for some reasons - I know it will make it a bit heavier… I realize it may be my trying to add more in to dodge certain things the sub wants me to do… but not quite sure. It feels like me figuring out a way to accomplish my goals in a better more effective and efficient way by adding this into the mix so I can study and learn better. I’ll stick with it but only this at least for a month, and then reassess and see maybe I can make a 2nd custom :smiley:


That seems to be the consensus with QL

You could always do QL, every other day for it’s benefits, without diluting the stack to much.

that’s interesting, I could totally see that.

Adding something else to further cover an important element of your life-Is like covering a wider base may slow initial results, but has arguable more potential for long term life change.


I decided to ask for a refund on Mogul and go for EoG instead (more long-term thinking). So accordingly my next custom order will be 3 months from now hopefully. Feel free to call me a sub-hopper it’s okay.

I’m super pissed though. Sad… had some issues with my brother a while back. I’m sure he is the one in the wrong. He asked me a question, and I just was answering by building up to it then he suddenly lashed out and said “just answer the question” or something like this, and I was like “well I’m answering” and then anyway, this I show it started. It was really shitty.

Today my mom is asking me to call him and say goodbye (I am traveling) and I just do not want this. I feel it’d be me giving my power away. I tried to talk with him right after, I mean I messaged and said my point of view and asked him to share his, and he just said “okay tnx” or something like this… so this shows me he doesn’t value our relationship the same way.

I feel he’s jealous of me for some reasons. I noticed sometimes we’d talk and every time I open my mouth he has this ‘smile’ on his face. He did some nice things for me in the past and helped me pull myself outta some shitty situations but it’s like my success bothers him the most sometimes… I can understand it but I hate it. At least this is my side of the story.


And my mom also said this about a woman who was kinda like my therapist. She offered her services for free… but towards the end it felt like she also can’t stand me rising too far above my situation. Sometimes people are like this because of their own reality being shaken up too much if you succeed too much too fast… id make huge progress and she’ d make some comments to fuck it up.

Anyway, I don want to get into whole story my hands hurt right now as I type this - it’s ugly

but… I wanted to vent somewhere, and I dont think it has to be private. Plus I’m sure the Khlassified with Khan in it has a lot to do with how I can’t stand ‘being the bigger guy’ as society calls it, or from what I’d call it, lowering my own value by contacting my brother again - or putting myself at risk of being exposed to some shitty things again by my therapist by contacting her. Anyways, idk maybe you read this you think I’m crazy, it’s Oka y- I’m just not getting into the whole thing so it may sound like blabbering of a sick mind :smiley: so anyways, crazy shit

Maybe I’m also listening to too many loops of my custom :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that I went for EoG. Long-term thinking and abundance mindset IMO… also I could have just downloaded it for free. In fact I did this long ago and I’m super glad I didn’t stick with it . Maybe I didn’t because it was so weird getting something for making wealth and then not being able to pay that much even for it, not trusting that I can make it back and a lot more .This feels right. It is the only multistage I haven’t listened to until ST4 so far… I look forward to this journey.

New stack is

ALSO now I am doing some practices for my health. Discovered a heating pad (electric one) that I almost put away and dint bring with me would be so useful… will bring it with me. Using it now to relax my muscles in the back. I sustained some injuries after someone betrayed me. Another long story… :smiley: another one that by referring to I probably make myself look like a crazy person cuz I dont feel like getting into it

Anyways - this journal must be super relatable right about now :rofl:


Did yiou do Alchemist? if So what was your overall impression?

If your inspired and called to run EOG and you keep your stack to Khan, EOG, QL–it could work quite well.

What’s your experience having finished QL stage 4, my focus is already incredible since Emperor, I’m curious if the quality and clarity of your thinking significantly boosted? or where do you see the results the most with QL?


I did yes :wink: It is great! My overall impression is it is excellent at what it is meant to do. I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes, and now I added EOG and QL in the next custom I’d like to include them

My focus now is a lot better. And yes, I do think it did. Hard to say where I stacked it a lot but I was pretty much the brain and the brawn in the work. I recall we did a project which was like consulting work, and I was leading my team and when challenges came up I was being like John Nash up in this biatch. Teammates were like staying on hold for me to do my thing. I was able to model things in a very beautiful way and find the best solution to problems. That was pretty cool. Also well, this isnt necessarily QL it’s also me cuz I was top student before I used subs too, but eg an exam had a question we had never done, I complained to the school on behalf of us all… .half the class failed, half almost failed, but I got like 86/100. The school was using the fact that I got 86 as excuse that nothing was wrong with the exam. But yeah, I recall also before subs once only I passed and all the rest failed and complained the lecturer sucked, when I almost got full score, or perhaps actually full score… not sure which. But yes, I think the ‘creative modeling’ incident had to do with QL. Also my reading speed, etc has improved and I love that.

In short: I can’t say where QL helped where it was just good ol’ me… :smiley: the creative modeling thing I think QL definitely helped.

Also, I want to add: Productivity training
Feels like yesterday I was being trained in productivity. It was awesome. I was getting some work done. Then part of me was like “okay now go surf the web and waste time” and after 5 seconds “now you should be working, go back to work now!” and this happened like 10-15 times. Normally it wouldn’t have been like this I think so frequent but also I’d not have been so aware of it. It felt like the habit was being taken to an extreme in order to show me what happens when I dont do what I should be doing, in order to reduce the likelihood of me wasting time. It was like the annoying nature of this was taken to its limit so I would stop doing it essentially

Learning how to chill and guidance
I received guidance throughout my sleep, via. a dream, to spend more time in a relaxed way cleaning up.
Another thing also was received, like another important tip for me to take into account: [omitted]


Did it clarify your path, or help integrate the different goals of your life into a more unified purpose?

QL sounds awesome, I look forward to running it down the line.


It’s the kinda thing I don’t want to get into too much honestly, but it did what its’ supposed to do. My goals of life were already very crystal clear thanks to what I had been doing and as far as subs are concerned, Khan for 3-4 months. Alchemist helped in achieving them though. Helped me get on the path and progress rapidly.


Which music player are you using?