VLC but the pic above is from iTunes


Decided to go with 3 loops instead per day

The recon is real


Mmm did some sweet meditating sorta thing in bed… I feel a lot better now.


last night I ended up looking at a lot of horror stuff.

Also, I decided to get back at the person who betrayed me so I wrote a review on Google. This person didn’t just do it out of the blue though, so maybe they were promised safety by some people pretty influential in the Netherlands, some intelligence agencies etc. It’s a long ass story but I decided I have t get back. Part of why is I was reading a book called Think Big, and I came across this mindset but then I reflected on it at first I was like no it’s not true but eventually I realized I have to do this.

I was afraid parts of me were afraid what would happen, will I get sued? Will they try to fuck with me? Will they try to ruin my reputation? I realized it’s bigger than me, however. There may be other innocent people like me in the past or future who have had their freedom and right to health fucked with by these people.

It’s funny the idiot responded to my review by copy pasting one of my messages after the fact to try and prove something. (?!) It makes no sense when I look at it though. What a chode. Really a shame how some people are so dumb.

Also I noticed massive relaxation when walking around, compared to before I’d say now I am… eg if before I was 5/10 relaxed now I’m 8/10 relaxed. It’s nice. Also getting lots of looks, etc. Anyways… what else… also yesterday decided to call my brother and say goodbye to him. He couldn’t talk but sent me a long message much friendlier than I expected. I had to let out a big sigh as I was walking around at night. [omitted].

Now I’ll take 2 days rest… Wondering if I should use the Terminus custom maybe with some rest days in-between instead of listening every day. How about the Q strength ones then? Not sure lots of questions.


Does it feel good to get back at someone who betrayed you? I personally forgive those who have betrayed me.


Believe me I tried many times. But then it’s like it just had to be done. This was too big a deal and his response shows it’s not really the best situation to just forgive. I had to at least do this.

Most important thing is acceptance. Forgiving is good.

But you know, this was a huge deal. It wasted years of my life, has created lots of pain for me, it was very traumatic. It only feels good because part of me like my self-esteem, is rising, because part of me wanted me to respond appropriately.

And his response just shows what a dumb piece of shit he is :smiley:


Dont listen to Terminus every day.

Take a break as recommended. No point doing it every day. Maybe eventually it changes as one builds up but… I think it’s much better to do as recommended ahaha


Yep. I just finished the 2-loop every other day week. Now this week will start introducing 3-loop days. Probably maxing out at three loops every other day as SubClub recommended.


All going great.
I am extremely productive which makes me not want to write here, I feel a bit bad about coming here even just wanna go back to doing the things I gotta do, I gotta keep that journal though, Will try to update often but still, productivity is really important for me now. I noticed when I took the weekend break it was through the roof.

Terminus: give breaks


Had a crazy dream

I was a bout to cheat on my GF

and it really helped me realize how disgusting it would be

and… in the midst of it I managed to realize how I’d feel really guilty etc and pull out

it feels bad because feels like I knew in the dream I have a gf etc and jus ignored it, but I guess that’s just my unconscious, and I think Khan wasnt helping with this. But either way, I’m glad I could sort this out with my unconscious. It was amazing. Very graphic and weird dream, it got REALLY weird at some points but I think that was necessary in order to help me get to this place. Now I feel soooo much more certain in my interactions with women.

I think this comes from how Khan encourages you to look at all women in a certain way and fuck them all, and well I was actively fighting against this with my conscious intent but now it’s like my unconscious is getting on the same track with me. Lovely.

I wish I hadn’t even dreamt of it to this extent but ah well. :confused: I guess it’s just how it had to go. Here we are now. Nobody said being a man would be easy.


What’s in your Custom, are you running it solo?