King - Mind's Eye Terminus^2 + Mogul Q [STACKED]


Completed my first personal website for my portfolio.

Another 2 more to go by the end of the month - will estimate 1 week per website including both designing and building.


Subliminal break day today. No subs at all. Looking forward to Q-Store to see what I need.

Dreamt yesterday my SP accepted a marriage proposal on air from a rival. Dream felt so real. Wouldn’t want it to be real of course, but if my dreams are really a reflection of the future, then it means I can determine my future by controlling my dreams.

Also dreamt about lending somebody a rucksack as she wanted to go backpacking- but I could not meet the person, and she asked me to leave the rucksack at the gate so that she could collect it herself.


I somehow realised that there is a lot of physical , mental and emotional energy that is trapped in me and expressed in the form of bodily fat and inertia.

Have to find a way to transmute the trapped energy.


Rest day today.

Spent most of my time over the past few days designing and building my 2nd sample website for my portfolio.

This is a redesign of an existing website and will be much more complicated than my 1st sample website.

I feel that I’ve already picked up quite a lot of new stuff in just over a week.

I will need to learn how to extract data feeds using 3rd party APIs.

As a non-coder, this is a steep learning curve but I will learn it no matter what in order to achieve my end goals.

The motivation to learn is undeniable and I have been unable to sleep at night if I don’t make minor corrections to my sample websites when I spot errors.


Its strange but suddenly this forum’s interface seems to look different. The words seem to be bigger or the fonts are different.

I had to check my browser settings to see that I didn’t accidentally change the size settings.

I don’t know - something just feels different when I stare at my screen.Or perhaps my eyes are just tired.

Update: That strange feeling lasted for 30 seconds to a minute. I think it’s normal now.


Dreamt that someone I haven’t been on contact with for over year and who still owes me a large sum of money was very very nice to me and gave two large green vegetables asking me to accept them, saying that it was his form of an apology and that he had finally succeeded in life.


I continued to run Mogul and Mind’s Eye today.

I am closing in on my first client for my freelance website design and build gig - the client runs a pet services outlet which is interestingly patronized by my sister. He knows my sister’s dog very well. Anyway it is interesting since I have known him for a long time but not through my sister.

Just addressed a query on import of nitrile gloves. The market for medical equipment is very competitive now, but I am just happy if I can just make one deal a month since minimum orders are over a million and I can easily resolve a lot of my financial worries.

I will decide on a my customized subliminal stack soon. Very important goal for me is physical healing of my neurological disorder.


Seriously considering purchasing Limiting People Remover in my custom sub.

I find it very very difficult for me to advance with my own goals living with negative people who put me down whenever I talk about my goals in my life. I understand that it is out of concern about my own situation, but they view it from a very narrow perspective and offer limited solutions without bothering to understand the context of my situation.


My 2nd sample website is now complete except for the portion requiring data feeds from external API, which requires me to spend more funds on external help which I do not have for a self-commissioned project.

Anyway, I am satisfied with it so far - it is much more organized and looks better than the first sample project. Also, I spent a little more than one week on this to design and build the website, so am I quite happy with it.

The lines from Genesis 1:31 have been running in my head for the past 2 days - “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good”.

On to my client meeting next week as well as my next sample project.


Did Mind’s Eye help you to visualize the websites CSS before creating it? From reading Mind’s Eye description it should totally do that. Just like Nikola Tesla visualized and created all of his inventions within the Mind’s Eye and never had to make a prototype. I’ve created websites before and I always end up wasting hours on end perfecting the CSS.


Actually I was able to slightly visualize the layout of the website - so maybe Mind’s Eye helped. However, I also referred to the layout of some other websites I liked as a reference.

I am actually using Figma to visually design my website and Webflow to actually build it. The latter operates on a WYSIWYG model and requires very little coding knowledge (unless you want to build a very complicated website).

Reaching the Tesla level of visualization is one of my main goals long-term.


Seems similar to Wordpress, I used to make websites in notepad because that’s what they taught me in school, it becomes a real mess, trust me.

Just a second ago I looked up Figma, seems pretty handy to work with.

Here’s an example for a website that I made some months ago, it’s missing some pieces but as you can see it’s not that in-depth either, it was more of a funnel to get clients.

Same here, although I’m already a intermediate visualizer, I wouldn’t say my capabilities are anything near that. I have a daily visualization practice where I clearly see and feel flaming blue pentagrams and white spheres. If Mind’s Eye really does what it says it does, I would notice it in an instant. It’s one of the programs I’ll be testing out in the future.


By the way with Wordpress I was lacking some configurations, would you say that Figma gives you more customization and so on?


Figma is very much similar to Sketch and Adobe Illustrator. They are used by designers to produce an artistic representation of the website.

Webflow serves similar functions as Wordpress. However for Wordpress, it seems either that you rely a lot on templates or have to spend time hand-coding. For Webflow, you can customize your website more without relying on templates or hand-coding. As its a WYSIWYG program, it is very suitable for designers and developers who wish to spend more time on the visual design aspect of the web design and build project.


Awesome @King I really appreciate those insights as I was looking for a new website-developing tool. Currently working on the development of a new company for a product-based business and an online course platform, which will need a more smooth and in-depth interface.

It was on my mind some days ago, and then I let it go. Manifestations always come unexpected :slight_smile:

I’ll be looking into Figma!


I’m addressing my neurological issues and mind’s eye through my customized subliminal.

It should be easier for me to visualize when my displaced mind’s eye problem is addressed.


Sure, glad to help.


Surely Mind’s Eye would be a great help here. Lately I can continue my dream when I’m going to the bathroom at night, in order to do that I need to stay into the hypnotic state I’m in, and in order to do that I leave out all lights going to the bathroom. This is a good exercise for anyone taking action on visualization, if you know your house well and are able to visualize then all it takes it a clear mind, body orientation and some focus. Exercises like the latter are very good to take action on your visualization abilities besides, it’s never a good thing to use lights at night as they reduce the DMT created in your Pineal Gland leaving you awake at night.

So, from now on you can try to spook through the house at night without using the lights :slight_smile:


You just reminded me of this. I’ve had 2 or 3 of such experiences over the past 2 years while running Sub Club subliminals. They don’t happen often though.


Lately dreams have been so vivid, that whenever I wake up from a dream I can start the dream all over.

By the way I literally just made an account on Figma and then I saw 11:44 on my laptop. Once more no coincidences, when you manifest, just follow the numbers.