King's Subliminal Journey


Day 5: 1 x Commander
2 x Accession

Slightly more motivated and productive today.


It seems like there are so many people running Dragon now.


Day 5: 1 x Commander
2 x Accession (I think I can take an additional 1 or 2 loops.)

Getting bored reading this forum, with little interest in reading those Dragon Reborn journals.

Will focus on my immediate goals.


I dreamt that someone in this forum had read through all the posts I had ever made and wrote a long commentary on this forum about how my thoughts and writing had developed/evolved.

MECHARC - Marathon to the top

Day 5: 1 x Executive
2 x Accession


Why do I see so much Dragon-related stuff these days?

Been looking at all the thread titles with containing word “dragon”

Let me guess what titles I will see next:

“Enter the Dragon: My journey towards martial arts prowess”

“Emperor : My quest to be seated on the Dragon Throne”

“Dragon Lady: Rebirth of the Pheonix”

“Breath of Fire: My ultimate quest to be the most eloquent man in the world”

Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima

i realised that I had tried the ladder experiment last week and it succeeded as I had to climb a ladder a few days ago.


It’s probably related to the Dragon Reborn new multi-stage subliminal


Woah! The Enter The Dragon and Dragon Throne are sweet title ideas.

Also, that account of Napolean Bonaparte is fascinating. Did you read it from a biography of him? A book recommendation would be nice.

And yes, I share your opinion regarding Freedom. Financial, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Sexual and Spiritual Freedom.


Nah, it was written by someone on Quora.

Napoleon never wrote any memoir or autobiography.Would be good if he had.


Why freedom is important to me.


How is your Custom going, not too dense?


Day 6:

1 x Executive
1 x Accesion


Day 7:

1 x Accession.

Skipped one day of listening to subs and in a way I think it did me some good.


I’ve had this recurring fragment of my imagination recently where I imagine myself just simply walking out of my house with car keys in my hands, getting into a car and simply driving it.

In real life, I wouldn’t even want to put myself in the driver’s seat. Not to mention my poor sense of spatial awareness, horrible sense of direction, slow reflexes and bad motor-coordination stop me from doing it.

I wonder how I managed to pass my driving test actually.

I haven’t driven a car for a long time since I got into a motor-accident about ten years ago, and not being able to drive car (or least not having the confidence to) has impacted my overall confidence in life , my masculinity as well as being a “protector”.

It’s one of these obstacles that I have to clear sooner or later if I want to move forward in my life.

I’ve lived most of my life by going round the problems created by dyspraxia, but I think it’s about time I did something about this.

It would be great if I could really just get into the driver’s seat of a car and just drive the car without worrying about 10,000 things. That should be one of my goals and an indication that I’ve regained my confidence.

Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima
I don't believe this! (Massive Behaviour change)

Have you tried Talladegah Nights therapy?


Ok, I don’t think there is no necessity to go down that rabbit hole with ideas of ancestral energies or ancestral curse.

Richard Dawkins has a better explanation that I find more plausible. This explanation at least takes away the blame on our forefathers for our current woes.



I have to make my bank account run a subliminal so that it doesn’t fear the consequences.


Mind sharing your listening pattern with Accession, have you had any extreme reconciliation so far?


No reconcilation.

Just feeling peaceful.