King's Subliminal Journey


How noticeable is the effect of Ascended Mogul in your Custom? Sure, it’s only been three weeks and you have constructed a very intricate Custom, I’m wondering how that affects the presence of Ascended Mogul in its Archetype.

Could you please elaborate if possible?


My overseas business partners want to talk about recapitalizing the Nordic goods promotion business.

Feeling numb about it since the major shareholder himself is not really interested in moving it ahead anymore, while the other business partner who is a minor shareholder has always been full of bull but takes little action on stuff.

Not expecting much from the conversation but will see.


Nothing stops you from taking more action and moving things ahead.
You are picking up on peoples weak points. All you need to do is fill in their gaps.


Decided to go down to the healing and financial stability road and thus tried running Dragon Rebirth ST1 2 weeks ago and then stacked Mogul with Dragon Rebirth ST1 one week ago.

Saturday has been the start of my five-day subliminal run since 2 weeks ago.

Probably because I’m not sensitive to energy, I don’t think I really felt anything while running Dragon Rebirth. At least no fire coursing through my body, no headaches, no surges in energy.

I’ve decided that it’s a waste of time for me to want to experience all that stuff anyway - I should just focus on my goals.

Anyway, in the past week, I met up with a friend who was really interested helping me to advance my creative career and wanted to see if I was willing to take on small-scale web design jobs from his friends, in return for myself doing a portrait photoshoot for him.

I also ordered a Lightbox as I had a strong urge to start a product photography business focusing on e-commerce, and I would add on image SEO services to differentiate myself from my competitors.

One thing that had struck me when I was deep in my thoughts yesterday was that certain advances in technology gave me the confidence to engage in activities I never thought I would engage in because of the level of technical mastery involved prior to the development of the technology.

Mirrorless camera technology to an extent gave me confidence and helped me to master photography more easily than if I was learning how to shoot with the DSLR or film camera by trial and error.

Web development technologies that don’t require much coding to create websites are a big help to someone like me who doesn’t have the aptitude for programming.

Lightbox technology that eliminates the need for the set-up of complex lighting systems is enabling me to take up product photography and speed up my learning curve for mastery.

Also, while I’m still engaged in the production of commercial reports, yesterday I had a strong inner voice telling me to just try releasing one of my commercial reports to the public domain for free as potential clients would want to assess the quality of my reports before purchasing something from me.

I felt that was like a leap of faith but decided to try it nevertheless.

Finally, the marketing of my commercial reports by my business partner is gaining some ground. I think there should be some interest when he starts the advertising on my side, even though I have been asked to contribute an article on his website to help promote my commercial report.


I hardly have any urge to read other people’s journals these days as everyone is different, and subliminal stacks that work for other people may not necessarily work for me , and vice versa.

So I have to just trust in myself and I will surely get somewhere after a period of trial and error.


I will keep a looping format of 1 X DR and 3-4X Mogul over 5 days until the end of the month at least.

Recently I have been very much thinking about my product photography business and about the steps I should take move it forward in consideration of my current resources and abilities.

This is going to be a big disruptor if I plan it well.


Subliminal break day.

I am somehow amazed I am still alive and haven’t committed suicide or gone into a mental institution with the type of circumstances I live in.

I only have one wish on my mind - to run away, work overseas and start life afresh. Willing to give everything up.

If I can’t change my environment, I will have to leave it.


I can either run away from my environment or gain power to rise up against my circumstances.

There are two options - have to think carefully.


The circumstances some people deal with can be truly abysmal.
I get the sense your a strong person who deals with a lot on your own.
Is it the financial aspect and lack options and work that make the circumstances so difficult or what in particular if your open to sharing?


I think unwillingly have to spend the rest of my life watching out for a mentally-unstable relative who is like a stranger to me and having to make sacrifices such as not going out when she is alone at home is stressful enough.

Coming from a family with history of mental illness, plus being on the autistic disorder spectrum myself…I wonder which of the Gods I had offended before I was born.

Would rather not elaborate on the rest - though financial worries have been a big thing for quite a fair bit of time.

Lots of baggage from the past that I find hard to let go, especially in my society where failure is despised, and being an entrepreneur is discouraged until you become successful.

Been running Dragon Reborn along with Mogul - still nothing I really wish to report here. I write a private journal of my own now but mostly its about dreams and just innermost thoughts.


Sorry to hear it’s so rough.

I really hope DR and Mogul make the difference your looking for along with
your conscious actions.

I also hope you can find ways to enjoy parts of the day even if overall it’s stormy waters.

Looking forward to hearing what you wish to report when you wish to report it.


Thank you.

Your words are very much appreciated.


Good luck, if we have to believe @Azriel, the combination of Mogul and Dragon Reborn should dissolve everything standing in your way to become a successful entrepreneur.

I’ll be following your journal closely.


Subliminal Break Day 2

Been nursing a cold and still struggling with all the negative thoughts coming in non-stop. Is this reconcilation or stonewalling? I am actually looking forward to running my DR/Mogul stack over the next 5 days from tomorrow.

I would have completed 20 days of DR ST1 over the next 5 day subliminal run - that means I need 3 more 5 day subliminal runs to complete DR ST1. Hopefully I get something out of that soon.

In the meantime, I have been exploring my options again for a full-time position - whatever I have been doing now would be considered “side income” since the income from all that has been unstable.

I realise that I need an extra boost of confidence to make up for my lack of experience since I would most likely be switching to a new industry.

I have also slightly become interested in Chinese metaphysics again.


I need to get rid of a lot fundamental limiting beliefs before I can work on my manifesting goals.


Thank you, @SaintSovereign. This is a very encouraging. As you may know, I’m not a fan of success stories of people with a networth of $900,000 becoming milionaires.

Self-improvement is for EVERYONE, regardless of who you are. If you are seeking growth, we’re here to help. Period, no exceptions. The notion that you can’t build a business, or become a CEO, etc. because of who you are is NOT an acceptable thought at SubClub. This isn’t a “politically correct” statement – it’s the truth. I have many successful and/or rich colleagues and that circle consists of people from all walks of life. I grew up in abject poverty. People told me my entire life that I wouldn’t amount to much. That’d I’d never go to college, never run a business, never have anything.


I’m a lost cause by many standards too,

But no point complaining - we just have to do what we can given our circumstances.


I recently had dinner with a friend of mine who is quite influential in some areas due to her family background as well as her academic achievements. I ended up promising to help her with some parts of her business such as product photography and website development. I also told her that I would help her with some referrals.

On her part, she said she would introduce me to a friend who was running some investigative due diligence firm who might have need of somebody with my background and skillset. The compensation for such work is quite good, so I will see how this plays out.


Your story and your thinking encourage me @King. Thank you for sharing it.


Thank you for this.

It has been a rough journey for me.