King's Subliminal Journey


Subliminal Break Day.

Feeling so far away from my goals of being free from stress, depression and worries in all areas of my life.

I picture myself in a cold wintry landscape in Siberia, where I have to still have a long way before I can walk out of the quagmire I am in. I know that sooner or later, everything will be behind me, but for now, I need to bear with it and continue walking. Every single step taken forward is a single step towards freedom.

It’s interesting but this seems to be first time I am portraying my situation in such a metaphorical term. And oh yes, I can see that bleak wintery scene in my mind, and feel myself dragging myself across that wintry landscape as I type.

I am doing this for myself and my parents and loved ones and hope that they would understand and have a little bit more patience before things start turning around.

I have to trust in Dragon Reborn - next week will be a milestone when I complete 30 days of running Dragon Reborn ST1.

Sometimes I really admire those people who have had the resources and right environment to achieve their goals at a young age, but ah well, this world isn’t fair.


(The article below is not fiction, neither is it non-fiction. I aim to read this everyday as part of the “living in the end” exercise that I will work on while I run my subliminals.)

I am grateful that I am working in Wonderland as a staff of CAI. Many people have helped me get this job. I never expected that I would be working in this wonderful city again even though many things have changed. However, Wonderland is still the place to be.

I really love the apartment that I stay in - it is the type of housing I always wanted to live in. It’s exciting and exhilarating to see mountains and the city-scape from my window again.

I really love my job in Wonderland and all my colleagues are so supportive. We are a close bunch of people and this company is really like a family. We are all focused on helping the company grow and growing it is, even during such difficult times. Thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication.

I remember when I was feeling so hopeless and didn’t have any goals in my life left.Now those days are over and I have been here for 6 months and look forward to the great life in a great city and a great future for myself.

I love mentoring and motivating the younger employees. I have been through a lot in my career. I have been through so much in my personal and professional life that I just want to share with them my growth journey and what I have learnt.

I’m also grateful that I get to represent the company at various business councils as well as the local Chamber of Commerce. My social standing has improved much and I am happy at the progress. In fact, I’ve been given lots of opportunities to take up leadership positions in the community here.

I am also satisfied with my progress on value investing and improving my predictive and forecasting skills. This is something I always wanted to do and finally I have the time space and opportunity to focus on the markets here - my language abilities have increased to allow me to read investment material in these languages comfortably. The market in this region is something that I have some emotional connection with and it seems like I am getting back some part of my soul.

In fact, being in this city again has brought me many many memories of times past. It was as if this city had never left me. Many things have changed, but many things remain the same even after so many years. Some people that I knew many years ago are still around in this city.

My sister is getting married soon - I am excited about making a trip to her city 600 km away. The rest of my family , including my parents of course will be there and I am excited to see them again.

In fact, I don’t really miss much about the country where I grew up in, apart from my family and some friends.

I also just had a video call from Mum and Pa just now after dinner. Mum has never been happier in her life - all her troubles were in the distant past. We happily discussed my sister’s wedding and how we would be helping her out.

I really love my life here. Dragon Reborn Subliminal and my customized subliminal have worked wonders in changing my life starting from manifesting my job here. The whole process had seemed so smooth and natural and yet at the same time a bit unbelievable to me. It was like manifestation was working at 200% speed and there were lots of events that seemed like reality had really bent itself.

Anyway, that King who was so anxious, so worrisome and lacked confidence seems to be dead. The new King is a is a different person now - 100 times more confident and capable.

In fact, I feel like a butterfly that has finally come out of a cocoon of 40 years.The birth chart readings are very accurate- that my life would start turning around from 2021.

I feel so free and liberated here - it’s like I trudged out of the wintry landscape that I was writing about on the subliminal forum


Subliminal Break Day.

Excited about running Dragon Reborn and Mogul again tomorrow.

I had a family lunch today it was quite comfortable - nothing controversial erupted, and I was feeling quite comfortable at the gathering. Considering the circumstances we currently live in, I think it was quite a good gathering overall.


Patience. I need a lot of this.

I will get what I want eventually.

Patience, discipline and action.


We will all do. :heart_eyes:


Day 26

I am running 2 X DR + 2 X Mogul as usual.

Still struggling through completing my commercial research report as I noticed some errors in my calculations that need to be revised.

It will take a while more for this go into the market I guess… but that’s the life of the entrepreneur.

I’m slowly moving away from blaming people or parents for my circumstances. There are lots of nasty people who don’t deserve any attention from me anymore, and I don’t want to expend my precious emotional energy on thinking about them when they won’t care anyway.


Great stuff.


Day 27

I will run 2 X DR and 2 X Mogul.

Still walking through the wintry landscape.


I now see DR ST1 as a foundation for other subliminals forthcoming.


It took me many years, but now I realise that my biggest enemy is not others but myself.


While I’ve run 22 days of Mogul, one thing that popped up in my mind today would be the idea of cash flow.

I’ve always having problems with cash flow, and this is something that is badly misunderstood when it comes to the larger context of my financial ability.

I’m not a jobless person pretending to be a entrepreneur/feelancer, which is what my family perceives me to be. I do have work and people wanting me to do stuff for them , but I realised today that my weakness is managing cash flow, and always clinging onto potential customers who promise to bring me on board their projects and yet keep on delaying.

And I have been willingly accepting these delays as I have always seen the value of patience, loyalty and commitment in business. It seems that I am wrong now, and my way forward now is either to be more pushy with my customers or to cut my losses.

If I were to sum up anything that I have learnt in terms of financial management over the past 2 years, it would be managing cash flow. Simple concept, but it took me a while to understand it in the context of my life.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to things turning around this year.

One of my actions tomorrow is to give myself a week to confirm that there is business coming in until the end of the month. That needs I need to do a lot of follow-ups with clients and partners.

I’m tired of people wasting my time. I don’t care now if it’s Christmas or New Year - if they aren’t serious about business relationships then I should just move on.

Worse comes to worse, I will go back into the job market.


Not sure whether this is the right way to approach a goal but one of my goals in my life is to have sufficient confidence to dominate a conversation and out-talk some people in my life who at some point of my life had out-talked me and somehow used charisma, cunning, wit or simply their dominant frame to make me agree with their views or do something for them, while I would cower like a mouse and feel as inferior as possible.

I would like to be able to turn the tables in my next encounter with these people and see the success of this as an indicator of that I have achieved my goals.

I want to have the chance to bang the table… and make people give me “face”.

It would also be a form of emotional closure, so I want to work towards this.

Would Khan or Emperor or Ascended Mogul or Stark be good for this?


PCC is excellent for what you are describing. When I ran it, it made me very charismatic, expressive and fearless


Emperor worked for me.

I’m extremely introverted, but I can take over a conversation if I want to. I can enforce my frame on others now.


Day 28

2 X DR ST1 and 2 X Mogul

Applied for some jobs online, some of which were out of my league. But I don’t lose anything in sending over my CV.


Have you posted your chart anywhere on here?

The sign I know that’s related to international travel is Sagittarius . Would like to see what’s placed in it and so on.

My theory about fortune tellers or similar kinds of people is that they can predict where your life will go if you live on auto-pilot. But if you practice any of the methods of developing awareness, disrupting habit patterns, and living more intentionally, their predictions will often fall apart. I think it’s possible that some of the good ones can pick up unconscious tendencies and then extrapolate based on that.

Sort of a more complex version of how if a guy runs up to you who is bright red, breathing really quickly, with clenched fists, and is yelling and sweaty. Then when you try to talk to him, he keeps running off to yell at people he doesn’t know. You can safely predict: “hmm… you are likely to have blood pressure and heart problems. You’ll have trouble forming vulnerable and intimate friendships and partnerships. You’ll discover that you seem to frequently get into hostile conflicts…” and so on.

But if that guy does some real soul-searching and self-examination, maybe plays a year of Dragon Reborn, he may come back 18 months later and look very different. Then you’ll have to revise your predictions.

Anyway. Is your chart on here anywhere?


I did post my birth chart somewhere on this forum, but I think it was lost among the thousands of posts we have here.

Anyway, I posted something about my chart just yesterday.


Anyway, this is my birth chart.

'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart

Anyway, I also asked for a Chinese purple star reading from someone recently. Always wanted to know if there is somebody around who is well-versed in both Chinese and Western metaphysics to see the commonalities.


The idea about whether we are in control of our own reality and destiny still perplexes me. Especially when people talk about rules of the universe, universal laws etc.