King's Subliminal Journey


Your Neptune sign is Sagittarius. As a restless fire sign, Sagittarius Neptune can find inspiration wherever they go; traveling and constant movement makes them excited about life. They enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, and expanding their knowledge. This sign thrives on uplifting and exciting experiences.

Neptune in Sagittarius natives are constantly on the move and are likely to drop everything for a spontaneous adventure. They aren’t very invested in day-to-day responsibilities or activities; they don’t have the time for boring things.

This sign has to be careful of overstepping boundaries. Since they are well-versed in a lot of topics, they may be very opinionated. Sagittarius Neptune might become obsessed with a social issue or cause that blinds them to the ideas of others on the subject.

I’m supposed to have the travelling star in the Chinese chart too. Well, good old COVID-19 turned everything upside down for me and it seems no more travelling for me.


I dabbled in Purple Star years ago, but never got very far in it.

I see that you’re a double Monkey, double Horse. From the 5-Elements system, seems like you have all of the elements but Earth in your 八字. So, I might imagine that you were advised to add in some earth things to compensate for that.


And looks like your Ascendant and 2nd House are also in Sagittarius. That may have played a role too.

I haven’t looked closely at my Chinese astrology in over 20 years. haha. Sometimes, though, I used to look at those yearly books, 運程, that come out right before the new year. After a while I stopped looking at those too.

Something about the prediction thing was turning me off. I feel like at some point you have to actually live the thing. Like stop predicting it and analyzing it and just live it, you know? But that’s just where I’ve been at personally. I’m not against it in principle or anything. (haha. I’m obviously still thinking about it. Guess it’s more that I just turned the volume down a bit.)

I’ve been thinking that all of these things have internal as well as external expressions. With Sagittarius, for example, just like it represents leaving the boundaries of one’s homeland, it also symbolizes exploring across the boundaries of one’s traditions and conventions. I think it’s fundamentally about expanding the mind. That just happens to include moving to different places. So, I think there’s more than one way to ‘travel’.

Hmm…well, anyway. I’m busy over here trying to work out how to live my own life. I don’t really know what someone else should do. These are just interesting topics.


Well,I guess these days people just have to surf the Internet to find out what is going on in the rest of the world…don’t really need to travel. Though for me, it’s also a form of escape from the chains that seem to be binding me.


Well, I didn’t know it when I was younger, but, like you, I actually do have an important Sagittarius placement that is said to influence me to work, travel, and live overseas. And by the time I was aware of that placement? I had already done that.

I have lived, worked, and raised my children overseas from where I grew up. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in my ‘homeland’. It all happened very organically.

I can accept the idea that sometimes various forces are carrying you in certain directions. I’ve experienced it enough times.

I’ve picked up that you read Chinese over the months that we’ve interacted here.

Ever heard of this tale: 了凡四訓?

It offers a compelling perspective on predestination, fate, and our ability to circumvent it.

I think it’s available online for free.


Yes, I know of the story. A friend of mine used to talk to me about it. My thoughts about Liao Fan’s Four Lessons are that it is basically a story that encourages people to be kind and humble, and then their lives will change.

It sounds like the opposite of the 48 Laws of Power.

I just find that little different from telling you to be a good Christian or Buddhist and your life will change.

I think it may work for some people, but I at the moment, I am tired of being a doormat and being passed over for always being kind and humble.

If I am going to cultivate myself spiritually, the book will very meaningful though.

Perhaps Saint might want to make a subliminal based on this.

By the way, there’s the Chinese equivalent of ”48 Laws of Power“ or Machiavelli’s “The Prince”

Li argued that “A great hero is no more than a person who is impudent and wicked.” According to Li, the wickedest of all was Cao Cao. "I would rather betray someone than be betrayed."

Does Saint know something by referencing Cao Cao in the Mastermind module?


Well, I guess I have done my fair share of travelling in my life. I’ve stayed overseas for much of the last decade, and my working life has spanned the air transport and travel retail industries.

So I will be open to all options and see what comes up next.


Now, how do I use these readings to decide the best sub for myself?

@Azriel @Simon @Malkuth

'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart

Hey man, just seen this; This is wonderful.


Hmm…that is one way of reading it.

But it’s a story about someone who learns about all of this astrology and fate business. He then becomes extremely passive. He sees it all happening and decides ‘what’s the point of contending or striving. Fate is fate’. And so he just kind of goes to sleep.

But then he gets a wake-up call and is given a set of principles for directing his own fate.

Yes, doing so-called virtuous deeds is part of that method. But it’s about much more than ‘being a good person’. It’s basically a 16th century manifestation manual. The purpose of the ‘virtuous deeds’ is to provide moral ballast as one directs one’s life. It’s also to expand the heart and the mind in order to widen the scope of what’s possible.

But at the same time, you’re right. Those virtue principles are pretty straight-forward. Kindness and humility kind of cover it, at least as far as how one interacts. The additional part is about the purpose behind it, how vigorously/energetically one approaches it, and also what one does with one’s mind and attention throughout the entire thing.

It’s kind of like that era’s version of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Interesting stuff.


Just saw that too. It is wonderful.

Okay, enough of what I was typing above. I just wanted to see the chart. hahaha. Don’t want to derail the cool realities you’re manifesting.


Day 29

I will be running 2xDR and 2xMogul today.

Something tells me that I should be running QLST1 in my next round of subliminals as I badly need to overcome the limitations brought about by dyspraxia.

For the whole of my life, this has been the ultimate curse on me and affecting my life in all aspects I must overcome it.

Perhaps a QLST1 and DR ST1 combination.


Thanks I will consider Limitless.


Not sure why I am feeling so angry today. Perhaps it’s unhappiness with my situation - and not like I haven’t taken action at all.


You would be a great surgeon!

Has this field ever picked your interest?


No. I am dyspraxic , slow-thinking and clumsy. Would be the worst surgeon ever.


Mars in Libra in 11th House

King may be indecisive, but he does get things done. He has a large social circle, but not many close friends.He has many friends who are energetic and enterprising. He’s very much focused on the future.

Moon in Aquarius in 3rd House

King has a great memory and often remembers random stuff. He finds comfort and emotional fulfillment in learning. However, he is more concerned about mental functions rather than messy emotions, as he prefers to “think” rather than “feel.” He has a inner need for freedom and independence. He achieves emotional fulfillment when they feel like they are truly themselves, able to be whoever he wants to be.

Saturn in Virgo in 10th House

King will be successful later in life, through perseverance and hard work.He has encountered various authority figures that restrict them from their goals. King will succeed in a career involving government, politics, or being some sort of leader in the public eye.He is talented at strategizing, researching, and record-keeping. He is conservative and cautious, planning deeply into the future. His accuracy and precision is valued in any field that requires detailed work.

Sun in Virgo in 10th House

King bases his ego and self-esteem on whether or not he is achieving his goals.He prefers to be his own boss and wants recognition for the work he does.He’s able to analyze the big picture while also focusing on the small details in projects. However, perfectionism may also be a Virgo’s downfall at work, for he delays projects in order to make them “good enough” in his eyes.


I can relate more to these aspects of my birth chart…

Somehow I feel that the following subliminals would actually be more suitable for me.

House of Medici
Quantum Limitless

No matter how appealing subliminals like Khan appear to be, it will take a long time for myself to actually turn myself into a Khan or Stark.

Now I need to focus on

  1. Building up my finances
  2. Building up my self-confidence .This will improve when my finances improve, and also when I am able to better deal with dyspraxia. I actually don’t need other people to validate my self-worth.

I could possibly aim at Khan + Medici in the 2nd half of this year.


You have a specific time in mind that you think it might take like months or yesrs?


It might take years.