King's Subliminal Journey


Hmmm oh okay of running that specific sub hmmm, ok you think you might go on that journey anytime soon?


Could think about it and maybe just experiment.


Day 30

I will be running 2xDR and 2xMogul today.

By the end of today, I would have completed 30 days of DR ST1.

I plan to continue DR ST1 for another 5-day cycle to conclude the 30 days of listening with Mogul Q, and then after that will decide how I want to proceed.

Main thought running in my head these days is about why people do not get back to me on stuff and why I am always the one doing the approach.


I actually have this deep desire that attractive and successful women would desire me but would want to use business or professional reasons as an excuse to get close to me, and provide me with a lot of help.


Perhaps I should run Executive Limitless everyday to combat my dyspraxia and boost my other subliminals.

But no more subliminals until this Saturday.

I will take the subliminal break to think about my next moves too.


I have been thinking about how people remember things, as sometimes images that are part of an past event that I experienced pop up in my mind. I don’t really react to those scenes as often they are very random images that had no emotional impact on me.

For example, I would out of nowhere get remember a boy in school making a joke in my class. In particular, I would remember where he was standing and where I was sitting.

Or I could remember a classmate answering a teacher’s question and I still remember the exact answer he gave, where he was seated and where the teacher was standing. I could also remember where I was seated.

I always attributed this ability for such old memories to remain in my mind because of a very boring and uneventful life that I believe I have lived, but today I had an urge to explore more of how other people actually handle memories, and whether they can visualize them like me.

I wouldn’t say I am good at visualizing though - I can’t feel that those past images are real now. Perhaps they were real in the past, and I find it hard to imagine a different past. Those images don’t play out in front of me - just like the other imaginations I have, they seem to take place somewhere inside my head and don’t exist in my 3-D reality. They aren’t technicolour either - the colours are very very faint, even though I think I know the direction of light in these images. More importantly, I always had a sense of awareness of where I was standing or sitting in these images, so perhaps I am aware of my body in that imaginary space.

It’s also a strange feeling that I have this notion that I have actually remembered everything in the past and all my memories are stored in my mind, but somehow only the same few past scenes of not much emotional importance keep on playing and I just need a couple of hours and I can replay all of these these replayable past scenes. Of course, the memories of emotional importance sometimes play in my head too, but it’s usually the random memories that pop up.


From the Mogul sales copy.

Simply put, with MOGUL , you WILL think differently about money and those new thoughts and habits WILL lead you to a debt-free life of wealth and prosperity. MOGUL also contains scripting to help you discover your personal mission and guide you down a path toward generating massive amounts of wealth from that mission. There’s nothing better than doing what you love AND earning money while you do it.

Understand that MOGUL isn’t going to necessarily turn you into some kind of corporate executive or stock market trader (unless that’s what you want). MOGUL helps you earn wealth fulfilling your personal dreams, whether that be writing novels, becoming the CEO of a large company, or professional snowboarding.

I guess I will stick to Mogul for the next 2 months to fully experience the effects before moving on to other subs. Dragon Reborn will be there to provide the healing.


Felt something very similar today morning. Very strong rage that only dissipated after a couple of hours



In fact, I may choose from

Limitless Executive + Dragon Reborn + Mogul + Khan

or Limitless Executive + Dragon Reborn + Customized Mogul

or Limitless Executive + Dragon Reborn + Ascended Mogul


Subliminal Break Day.

Feeling stressed out as I have to grapple with my own personal problems as well as those of other elder relatives who have all sorts of medical problems.

Living as part of the sandwich problem is no joke.

Sometimes, I really wonder if I am alone in this world and if everything is part of my conscious and unconscious creation.


Had a headche during the entire evening and slept earlier than usual.

In a dream, I saw that Saint wrote in this forum that he saw a pattern/symbol which indicated a “manifestation bloom” for me (King). The symbol indicated some cardinal directions which I had to follow.

The word “manifestation bloom” was written by Saint in the forum in the dream btw, not by me.


With my skills outdated, I decided to apply for a job retraining program.


Something struck me early this morning.

As a middle-aged person who has just into his 40s with lots of responsibilities he should be taking, it’s pointless spending 100% of energy focusing on material achievements and about catching up with peers. Not like my peers would be impressed with my material achievements at this point of time in life anyway and whether I have become Mark Zuckerberg.

I should be building up my finances, personal power and other qualities to better carry out my responsibilities (such as care for elderly/family and doing some good for society).


Today’s lesson for me is about unloading of unncessary emotional and mental gabbage.

I have to learn to get rid of a lot of emotional clutter and things that are just making me unhappy. I don’t want to live to “prove” my achievements to other people any longer.


The only person you need to “prove” anything is yourself.

To yourself, because it’s your beliefs that keep you from achieving what you want.


I remember when I had my first 100€ day on FB. It opened so many possibilities.

Now this past week I’ve been having 4k days without me putting any effort into it. It’s just the expected outcome.


Thanks for motivating me.


You’ll get there.


Day 31

2 X DR
2 X Mogul

Felt frustrated today because I was doing an online aptitude test needed for admission to my training program but the Internet connection failed - not sure if it was due to sudden heavy rain - while I was doing the test and I had difficulty trying to reconnect my computer. When I finally did, I had exceeded the maximum time that was allowed for being away from the test.

The test can only be taken once - now I don’t know what will happen to my application. Not sure why it happened when I did the test.

Anyway, time to finish up my commercial report and get it released on Monday.


Day 32

2 X DR
2 X Mogul

Been wondering if DR ST1 has been slowing down my progress on Mogul. May, maybe not. But I would think DR ST1 is something worth running for 45 days, even if I don’t do anything.

That means I will keep on running DR ST1 and most likely Mogul towards the end of this month.

I realised that I have a lot of books on my Amazon Kindle that I haven’t had a chance to finish reading. I have a passion for reading books - mostly on humanities subjects, autographies and biographies - but as I am trying hard to survive in the current crisis, reading books for leisure has become something that my mind keeps on telling me, “What? You are still in the mood to read books when you should be doing something that generates income?”.

Perhaps DR ST1 managed to dig this thought to the surface of my mind. In any case, one of my goals should be to finish reading within 6 months that pile of books I have. I think perhaps 10-15 books would be sufficient.

Anyway, I did finish a few chapters of “Crazy Rich Asians” yesterday - I wanted to start my book completion journey with something light. It is interesting how the characters really live in a different world from the rest of the population - the amount of social and financial capital they possess is almost unimaginable. Imagine how much good one could do for the world with that amount of wealth by seriously directing the wealth to making everybody’s quality of life better.